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  1. Anonymous journal of the author! 08/06/2019
    Goodbye forever to [18+] goodbye to the most aberrant that has been put to shame the good name of mugen!
    The files were not deleted, they were privatized, the angry people, I was full of sadness, but happy that I will never upload the most delicious loot that I could disrupt XD, I AM HAPPY ADMINS THIEVES, make me moderator and I share my last secret XD, good day
  2. ..
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    perdon, "iba a responder con un meme" y la imagen de pan se fue al aporte, Xd, cualquier cosa edita y elimina la imagen. (pense que la imagen se subiria a la respuesta) mas no al aporte de la base de datos. Saludos. XD.
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    Can you Make, **** Aoko from Metly Blood... PLZ
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    Hey Bison! Do you take requests, or can you show me how to make a character 18+? If not, I understand. Just thought I'd ask. Also is it against the rules to request a +18 edit on the request page of the forum?
  6. [author's diary number 2]
    these cases have happened in the Mugen archive in February; it was a friendship day, I had the craziest month,
  7. Journal of the author 12th of January 2019 By Bison Shadaloo!!:
    I have been busy with my daily work, I am surprised that there are more enterprising people with the intention of doing new things with mugen
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    You think you're real ****ing smooth don't you bison?
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    i can admit...i do a shit ton of detail in my works, and i actually wanna help you improve, im willing to forget that stage you posted if you need help, im already on MA's shit-list so i don't got much else to lose.
  10. I do not know what happened?
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    If my avatars were really inappropriate, I would have received a scolding from both Dizzy and the other team members, another thing, I'm always talking to Dizzy and she never warned me about my avatars because I'm careful not to use images inappropriate.

    I said this because you almost received a punishment, just did not receive it because you changed your avatar in time.
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    Bison, be more careful with the choices of your images to use as an avatar. Remember that you have already received a warning about this last year.
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    I checked the file and did not see anything wrong. I don't know what happened but I'll give it approved in your file.
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    Don't worry, I already solved the problem with this spamer.
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    I have just gotten a hold of fighter factory; once I am familiar with it I think I'll start getting into editing/creating as well.
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