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    Can you please upload Oliver's self insert for me? He has been updated a few times so I want to get his newest version here. https://gamebanana.com/skins/157488 Pretty sure he would want it uploaded anyways.
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    Anyway, Akane Kanazawa is an actress who has posed n♥♥♥d only at the beginning of her career, she is not an AV idol...instead, the girl into that kater stage is a famous pornstar which is "completely n♥♥♥d" and in a provocating pose...while into the stages I posted the nudity is practically non-existent, and not vulgar at all...
    anyway, Mai Shiranui is not dressed more than her in that picture...
    but, don't worry...we know that you have preferences for some users...and dislike others...
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    Thanks Dizzy. I hope this madness will end soon.
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    Another character I need uploaded. A very Dank one too. Dank Lord Ganondorf: https://mega.nz/#!Ys0yADIC!X5nIRTy74...__-SttHdN6PCAI
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    Remove this upload
    It's not reimu it's sakuya. Nobody cares to remove.
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    Thanks again Dizzy. Now I can get back to uploading other files. I wanted my 1000th upload to be a good one so I chose a funny character that had yet to be uploaded.
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    Hello Dizzy again. I need another character uploaded. In fact this will be my 1000th upload on the archive. And that character would be this fine joke character by Brergrsart, aka the same person who made Joel. Here's the link: https://mega.nz/#!B90Q1B5A!iduWF1V24...jwflNWNDrBLr5Y And thanks for letting me upload Joel, It's been one of my most successful files ever.
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    Thank you
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    And if needed here's the author's website: http://brergrsartmugen.webs.com/characters sorry about having to make it a separate message.
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    Hello Dizzy. I would like to upload a character called Uncle Joel. He's from Vinesauce. He's over 100MB so can I have permission to upload him? Here's his Download: https://mega.nz/#!5kMEQILT!5EjFWAmQ8...AauVZe2ngYGGjU He also has his moveset come separate and when I put it in the file it became 20MB bigger somehow (Guessing it was because 7-Zip isn't that great at lowering file sizes). So here's that too: https://i.imgur.com/kRb7j4Q.png
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    Thanks ^^
    I had lost it :(

    Sorry, don't knew where had to answer :/
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    Currently have nothing in the works, considering I kinda planned Azrael to be my last.
    But, well, I've been saying that "X" character would be my last ever since I made Aurora Tenshi years ago, so who knows. Only been doing small fixes here and there since Azrael's release though.

    If I ever feel that my time is better spent creating something lasting instead of wasting it on things with no real worth, I might consider another project.
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    If my questions are too much, I apologize.
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    One thing to ask, but I hope its not too much for you, who will be taking over your position when you and Left4Joker are gone? Because both of you are admins for a long time.
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