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    Anyway I can reach Geremias?
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  3. Yes, I'll do it when I get home and check the computer.
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    You edited Daisy as well?
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    But Bridget is a trap.
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    I'm not that good, I only make single sprite edits if I get the urge. Thanks dude. :)
  8. - /// - is a nice sprite sketch, you have talent to make futanari girls
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    You have a link to it?
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    It seems that everyone wanted a new victim and raper instead of the same ones, don't you think?
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    I need the link of the duplicate to confirm
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    I suggest you fix the name and info and ignore those things. There's 25 downloads, so 25 people were interested on it till now, and more to come.
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    I'm sorry but we don't delete files for this kind of matter "people didn't like it"

    Only reason is if the file is broken or there's a duplicate. So I'm sorry, I can't.
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[nsfw] TQOF1.0+templates : [WARNING] this SCREEMPACK IS NSFW!!!!!!!!! -Is other screempack (THE QUEEN OF FIGHTER but mugen 1.0 ) that was edited for more slotes; I am not sure of the author but DEF has as default to elecbyte. -capacity 230 to 930 slotes 1-To modi ... 27th March 2017 74
[nsfw] Mimi_stage: Metal and Lace 2 : It is a good concept between modern and futuristic. Apparently call me the attention of this stage: is the image of a very decorative female ROBOT in the middle of two cubes with lighting effect. in joy Is another work by exelencia of the acc ... 25th March 2017 59
[nsfw] Sena Kashiwazaki : -character hentai NFSW -from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series anime -compatible in BAO & KUROMARU -wip beta :ninja: image https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-y0n4fnluMbw/WNLfqyUa5gI/AAAAAAAAAmw/638yu7H95LAFpjxIEHnNeK47drMaHWbjQCJoC/w ... 22nd March 2017 1,270
[nsfw] Roomi Stage : -is a stage hentai -Roomi´s Stage from GALAXY FIGHT -Medium high jump -animation; yes [info] I am not sure who is the author of the file; But it looks like it was edited by a user :sherlock: 23rd March 2017 97
[nsfw] Shumat RaPer : This could be the alien father of kuromaru (character mugen hentai NSFW) [info] containing! -New color palettes -new portraits for the TQOF -you can rape with tentacles -is compatible 20% with kuromaru caution!!!! Please do not post vi ... 23rd March 2017 1,442
[nsfw] Hinako : [Info] -name="Hinako" -from = RANMA 1/2 manga & anime series (TV TOKYO) -author="Namaguideran" -editor = (????) -3 animaciones in naedoko yuri & KUROMARU -is beta other character hentai WIP I'm not sure but it was edited by an anonymous :st ... 23rd March 2017 237
[nsfw] Elita One : a character old, from broken link in the page by PANDA URASHIMA; I do not remember must be another compatible char a robot girl of the transformers. do not have information that designed the patch but it is compatible with KUROMARU-SLIME. :oldg ... 23rd March 2017 177
[nsfw] Sailor Lilith : SAILOR LILITH is Other hentai character from (DARK STALKERS) , I have tried it on my mugen ; is only compatible in psychoraper_vega + a few animations with kuromaru tips: THE REAL NAME OF THE FILE IS school girl lilith , sorry :sdrop: :ninguna pi ... 23rd March 2017 895
[nsfw] Minmin 2 : -Minmin from SD Hiryū no Ken. Is a rare hentai NSFW -Work in win MUGEN & mugen 1.0 -compatible in KUROMARU, PSYCHORAPER_VEGA, MINO & SLIME. -The link was deleted in a forum MUGEN HENTAI latín_spanish by user PANDA, it was thought that ... 23rd March 2017 211
[nsfw] TETASPORDOQUIER : [Info] -name:"TETASPORDOQUIER" -mugenversion = 1.0 -author = "ohta" STAGE INFORMATION : ; UPDATED 11/09/2014 ; Game of Origin : ; Resolution : 640 * 480 ; Mugen Version : Mugen 1.0 ; Para mas stages visita http://mugenatho.blogspot.mx ... 24th March 2017 61
[nsfw] Rem : hentai character edit from GODES ATHENA SVC 24th March 2017 285
[nsfw] WINGS OF THE SUCCUBUS : [info] Is a hentai stage from MORRIGAN DARK STALKER-CAPCOM by MOTVN enjoy :wub::drunkfriends: 25th March 2017 105
[nsfw] Juri Galaxy Fight Victim : The wait has finally finished with another girl of the GALAXY FIGHT but it's just a work-in-progress :gs_mhuahaha: :busted_cop: [INFO] Read the text document (REED ME.) warning: -This character is an edition not suitable for children under 18 year ... 25th March 2017 389
[nsfw] Titi : -other Hentai compatible with bao -In joy : Dirol: 25th March 2017 431
[nsfw] SEX MUGEN : [Warning] This mugen is NSFW !!! Sorry to upload it here !!! Is a screempack of the old WIN MUGEN that was edited by an unknown author!! 27th March 2017 228
[nsfw] nude mary : Naked character of BLUE MARY, edited something old, for now only compatible in win mugen & mugen 1.0, I draw some sprites for the attack of the dog. 28th March 2017 998
[nsfw] Delga RP+Yaoi : Character original DELGA suke (seme & uke) who likes to give and receive !!! -compatible with KUROMARU, MINOTAUR, bao, ero_colt, MR. BEAR 3, ero_EAGLE, ero_Colt, very little with PSYCHORAPER_VEGA, works well in RYONA MORRIGAN, UMBREUM, futa_WONDER WOMAN ... 29th March 2017 930
[nsfw] King-Ryofu stage+hentai : They are two scenarios in one of the hentai type that was off-line (TIPS) Mode of installation in the file SELECT.DEF copy paste in you data select.DEF mugen files stages/King-Ryofu-Stage/Hentai King.def stages/King-Ryofu-Stage/King-Ryofu.def ... 29th March 2017 187
[nsfw] The training in the prison : ANOTHER STAGE HENTAI by BLUE INSECT RE-UPLOAD :very_good: 30th March 2017 246
[nsfw] xcoliseo : Very beautiful, a stage hentai with a female audience :angel: 31st March 2017 204
[nsfw] Psychoraper_Vega TUTORIAL : [danger] This tutorial is not suitable for children under 18 years. We recommend the discretion on the part of the members of the dl forum, please take this work proceed privately !!!!! This is a tutorial to make character victims compatible only ... 2nd April 2017 137
[nsfw] tutorial BAOMARU by Gettag : [danger] This tutorial is not suitable for children under 18 years. It is recommended discretion on the part of the dl forum members, please take this proseso work in private !!!!! It is a tutorial in English that brings encoding to make characters ... 2nd April 2017 101
[nsfw] Michelle Heart MvC : CHARACTER HENTAI FROM MARVEL VS CAPCOM 1 EDITION TQOF 2017 1st April 2017 592
[nsfw] Rose H2 : -hentai edition -It has animation to break the clothes with a single blow - supports the following characters Kuromaru, Minotaur, Ryona Morrigan, Psychoraper_Vega (me?), Not compatible in Bao -absorption in kuromaru -current updating -new pictures ... 3rd April 2017 852
[nsfw] Daphne KOFA : Compatible only in the position of the dog, in the folder brings a simple naked sprite 3rd April 2017 971
[nsfw] Rilia GRF : This is one of the mugenryona editions made by Taimanin Suzukui. -the character includes a system based on humiliation NSFW material torture and rape where he takes os Agresor , winning the last round of the game MUGEN - supported characters: KUROMAR ... 4th April 2017 847
[nsfw] Rose H3 : Good news, the author Taimanin Susuki has updated his character with new animations New update of [NSFW] ROSE_H volumen 3 from (street fighter alpha), with ryona system of torture. (is an victim and aggressor!) suport: KUROMARU, MINOTAUR, RYONA M ... 5th April 2017 630
Kabuki Klash : all right!! We will need only one category for games abandoned by SNK -scrempack mugen 1.0 -Maximum slot capacity (8 slots+8 hidden -INTRO - 2 CHARS (KFM & MAJINBARU -1 STAGE -SOUND FROM THE GAME -screen resolution (640X 420) :oldgamer::gamers: ... 9th April 2017 5
[nsfw] Cyber-Mai : Little updating, the only new thing is that in the folder there are one edited sprites for missionary animation with new mugen aggressors - supporting characters: KUROMARU, & DELGA RP 9th April 2017 486
[nsfw] Cammy Ax3 : -Character hentai edited with ero_helper Ryona system for victim and aggressor -Supporting characters: KUROMARU, SLIME, MINOTAUR, RYONA MORRIGAN ,PSYCHORAPER_VEGA (me) no compatible in bao -sprites FATALITY white TAIMANIN ASAGI by TAMANIN SUZUKI -sexy ... 9th April 2017 859
[nsfw] KURO MUGEN : [Warning] Is a screempack NSFW - Discretion is recommended before downloading. -compatible in win mugen beta or mugen 1.0 :bash::argue: ok admins -_- everything's good ..............!!! 10th April 2017 128
[nsfw] Yagumo_H3 : -The same character now Volume 3 -from KABUKI KLASH -new sprites updated -Supporting characters:KUROMARU, MINOTAUR, RYONA MORRIGAN , PSYCHORAPER_VEGA(yo) no compatible in bao Note: the sprites and animations RYONA in yagumo works best with this c ... 10th April 2017 1,130
[nsfw]SF Gang In Playa : Sun, sea, sand and girls everywhere! :dirol: 12th April 2017 100
[nsfw] Hot Mugen : -Stage mugen pornographic, without anything sensuous, includes real photos other than sprites, I would say too much. :Shock_jaw_drop: -Discretion is recommended before downloading, do not publish photos or videos in public forums :censored: 12th April 2017 245
[nsfw] BONUS YORIKO : It is not char mugen, it is a character type BONUS CHARACTER as it only remains suspended in the air, has a codes and states that make it a boxing bag, only the address here, that she a kind of Victim who would have undergone a humane treatment when strip ... 13th April 2017 654
[nsfw] Ingrid TQOF 2017 : THE SAME INGRID, few updates -sprites where sucks middle finger: to correspond to psychoraper_vega XD LOOK THIS FOLDERS Brings new portraits for the Screempack:THE QUEEN OF FIGHTER In joy 13th April 2017 1,500
[nsfw] Nikumushi Yuri CvS : A character with a rare fussion of NIKUMUSHI (aggressor) and Yuri Zakasaki (victim) :shock_jaw_drop: 13th April 2017 969
[nsfw] Psycho Raper Vega Vol.III : -is the same but already new and improved psycho_raper VEGA (me) VOLUME 3 -includes intro & ending - ryona system: final round + ko = sexuality -bug correction, - includes manual ryona movements in one of the folders -a non-NSFW stage gift -PORTRAIT ... 14th April 2017 1,512
[nsfw] Enema_Mercury : -Character aggressor and victim -includes SYTEMA RYONA: final round + ko = SEXUALITY To make villainy with the geringa Press <, v, <+ punch= rap*st [info] Credits to the authors for editing this character , the forum MUGENRYONA for the realizatio ... 14th April 2017 807
[nsfw] Giro The Wolf RP : -New character NSFW of mugen, is a rap*st wolf, but it is more terrible than pedobear XD -Was edited by a user, but it is preferable to leave the name of the author - INCLUDES PORTRAIT from of the SCREMPACK TQOF - Character re-designed from the Mug ... 16th April 2017 1,616
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