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    26th July 2017, 02:06
    Seeing the name, I was curious. Seeing the character, i became nauseous. I know the girls are popular, but that doesn't mean I have to like them.
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    25th July 2017, 21:12
    cheddarsword commented on file Flash Museum in DC comics
    You know, I had something different in mind when I read "flash museum"... like maybe a joke stage dedicated to old flash animations, or that stage in...
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Zero : Zero from Mega Man X as he appered in the home made 2D fighting game, Project G. Don't worry, the sprites are quite incredible! but they don't have transparent back grounds, so you'll have to fix that up. 9th July 2016 26
Baltz : Baltz from the home made fighting game Project G. Uses a long sword to fight. includes sound effects and the like. 12th July 2016 17
Cres : Cres from the home made fighting game Project G. While her weapon isn't particularly long, she seems to be able to summon a partner of sorts. who wears a santa hat. odd. i don't know her partner's name. 12th July 2016 18
Dick : Dick from the home made fighting game, Project G. Sword is average length. Seems to have a set of sprites that are just one flat color versions of his standard sprites, set up as if it were it's own character. odd. also, if someone wanted to make a goo ... 12th July 2016 20
Veliol : Veliol from the home made fighting game, Project G. Looks like a samurai, and his weapons are rather cool. 12th July 2016 13
Seana : Seana from the home made fighting game, Project G. Along with Cres, Seana is the only other female fighter in the game. seems to excel at vertical strikes, and holds her sword in reverse grip, where the blade comes out the BOTTOM of the fist. Also, oddly ... 12th July 2016 22
Hyakuyender : Hyakuyender from the home made fighting game, Project G. Kinda like Tekkaman from Tatsunoko. I actually had a hard time picking preview sprites here because there was so many cool ones! And yeah, the guy in the preview sprites is the one that wears the ... 12th July 2016 19
Efard : Efard from the home made fighting game Project G. He and Veliol use similar weapons, but they both fight differently. And yes, he has an emo hairstyle. gives him a darker feel. and it works. 12th July 2016 18
Zeckle : Zeckle from the home made fighting game Project G. I think he's a knight. fight's with a HUGE lance. I have NO idea why he has a crazy look on his face in that one image, but i thought i'd upload it anyway. 12th July 2016 14
Regear : Regear, the boss from the home made fighting game, Project G. It's a playable character, and if you beat it in story mode without losing a round, you fight True Regear, who's sprites and sounds are included in this pack as well. 12th July 2016 16
Saiki (True Saiki) : True Saiki from KOF XIII, Version 1.6. Apparently a rare character, as the author has a habit of putting time limits on their downloads. This is the latest version as of the upload date. Enjoy. 5th February 2017 205