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About FS76.
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Concerned Joe : Crappy character. Joe from the web game "Concerned Joe" It's small and really crappy. It was planned to be a complete character, but the idea and the character are really bad. 10th March 2018 25
Stick : My beta original character called "Stick" As the name says, it's a stick. It's a beta, it doesn't have sounds, hypers or supers. 10th March 2018 31
Alex (Minecraft) : I found this HORRIBLE char on youtube, it's a spriteswap of my beta char called steve (i'm working on him) it's the female character of the famous game minecraft. It's really shitty, she is a 6 button player, but only one punch deals damage, the others do ... 22nd February 2018 279
Lich Yard : Just the lich yard from Shovel Knight. It has music. 5th March 2018 56
Sand Castle : I found this on a website of a M.U.G.E.N youtuber. It has music and is from Castle Crashers. 22nd March 2018 30
Patrick Star : I found this on the chars folder of my first M.U.G.E.N It sucks, and i have a lot of crappy chars on that folder, and, mostly of them are not uploaded on this archive, so... 25th March 2018 139
Steve (Minecraft) : I found this in the OneDrive of YochiThMaster333, it has overpowered supers, but this is possibly the best steve for mugen! I don't know if this was already uploaded, but anyways, there is it. i think that he uses the DC Template 21st April 2018 1,150
Morty Smith : I found this on the website of a Mugen youtuber, this wasn't uploaded in this archive so, here is it. It's an beta and is from the cartoon "Rick and Morty" 31st March 2018 603
Larry The Lobster : I find this on a M.U.G.E.N Chars folder, it sucks, his only attack deals 300 damage, and it's the light punch! The sprites was taken from Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy! Bash it, please. 19th April 2018 105
Agar.io : This was my first char, i created this thing in 2016, is from the popular web game "Agar.io" the idea is simply terrible. The char is poorly made, he has only the Stand Light Punch, and it's on his back, so hit with this character is very difficult, and i ... 20th April 2018 177
Steve : Curse me for uploading 2 consecutive minecraft files. I created this in 2016, as a beta, but i never completed him. The sprites are similar to Ivan Luiz sprites. He has the Light, Medium, and strong kicks and punchs, but no projectiles or super motions. ... 21st April 2018 133
Phineas & Ferb's Backyard : This wasn't uploaded in there. The link from MOC website has the .sff file broken, but i found the fixed link. 9th May 2018 214
Patrick Star : A character made by my friend MGNFN. Not the best patrick, 2 supers, 2 hypers and some specials. 13th May 2018 128
Jake the Dog : Surprised this wasn't uploaded before. 27th May 2018 479
Jenny XJ9 : Unfinished char of Madoldcrow. 27th May 2018 213
Rocko : I found this in Mugen Wikia (Spanish one) 27th May 2018 189
Zim : Crappy character. 7th June 2018 38
Firey : Unfinished. 14th June 2018 191
Herobrine (edit) : Changelog is on the char folder 23rd June 2018 416
Jimmy Neutron (Beta) : I found this on the mugen website of christian nuñez (aka the guy that made lightning mcqueen) 24th June 2018 255
MUGEN INDO : I think that is a spriteswap of Sarashina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzh6xnXhDlM 26th July 2018 75
Specter Knight Stage : 28th July 2018 31
Terraria Beach : 28th July 2018 79
Kick Buttowski : At least this version is better than the other two versions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVkRO2fCG8M 29th July 2018 203
Jenny XJ9 : 5th August 2018 253
Kick Buttowski (Updated) : This update only adds an A.I 10th August 2018 816
Zim V1 : 10th August 2018 232
Firey Sprites : MGNFN send me the sprites of his cancelled Firey, this has only the special attacks sprites, the standing, crouching and others are in this character: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=89494-firey-mgnfn 23rd August 2018 79
Beavis : First Beavis to exist in M.U.G.E.N 25th August 2018 108
Yolo Crayolo : Yolo Crayolo is a character from the series "LATAMAN" created by the mexican youtuber "NEGAS" 29th August 2018 40
Lizzie McGuire (Beta) : Like the rest of his actual creations, has generic hypers and specials, without any personality. Also, he was """working""" like 7 months to make this? and it's a beta... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2AB7r-P54A&t=9s 28th August 2018 155
Dr. Mario : 30th August 2018 247
MGNFN Joe : This is a edit of my other crappy character "Joe" this edit adds him all the hitboxes, two specials and one overpowered hyper. 30th August 2018 23
Steve Fix : This edit only fix his air attacks and that attack where steve freezes the opponent 30th August 2018 201
Ulikander : First version of Ulikander. 9th September 2018 46
T.U.F.F Lift : 18th October 2018 54
Driving School : From Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p6hWT2IymQ 5th December 2018 32
Lil' Probe'Inn : From Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 5th December 2018 44
Patrick : First crappy version 17th January 2019 87
Patrick V2 : Second version of that patrick, it stills being bad 17th January 2019 522
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