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January 9, 2003 (17)
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Final Fight Characters
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SNK stages
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24th April 2020
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Callman : here is the char boss "Callman" from "Final Fight 3", unlike my other characters, this character includes an AI, 6 color palettes, and 3 super motions. 18th January 2020 144
Dave : Here is the char boss "Dave" from "Final Fight 3". It includes an AI, 5 power bars and a single hypermovement. 9th January 2020 155
Won Won : here is other Char boss Won Won of final fight 2, apart from being one of my favorite bosses of the game, it also has an AI :D 4th September 2019 116
Sodom : Here is the char boss Sodom from "Final Fight" 30th August 2019 220
Stray : Here is other char boss Stray the 5th boss from Final Fight series "Final fight 3" with AI. Update : (19/01/2020) Now includes 6 color palettes and the AI ​​has been improved. 2nd September 2019 125
Philippe : here is the char boss Philippe from "Final Fight 2" with AI. :D 6th September 2019 162
Won Won (Update) : Here is the char boss "Won Won" updated, with new moves and the power bar increased to 5. There were also changes in the movements that were improved. 6th November 2019 155
Freddie : The second char boss from "Final Fight 2" Freddie. 12th November 2019 112
Stray (Update) : The fifth boss of "Final Fight 3" Stray updated, there were some frequent changes in the char, new powers and super motions were added, in addition the power bar was increased to 5. 13th November 2019 137
Bratken : here is the char boss Bratken of Final Fight 2, with varied movements that can be done air combos and on the ground. 16th November 2019 157
Caine : here is the char boss Caine of "Final Fight 3" 18th November 2019 31
Caine : the same previous char, only with AI included. 18th November 2019 136
Wong : Here is the char boss "Wong" of Final Fight 3, which consists of a single hypermovement and an AI included. 23rd November 2019 166
Black : Here is the char boss "Black" from "Final Fight 3", includes 6 color palettes, an AI and 3 supermotions. Update : (23/01/2020) Has been added a palette that increases damage and regenerates life. (To select the palette, press and hold "START" and s ... 21st January 2020 110
Riki : Here is the character Riki from DOTA 2. Well, I do not know what I will say about this character, but the truth is that I do not have much experience in Fighter Factory, nor in the creation of 3D characters, but maybe I get used 26th December 2019 45
Edi.E : Here is the char boss Edi.E from "Final Fight" with AI included. 14th February 2020 105
Freddie (Update) : Here is the char boss "Freddie" updated, with new moves and the power bar increased to 5. 6 color palettes, 1 supermotion and 1 hypermotion were added. 16th February 2020 126
Carlos : Here is the char protagonist "Carlos" from "Final Fight 2", includes 5 power bars, 6 additional palettes and 3 super moves. 22nd February 2020 97