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  1. Meh, i dont even look after the site anymore, Im still a garbage mod and i hope Dizzy bans me from the site.
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    So just relax for a bit, join a mindless topic in the forum or binge watch some youtube for awhile, get some much needed sleep and go outside and enjoy life a little then when you are ready again join your brothers in creating the greatest mugen depository in the world and do it for the rest of us slobs who can't be bothered going to 20 different forums... :P
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    I get it, I have no idea why I was given mod status at one point either. I'm hardly good at editing anything or organization period. Though there aren't too many out there that can be trusted with what this place stands for and so you and a handful of others are the only ones that can do this massive task. So I plead with you, please don't leave us at the peak of mugen's history, not when it's still producing new stuff every month!
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    Maybe just take a break from it, just be a casual member for now and when you get the urge to clean up the place and upload us a few goodies then do so when you are ready but there is no reason to leave. The work is overwhelming because of the database alone is huge and like no other around the net.
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    No, you are part of a team. If you get banned or lose your mod status, it'll be harder for people like Kater to look after the site.

    Please, do NOT say you are a bad mod. You are not! In fact, you are a decent mod. A decent mod is someone who is active, friendly, and doesn't break the rules. Looks like you match all three. As for the last one, there's no reason to ban you if you are the last part.
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  6. Garbage mod i say, at this point it would be better if they banned me.
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    There is no garbage mod... You are on a role of taking down copies, fake uploads, and moderating the forum hoping no one breaks the rules of MA. You do your job well.

    If you haven't existed, we wouldn't have so many characters to have.I'm sure without you, L4J would have a lot more tons to carry.
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  8. Not everything last forever. Just imagine i never existed in first place, also let's be honest, I was a garbage mod anyway.
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    I'm sorry to hear you go. We all value you here and you are important as a mod and an uploader.
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  10. If leaving makes me lose this pointless rank, then i should do it, Bye, bye Mugren Archive! I wont miss this place anyway.
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    What's wrong? You seem like a regular here and it appeared that you like this place since you are on here a lot. It be sad to have 1 less member here, especially one that is really honest. I hope you don't leave, I always like reading your comments, even if they aren't favorable towards me or my work. You are a name I always recognize here and i would like to see it every time I log on here.
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  12. Since i cant get rid of this rank, I'll have to leave, hoping that gets my rank removed.
  13. Why I'm still moderator?, seriously! just give the rank to Jansen already.
  14. I'm tired of this site... of his community, good bye!
  15. Here's hoping that one of these days they remove my moderator status.
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Resident Evil, comics, fighting games
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Ruby Heart, Tabasa/Tessa, Terry Bogard, Mr Fantastic, Regina, Pure and Fur, Michelle Heart, Saki, Nakoruru, Jason "crazy crowbars" Todd and Jubilee.
Favorite MUGEN stages:
All of Tatsu/Shiyo Kakuge stages, some of EXshadow's and Super jump stages in general
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Windows 10
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is a screen that shows cool stuff...


The joy of mugen is a multi franchise game. When people refuse to play with that ability, they lose a huge chunk of the fun.


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nick fury jr : nick fury jr beta by arkady, since its a beta maybe he needs some work, but works properly as a complete char, he has a different moveset and works fine. 7th January 2016 432
Neo Tabasa : Tabasa/Tessa from red earth/warzard she uses the SNK styled sprites with custom MvsC gameplay. a interesting char, rare to find nowadays, and it was only used to be send in private way, enjoy.:wink1: special thanks to swaggakings for recover this char. 7th January 2016 254
Star Butterfly : The main heroine from star vs the forces of evil(SVTFOE), her voice is in spanish and is actually a spriteswap of pocket captain cold, with different hitboxes and AWFUL animations. personal opinion:this char does not make any justice to the char and th ... 7th January 2016 443
the brood queen : boss style char, a little cheap. 7th January 2016 219
Ibuki mvsc : ibuki with custom mvsc style, she was offline for a time. 13th January 2016 249
Frank West : the first frank west in mugen, very unknown, he is supposed to play like a cvs char. 13th January 2016 526
Superman God of Strength : an special edit of superman originally made Hannibal/Kal-Elvis and Friends, edited by odin123, palletes by yolomate and yunnin, inspired by justice league the darkseid war. 18th January 2016 533
marvel zombies stage : a marvel zombies inspired stage. 18th January 2016 261
Black Lightning : an edit of apolloEX, palette swap as Black Lightning. 5th February 2016 635
pocket captain america : pocket movie version of captain america, he is pretty broken. 5th February 2016 68
iron fist li park : Li Park was the Iron Fist of circa 730 A.D. 5th February 2016 93
Geese Howard infinite : infinite geese howard, it works as a mvsc style char, everything is fine but his portrait is annoying big, but its fully playable. 12th February 2016 186
Doomsday_in_Metropolis : dc universe stage inspired in the dead of superman. 13th February 2016 182
Realm Of Dr.Strangfate : amalgam universe stage 14th February 2016 68
Lantern Warzone : green lantern stage 14th February 2016 276
Sakura : Sakura by VS Style Debuts. 15th February 2016 260
Peacemaker : rare collection purpose char, its just the mvsdc template with the peacemaker sprites, has only one hyper. 15th February 2016 269
sagat : sagat by Vs Style Debuts Team 16th February 2016 90
adon : adon by Vs Style Debuts 16th February 2016 92
Grifter : rare spriteswap of Chris Redfield, it was on a weird copilation game that its not available anymore. 16th February 2016 520
Gorin High School Gym : stage from Rival Schools 16th February 2016 91
BoosterGold : spriteswap of captain marvel. 17th February 2016 737
Albert Wesker : weird pallete swap of neo, includes ada wong as a striker, one of his problems is that instead of a taunt, he becomes ai controlled if you use his taunt. 21st February 2016 1,444
Guardians of the Galaxy Spaceship : Guardians of the Galaxy stage 22nd February 2016 97
Ferris Aircraft : not the best dc universe stage, but here is it. 22nd February 2016 70
Kang The Conqueror : rare spriteswap of onslaught, nowadays its offline since the Erix blog was deleted. so it was never updated, he is only for collection purpose, sprites are open source. Special thanks to yolomate for recover this char. 22nd February 2016 402
Rock Howard HD CVSX : rock howard cvsx by vyn, includes Shwa's Hi-Res Patch, since its not available anymore. 22nd February 2016 109
Leon Kennedy (edit) : kinda like cvs style, enjoy. 22nd February 2016 1,265
Claire Redfield (edit) : Incomplete edit by Xsnow, for collection purposes. 22nd February 2016 1,687
Terry Bogard CVS MOTW : custom cvsMOTWterry. 22nd February 2016 305
infinite Scorpion : original char by binho, patched to mvsc style by [email protected] AKIR@, enjoy.:wink1: 22nd February 2016 360
infinite Sub-Zero : original char made by binho, patched to mvsc style by [email protected] AKIR@, enjoy.:wink1: 22nd February 2016 321
Supergirl 3.0 : GET READY FOR ANOTHER UPDATE! new moves -Freeze Breath = A b (Supergirl Only) -Super Breath Hyper = 02 03 04 A b (Supergirl Only) -Rage Vision Hyper = 02 03 04 A b (Red Lantern Mode) Also added: new hitsounds Pallet Swap By yunnin, yolomate and ... 22nd February 2016 1,173
venom spiders(bonus game) : mid-boss fight. special thanks to yolomate for recover this bonus. 24th February 2016 156
Kaede Hioh : kaede from vanguard princess by SXvector. 24th February 2016 237
Raphael mvsc : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQgjDEhwPCE 24th February 2016 293
Leonardo mvsc : 24th February 2016 249
the Hand Ninjas(bonus game) : 25th February 2016 163
Anastasia : the second original character for "Masters Fighters" is here, Anastasia the undercover sekker...or I belive 25th February 2016 386
Toyman beta : the toyman beta test released by cormano. 25th February 2016 325
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