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  1. Anonymous journal of the author! 08/06/2019
    Goodbye forever to [18+] goodbye to the most aberrant that has been put to shame the good name of mugen!
    The files were not deleted, they were privatized, the angry people, I was full of sadness, but happy that I will never upload the most delicious loot that I could disrupt XD, I AM HAPPY ADMINS THIEVES, make me moderator and I share my last secret XD, good day
  2. ..
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    perdon, "iba a responder con un meme" y la imagen de pan se fue al aporte, Xd, cualquier cosa edita y elimina la imagen. (pense que la imagen se subiria a la respuesta) mas no al aporte de la base de datos. Saludos. XD.
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    Can you Make, **** Aoko from Metly Blood... PLZ
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    Hey Bison! Do you take requests, or can you show me how to make a character 18+? If not, I understand. Just thought I'd ask. Also is it against the rules to request a +18 edit on the request page of the forum?
  6. [author's diary number 2]
    these cases have happened in the Mugen archive in February; it was a friendship day, I had the craziest month,
  7. Journal of the author 12th of January 2019 By Bison Shadaloo!!:
    I have been busy with my daily work, I am surprised that there are more enterprising people with the intention of doing new things with mugen
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    You think you're real ****ing smooth don't you bison?
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    i can admit...i do a shit ton of detail in my works, and i actually wanna help you improve, im willing to forget that stage you posted if you need help, im already on MA's shit-list so i don't got much else to lose.
  10. I do not know what happened?
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    If my avatars were really inappropriate, I would have received a scolding from both Dizzy and the other team members, another thing, I'm always talking to Dizzy and she never warned me about my avatars because I'm careful not to use images inappropriate.

    I said this because you almost received a punishment, just did not receive it because you changed your avatar in time.
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    Bison, be more careful with the choices of your images to use as an avatar. Remember that you have already received a warning about this last year.
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    I checked the file and did not see anything wrong. I don't know what happened but I'll give it approved in your file.
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    Don't worry, I already solved the problem with this spamer.
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    I have just gotten a hold of fighter factory; once I am familiar with it I think I'll start getting into editing/creating as well.
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WAR MACHINE+MEGA WAR MACHINE : War Machine / Mega War Machine (Marvel vs. Capcom) View 1.0 (100%) By Akiraz ([email protected]) For Mugen see 07.31 For more details - http://mugendomain.cjb.net WHAT'S IN THIS VERSION: All basic hits 6 special blows 2 Hypers (Desperation mov ... 9th July 2017 647
[18+] Sena Kashiwazaki : 22nd March 2017 2,847
[18+] Hinako : 23rd March 2017 654
[18+] Elita One : 23rd March 2017 458
[18+] Sailor Lilith : 23rd March 2017 2,400
[18+] Lei-Lei_FT : 23rd March 2017 464
[18+] Rem : 24th March 2017 681
[18+] Juri Galaxy Fight Victim : 25th March 2017 1,042
[18+] Titi : 25th March 2017 917
[18+] Psychoraper_Vega TUTORIAL : [danger] This tutorial is not suitable for children under 18 years. We recommend the discretion on the part of the members of the dl forum, please take this work proceed privately !!!!! This is a tutorial to make character victims compatible only ... 2nd April 2017 1,206
[18+] tutorial BAOMARU by Gettag : [danger] This tutorial is not suitable for children under 18 years. It is recommended discretion on the part of the dl forum members, please take this proseso work in private !!!!! It is a tutorial in English that brings encoding to make characters ... 2nd April 2017 1,516
[18+] Michelle Heart MvC : 1st April 2017 1,570
[18+] Daphne KOFA : 3rd April 2017 1,932
[18+] Rilia GRF : 4th April 2017 1,792
Kabuki Klash : all right!! We will need only one category for games abandoned by SNK -scrempack mugen 1.0 -Maximum slot capacity (8 slots+8 hidden -INTRO - 2 CHARS (KFM & MAJINBARU -1 STAGE -SOUND FROM THE GAME -screen resolution (640X 420) :oldgamer::gamers: ... 9th April 2017 36
[18+] Cyber-Mai : 9th April 2017 1,697
[18+] Yagumo_H3 : 10th April 2017 2,999
[18+] Riesz : 21st April 2017 3,240
[18+] Tiffany Lords : 21st April 2017 2,891
[18+] Mary Fatal Fury 3 Real Bout : 1st May 2017 1,919
[18+] Athena 2003 : 1st May 2017 4,521
[18+] RajaaLilith : 6th May 2017 1,154
dizzy : ------------------------------------- Dizzy (Punching Bag) 13th May 2017 100
[18+] Jessica Smoke : 19th May 2017 1,415
[18+]Angel kof 2019 : this character is a edit , sorry no more [info] 20th May 2017 298
[18+] Yuri Sakazaki CvS : 21st May 2017 2,632
[18+] Racheal : 22nd May 2017 1,244
[18+] Tutorial for kuromaru : This is a tutorial for 18+ works, it starts again discretion, After the fall of the forum MUGEN HENTAI Latin American, inquiring in download sites I found what would be a manual burn to encode and sprites for 18+ victims compatible in kuromaru, credi ... 22nd May 2017 1,885
[18+] Yuzuhira Sprite Path : [18+] Yuzuhira sprite path this link in mugenarchive https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=67121--18-yuzuriha-vol-2-update-kouya-rmbd-shadaloo-mugen-adrian-#c275940 26th May 2017 301
[18+] Ramaya : 29th May 2017 947
[18+] JK : 30th May 2017 3,924
Café Mania Inspired : Info] name = Café Mania Inspired author = By Wolf versiondate = 15/11/2011 mugenversion = 1.0 30th May 2017 66
[18+] Neo Chun Li SFV : [info] character: NEO_CHUN_LI origin: street fighter 3 & 5, capcom vs snk, CAPCOM author="Falcon Raper,Dampir & CVS Extreme Neo Team " editor = bison shadaloo 18+ Supported characters:, bao, mukai, felicia, bara_joe, ... 3rd June 2017 155
Marvel VS Capcom SCREEMPACK 1.0 : [Info] name = "Doorhenge's Marvel VS Capcom" author = "Doorhenge" mugenversion = 1.0 localcoord = 640,480 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxgqS4Nkrks 21st June 2017 671
Antena : from Bootleg wars by [email protected] 28th June 2017 54
!ktr : 27th June 2017 140
Bootleg Wars Screenpack mugen 1.0 : Bootleg War Screenpack mugen 1.0 by DuckSS [INFO] YES!! you are a fan of the old school game and want to have fun blast from the past, then you should give this pirate fighting game!! link game full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq3qU9Dk1QA ... 27th June 2017 106
Sakura/Evil sakura MVC2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glDz8XFSZRw&feature=youtu.be 4th July 2017 865
Lilith MVC HD update 2017 : [INFO] New lilith MVC HD update 2017, credits to the original author for the sprites I just made the conversion to 1.0 video demo https://youtu.be/sUtds_CU56U 5th July 2017 234
Super Goku+ SJ & SJ3 : This is the other edition of goku super sayajin that is transformed into a face 3, it is not better but I add it to the list of DBZ characters 5th July 2017 451
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