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    Hey, welcome back.
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    Perdón, puedes ayudar con esto?

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    I don't feel like I've posted negative comments or anything badly of that nature. When you said "put on a sexy portrait, change it and only provide files", what do you mean by that? Forgive me if that's a stupid question.

    And just how active do you think I have to be so I can at least look at the previews of the downloads?
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    I was able to look the previews of the downloads, but for some reason, I'm no longer able to. Can you tell me how I can look at the previews again?
  5. hey muppet, why do you dislike a simple character request of me? You have a problem or something.... cause giving a dislike over nothing is pretty weird and childish.
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    No more pop music please, please read the upload rules :

    ABOUT MUSIC FILES : [...] Only VG or fighting related music files are allowed. Pop music, or anything outside fair use domain, is strictly forbidden.
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    Hello, sir. I have had plans to do a fusion screenpack based on Everything vs. Everything and Enemies of Fear. I'm not sure when I'll do it, but I'll need some artwork if I DO start making it. If you are interested, send me a message when I make a thread showing progress.

    (Please note that they can't be 18+. I'm making a SFW screenpack here.)
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    That Aiko is Gettags. Why did you not credit him? It was bad enough you steal codes, your stealing peoples work now to?
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    i dont want peace with a pedophile. stop talking to me.
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    Esperamos que salgo pronto men no t olvide de agregarle como poner los códigos el tuto en el archivo para que nos demos una idea y hacer mas
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    They gave you the creator Title because you asked for it in one thread. And If that's so stop trying to discredit my work. You constantly comment on my work and leave something negative. I was ignoring it til recently. But don't worry, I'm going to make a better female rider aggressor just for you :) Look forward to it.
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    Yea that new character you brought here, you got that "lick ***" feature from my new poison XD Make something original bro. You didn't even code that properly. Would you like me to? Because she doesn't even have a proper victim state for characters. Lots of compablity issues. See what I mean? That's jsut releasing broken characters. And no, the ko finisher that shows alot of people coming after defeat was not yours...
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    You did steal their codes. I go on that site too. I know that the ko victim animations was orginalyl from there. And wasn't here til you started uploading your so called "Aggressors" and realize its the same code.....
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    The Dizzy, if it is your work, was something different. I don't know why you wont focus on improving that. Instead of trying to give people a code you stole, Hypocrite.
    I don't have to make numerous aggressors to prove my work. I make edits with quality animations and art, and work on improving the code I have @bison shadaloo . And you're always trying to give me shit for it because you're hating probably. Yeah i bet you are.
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    lol? Even if Handy did help me with Poison, I learned the coding on my own. I even made 2 other aggressors that I only showed on Tumbr, which is Maki( a female aggressor) and Kanji. You keep trying to discredit me on my work but the results prove everything. You have only been giving random characters a code that was stolen from the ***** site and try to call them aggressors. They are not, that's just added code, Ko finishers.
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[18+] Kasumi WPr : 20th July 2017 6,123
SoapLand : ; EDITED STAGE ;============================================================= ; STAGE INFORMATION : ; ; Game of Origin : ??? is from a ero_game ; Resolution : 640 * 480 ; Mugen Version : Mugen 1.0 only ; ; CREDITS : ; ... 24th July 2017 58
[18+] tron bone : 10th August 2017 543
[18+] Power Girl : 13th August 2017 5,807
[18+] Sofia : 15th August 2017 1,659
QueenSquid=AI off : Is the same queen squid, the only difference is that you can now control with the joypad of player 1 or 2 from the comfort of the MUGEN Simply turn off the AI 17th August 2017 302
[18+] Kisarah_NGBC+TQOF 2017 : 18th August 2017 3,822
[18+] Black Princess Tohka : 24th August 2017 11,082
[18+] Black Widow_H 2017 : 27th August 2017 1,552
[18+] Yuzuriha VOL.2 update : sorry people, I have already set my post [18+]Yuzuhira Sprite path 2020 https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=57377--18-yuzuhira-sprite-path-bison-shadaloo 27th August 2017 9,225
[18+] Feilin_H : 11th September 2017 983
[18+] Seung Mina_H_2 FIXER : 15th September 2017 2,470
[18+] Kureha Kazaoka : char: Kureha Kazaoka origen: es un trabajo original de FuGo, este el archivo fuera de línea! Comptaible en: B, D_G y sb injoy !! es la edición beta 17th September 2017 219
[18+] Valerie_TQOF : 30th October 2017 2,576
[18+] Lili Rochefort : 11th November 2017 4,692
[18+] GoenikoD4d : 11th November 2017 5,416
[18+] Ako : 28th November 2017 8,109
[18+] Annie Murakami : 29th November 2017 2,314
ULTIMATE PSYCHO CRUSHER path : create a power, with this patch [ULTIMATE PSYCHO CRUSHER] it only works in a KUNG FU MAN :v 6th December 2017 28
[18+] Azukina_TQOF_2017 : 14th December 2017 3,039
POWER CHARGE : KOF & CAPCOM STYLE : load the power of your favorite character, just copy and paste the codes already established from this tutorial that brings everything included, power flame sprites in the CAPCOM and SNK style look video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v ... 14th December 2017 543
[18+]Mina Majikina 2017 : 16th December 2017 4,302
[18+] Samus 2.0 : 1st January 2018 3,180
[18+] Crowe_sail_v3 : 1st January 2018 2,908
[18+] Iari Veugleschaft : 8th January 2018 8,152
[18+] Kaoru Watabe KOFM : 21st January 2018 3,792
[18+] Athena Asamiya KOF XI NP : 30th January 2018 4,457
[18+] Samus Zero Suit CvS : 15th February 2018 7,988
[18+] Yukiko Amagi : 15th February 2018 7,073
[18+] Catwoman : 23rd February 2018 4,917
[18+] Hotaru(In Bikini) VOL. 3 : 28th February 2018 4,383
[18+] Turanga Leela Vol3 : 2nd March 2018 1,360
[18+] Saki Mitonoya 2018 update : 18th March 2018 4,796
[18+] Another Blood 2018 update : 18th March 2018 3,255
[18+] Ingrid_CvS : 2nd April 2018 4,833
[18+] Daphne Kof : 17th April 2018 2,797
[18+] Calquin : 3rd June 2018 866
[18+] Sakura Haruno : 20th August 2018 1,381
[18+] Miu Kurosaki Kof A : 13th July 2018 3,612
[18+] Panty Anarchy Compatible 18+ : 22nd September 2018 604
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