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    Thanks @Dizzy! :)
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    Then again, never mind. Things have been going well with Winrar. I don't know about visitor messages, but there's something I wish to ask you. Do you know of any dragon characters for mugen? I do have a lot of them, but I'm still looking for more.
  3. Why do you post here if you turned off your visitor messages? What is your problem with 7-zip? I won't be able to help you if you don't describe what exactly is the problem.
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    Dizzy, I need help. I've looked everywhere for zip files of Giran and Jinmen, but I couldn't find them. Even using 7-zip was completely useless. Some help, please?
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    Appreciate the 24th Birthday Schpeal Dizzy and I hope you had a helluva great 2011 Old Year to a promising 2012 New Year.
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    Your a dollface - (It means cute girl.) - Dizzy and I am grateful for the task at hand being accomplished.....which was creating an entire category dedicated to K.O.F.N.W Characters & Stages for M.U.G.E.N. Thank you so much.
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    Your welcome Dizzy. I'll try to squeeze the spare free-time into my chaotic schedule to add whatever rare Neo Geo Stages I possibly can locate and as always.....I will credit the various authors of their ripped character sprite or stage sprite creations before I begin to actually upload my own licensed creations.
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    Hmmm.....perhaps I have stepped past my boundaries a little too much, but anyhow, a brotha has to state what is on his mind and just be straight-up honest. - (Nothing personal girl.) - Regardless of that though, well, thanks for promoting me as apart of your M.A Support Staff and I will get the job done a thousand tenfold.
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    Continuing on with the previous post.....I am a near 23 year old young adult whom has a job, old enough to have a wife along with children, and has an offline life.....no need to be rude.)
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    Not a problem Dizzy. Just give me some time tomorrow to refix things up within the proper M.U.G.E.N Stage Subcategory, placing the Def Files along with the Sff Files, and posting the latest update of creation via myself or the author of that very creation. (P.S, implying what I uploaded was crap is bullsh*t, because I work hard with finding uncommon stage files concerning M.U.G.E.N.....
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    Continuing on with the previous post.....so generally, I had to just name all the secondary files: "Part 2." Sorry about that girl and my bad about not adding the latest created date for all of those K.O.F 98: U.M Stages as well.
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    Thank you Dizzy for moving all of those K.O.F 98: U.M Stages to the proper M.U.G.E.N Stage Category and to answer your question...I used the program of WinRar to compress the Def Files separate from the Sff Files due to the fact that I forgot how to compile/join them together in one setting. Meanwhile, I tried to give a description for all the secondary files, although, the Mugenarchives Server seems to erase the sentience structure.....
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    What's happen'in Dizzy. Anyway, I know this may be asking a lot, although, could you help a brotha out via reviewing this link: http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downl...o=file&id=1039 and deleting the following file within that link, because it was an un-necessary duplicate file that I uploaded by mistake. The request is much appreciated. Thanks Dizzy.
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    Hi) Sorry I didn't upload godzilla chars yet, I have big troubles with my ISP, and still my connection is far from acceptable. They will fix it until holidays as they say, so I will start to upload those chars ASAP. Writing from McDonalds iPod Touch with wifi) McFlurry rocks)))
    Have a nice day!
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