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    20th July 2017, 20:35
    DDougTanker commented on file Zhe Prime in CVS Arrange
    Hey! Left4Joker! I found the author's own video. If you are interested in posting is here link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJeFavBJKn4
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    20th July 2017, 19:09
    DDougTanker commented on file Chris CVS in CVS Arrange
    Oops! Wait a minute! On the official site of Chazzanova did not release the download of Chris. Even because this cvs Chris is more ShinRei than...
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    20th July 2017, 19:00
    DDougTanker commented on file Blue Mary CVS in CVS Arrange
    Goodbye Blue Mary made by Zero-Sennin and Hello Blue Mary made by ShinRei. : P trading ...
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    20th July 2017, 18:56
    This is the best Zangief CvS at the moment. Varo Hades is to be congratulated. And the guy who posted it too. I can even use the Final Atomic Buster...
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    14th July 2017, 21:57
    DDougTanker commented on file Chris CVS in CVS Arrange
    Very cool! Chazzanova finally released Chris in the POTS / Infinite style. Was well edited. Can someone tell me who the author of Iori is in the...
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    14th July 2017, 21:39
    DDougTanker uploaded file Ryu in CVS Arrange
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    14th July 2017, 21:17
    DDougTanker uploaded file Ken in CVS Arrange
    39 downloads | 242 view(s)
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    4th July 2017, 20:55
    DDougTanker commented on file Ashura in Sonic
    Who would say! Even Ashura was edited by Shiruzato. Our character arose from a bug in the Sonic 2 game of Sega Genesis. Only Nazo and Nephilles are...
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    4th July 2017, 20:50
    DDougTanker commented on file Sonic in Sonic
    In this update Sonic is now with balanced damage. Finally someone changed that. The original version of the author causes little damage to the...
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    4th July 2017, 20:39
    DDougTanker commented on file E-123 Omega in Sonic
    The character was not originally made by MUGEN Hunter, but by Gladiacloud. Time to correct! Hehe.
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    4th July 2017, 20:38
    DDougTanker commented on file Silver in Sonic
    The character was not originally made by MUGEN Hunter, but by Gladiacloud. Time to correct! Hehe.
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    30th June 2017, 19:09
    DDougTanker commented on file Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic
    This character has already been posted before. Look! Https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=33651
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ScourgeMHII (Normal Version) : -Assault was given the exact same treatment as Somersault, hold Forward, mash the Punch button. -Scourge was given an entirely new, improvised sound bank that I believe fits his character strongly. He has Sonic's attitude, but he's much more crass and ru ... 13th August 2016 313
ScourgeMHII (Boss Version) : Scourge in boss version has more health and energy, automatically activate Super Scourge once combat starts, and automatically initiates Super Scourge's Lv3 Super once his energy is maxed. He's definitely not meant to be played as an actual character, tho ... 13th August 2016 141
Sally Acorn (New) : All SPECIALS have EX Change CRAZY MACHINE GUN PUNCHER Lv1 super Added Down H.Kick similar to M.Bison/Vega Added Air Specials Added Push Block Added MvC2 like Counter Added Reversal Added New 9000,1 & 9000,0 Tweaked some of her basic attacks Fix ... 13th August 2016 236
Sally Acorn (Old) : This is Sally, the cartoon Sonic SatAM with attributes more say, feminine, inspired by known fighters several Arcade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s1ByiWxRo0 14th August 2016 66
Sonic MHII : The Somersault is now easier to complete, just hold Forward and mash a Punch button. New voices based on Sonic's more recent adventures have been added. Sonic has a new win pose, based on the Sonic Advance series. Hard Kick was changed slightly, given ... 14th August 2016 912
Tails MHII : Heavy Drop is no longer a charge move, but instead is a Half-Circle-Forwards move. Tails has a new voice based on Tails in the recent games, meaning some of his more out-of-character lines (roaring?!) aren't an issue anymore. Tails has a new Lvl3 Super, ... 16th August 2016 518
Knux MHII : After much debate, Knuckles' voice was updated as well, mostly for the sake of higher-quality audio. Knuckles no longer has that weird yiff-tastic pec window thing going on. I covered it up with his iconic white crescent instead. One-Two-Upper has been ... 16th August 2016 549
Shadow MHII : Shadow has been given a darker, edgier voice that better reflects just how tragically troubled his past his and how you'll never understand the true meaning of moral ambiguity like he does, mom. :gunfight: It's also higher quality than his old voice. Sha ... 16th August 2016 1,004
Blaze MHII : Blaze has a new voice, which was the easiest thing in the world to make because Laura Bailey voices literally everyone. Both of Blaze's knockdown attacks (yeah, both, fancy that) have an added fire effect and now deal fire damage. All versions of Blaze' ... 16th August 2016 376
Silver : Why yes, Shiruzato adapt Gladiacloud's fantastic Silver into the MUGENHunter style of gameplay! He was always way too much for the other characters to handle and didn't mesh in well enough, in my opinion (despite being an amazing character in his own righ ... 16th August 2016 551
Emerl MHII : Originally created by masterofmugen21. One day Shiruzato decided to take her in his shop and fix it so that he could shine a little brighter in the center of MUGEN attention. (Kind of like what happened to the actual Emerl. Huh.) Changed up the animation ... 16th August 2016 228
MetalSonicMHII : Revamped him entirely, changing him from an assist-reliant keep-away character to a terrifying rushdown predator. Buffed his attack and defense. Removed all hologram-based attacks. Changed the jumping animation to feel more powerful. Increased both th ... 19th August 2016 447
Chaos MHII : Chaos is now semi-transparent in all of his animations, including helpers. Chaos Predator (formerly known as Chaos Dolphin) now travels much farther, and the Lv2 version is now followed up with a second attack. Chaos has a new Lv3 Super, Perfect Chaos! ... 19th August 2016 268
Forte CVS : This is Bass, known as Forte in Japan, emerged from the Megaman series. And it is now emerging in the Mugen universe, thanks to many authors, including Shin Mako. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxbNt5_RQ6Q 6th September 2016 144
CVS C. Falcon : C. Falcon (F-Zero series and Super Smash Bros series) in mugen, edited by Iver, originally made by chuchoryu. 14th October 2016 740
Cammy Delta Red : This character does not have the MVC style in your commands. Only in the other version you have, that does not present any movement EX. This has SF2 / SF4 / CVS style. I hope you enjoy! :thumbsup: -Edited 'Electro-Shock' animation. -Edited a few sprites ... 30th October 2016 209
Mai Shiranui CVS : The best CVS Mai in MUGEN. His A.I. was weakened, comparing with the original author's version. https://youtu.be/9jkkbxHUg0U 8th November 2016 113
Rugal CVS : Added alpha combo in the hits. Small portrait in victory scene (ShinRei Version) has been fixed. 8th November 2016 139
Guile CVS : -Added Alpha Combo -Modified special movement commands, including Sonic Boom, which is now run under the same command as Hadou Ken. -Special Intro with Charlie Nash Continues. 8th November 2016 68
Dhalsim : Finally I found this character, since the websites I visited were with an invalid link. It was crazy looking for him and now he's here, the Dhalsim with cvs style. In this version the author included some customized movements. Dhalsim's wife, Sally is a ... 8th November 2016 160
Akuma : This Akuma is not 100% complete, which leaves a lot of resources missing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmRk3NcDDqg 8th November 2016 47
Bomberman Stadium : Stage is rare and hard to find. Now available in MUGEN Archive. At the bottom of the screen have a lot of Bombermans rooting for battle. For who? Nobody knows. :P 14th February 2017 55
Ryu CVS : Added Special Intro with Ken and Kyo; Added Name in Specials Moves Finish; Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku and Reppuu Jinrai Shou now spends 2000 power; 11th January 2017 86
MvC Donkey Kong : The best Donkey Kong in my opinion. It has a charge power, as in the CVS characters. Similar moves from the Donkey Kong Country and Smash Bros. games. Enjoy! :gamer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFfbQKmqBNA 13th January 2017 364
Kart Fighter Yoshi : This version of Yoshi is from the Kart Fighter (NES) game, but with improved sprites. Not all sprites, but the best parts. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zzJH5zUddg 13th January 2017 63
MvC Wario (first version) : Wario: I'ma Wario, I'ma gonna win! :laugh: This character has sprites of the game Wario Land: Shake It. And also has MvC moves. And it is unfinished. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEZDdXJnmYQ 13th January 2017 269
Mileena : Mileena in cartoon style of the game Mortal Kombat. Enjoy!!! 14th January 2017 185
Ruby : This character has two special moves. Have a good time. 14th January 2017 204
Sub Zero : Sprites: Ninja Syndrome - Annihilation; Template: DCvM Template; Intro: based in Captain Marvel; Hyper Portraits: Done by the author himself, with base in PrimeOP Portrait Pack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpkPLmhDcx8 14th January 2017 330
Ryu : This Ryu is a mix of MvC, MvC3 and SFIII. HadouKen burst! :boxing: 14th January 2017 95
Sonic (Old Version) : In the old version of Veanko, Sonic uses super moves similar to the version of MUGENHunter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQx1J7egyUU 14th January 2017 495
Sonic (New Version) : In the new version, one of your super movement is customized and a special movement has been removed. Added another taunt. See yourself (Up + start). Added Normal Sonic (use X in Select Screen) and Super Sonic. Very cool!!! (At the character select screen ... 14th January 2017 415
Sagat : In the editing of Ryuu did not have many changes. The ones I noticed were these: Added Alpha combo. And that's it all guys :P 14th January 2017 45
Dan Hibiki : Added Alpha Combo and modified commands for some special moves, super moves and hyper moves. :xp: 14th January 2017 52
Cyclops MVC2 : He has brutal damage in one of his hyper moves. It is possible to select the A.I. level through the DEF file. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwQ_E4D26Ps 14th January 2017 148
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