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Jotaro, DIO, Giorno Giovanna, Joseph Joestar
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Windows 10 32 bits
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19th January 2020
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23rd July 2019

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Early Josuke : I updated the old Josuke, it has some voices from ASB to match a little bit more. If you make this kind of content for MUGEN join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/YuekPmH 25th September 2019 350
Jotaro (ASB) : I made Jotaro's Pallete from All Star Battle 12th September 2019 246
Jotaro Brando : This is a prototype of something i'm making, the idea is change Jotaro's Sprites and Sounds with Dio's. This is what i got at the moment. 12th September 2019 173
Joseph (ASB) : Ah yes, another Joseph char for Mugen. So i updated most of the sounds of Joseph,changing them to the All Star Battle ones. i also changed the palletes to make it more accurate to the ASB one. I actually like this one. If you make JJBA Chars for M ... 22nd September 2019 77
Josuke (ASB) : Ok, i changed Josuke's voice with the All Star Battle one. i hope you like it. Please if you can, Join our Discord Server, there you can meet more people that makes JoJo's MUGEN content. https://discord.gg/YuekPmH 24th September 2019 683
Kakyoin Noriaki ASB : Ok guys, so i changed Kakyoin's Voice and pallete with the All Star Battle ones. Because, if you know, Kakyoin has a different voice actor in All Star Battle. I think it's pretty good. Just try it. Also don't forget Join our JJBA MUGEN Discord Server ... 23rd October 2019 170
Kakyoin Noriaki ASB (Ver. 2) : Sorry for the reupload, this is the second (and more accurate) version of Kakyoin from All Star Battle. Update 23/10/2019: Updated Palletes, now they look more accurate to Kakyoin's model in-game. New portrait, i changed the portrait to the one in the ... 24th October 2019 424
Jotaro (Part 6) (Unfinished) : Ok guys first, this is an W.I.P. char, there's a lot of sprites unfinished, i just post this because i want to show you my concept for Jotaro 6. So say in the comments what do you think. Join JoJo's Bizarre Adventure MUGEN Discord Server: https://disc ... 3rd November 2019 529
WRYYY : Y'all remember WRYYY? This is him now... Feel old yet? Join our JJBA MUGEN Discord Server: https://discord.gg/YuekPmH 4th November 2019 170
Polnareff (Part 5) : Hey everyone, here an update for Wheelchair Polnareff. I made some changes in the standing sprites and i changed a lot of the sounds with the voice from All Star Battle. Please Join the JJBA MUGEN Discord Server, you can talk with other people that also ... 8th November 2019 177