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  1. not all versions, I'm the author of the nice looking palette versions.
    What's the issue w/ the character?
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    Are you the author of all versions of slime and female ??
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    i need help with character
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drawing, listening to music, gaming, editing M.U.G.E.N., Sonic the Hedgehog
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Slime (MackleMouse)
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Tanya (MK)
Skarlet (MK)
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SAM_earthquake (Samurai Shodown)
England/Dudley's Stage (Street Fighter Third Strike)
The Dead Pool (MK9)
Crisis City (Sonic the Hedgehog)
stage0-720/Training Room
MK11 Goro's Lair
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Slime MK2 : Not finished and not planning on finishing so if anyone wants to work on it, you can. 6th January 2020 142
Mud : move list not completed must check files for specials. U have to fix palettes in fighter factory for 9000,0 and 9000,1. palette is in the teen numbers. 1st January 2020 201
Slime : FINAL UPDATE (maybe) FOR SLIME. Have fun! 1st January 2020 117
Vieko : NEW VERSION. special moves list is missing and kombos list looks weird, no "VIEKO" name for any of the move lists. If anyone can get me a special moves list and kombos list sprites, i'll gladly use them and put you in a description when I do a video with ... 4th February 2020 207
Slime : Just to make sure you'll guys get the best experience of this character, I'll upload him again cuz I seem to always tweak the character like every week just to make it perfect. And recently, I've stopped editing him! 23rd March 2020 28
Slime (Very Cool Update!) : SOME GLITCHES DON'T USE 30th March 2020 14
*fixedISH* Slime (Very Cool Update) : Sorry for the bugs, my bad. They have been fixed now. And the new stuff. -Remade VS Mode sprite -New win pose laugh -New Voice (Dormammu from MvC 3) -Ground Slime special move added (command = B, F, low kick) -Slime Tentacle special move ad ... 30th March 2020 40
Giant Sonic : This edit took me like 10 minutes, maybe even less but this is my dream come true. A giant Sonic the Hedgehog. He has more than double health, double attack and defense. Have fun!!!!! 31st March 2020 45
Slime (FULLY FIXED!) : Fixed even MOAR bugs that I didn't know even existed, credits to darkburster1 for finding out the bugs and well creating the original version of this wonderful character! Here's what I fixed: Brutality now works in FINISH HIM/HER Changed move list s ... 31st March 2020 99
Gouryu : This is my new take on Gouryu, The street fighter x MK character. This version has some similarities and some differences from the old version. Let me list them off. --------------------------------------- new Special Move list (credit to darkburster1 f ... 4th April 2020 89
Flame (No AI spam) : Ninja Flame without A.I. spamming fire stars. Enjoy! You definitely will! 18th April 2020 51
Vieko : Still working on minor tweaks but this character is pretty much good to go! I worked really hard to work on him. AND IF YOU SAY ONE THING HOW HE'S A KLONE OF ERMAC, TOM NOOK WILL BREAK YOUR KNEES. Have fun! 18th April 2020 58
Slime : I've tried to upload this already then it didn't. But I guess I have to tell you what I changed. I'm gonna go in less detail cuz I don't want to write it out again. Voice has been changed, move list looks nicer. "Force Feed" doesn't loop on whiff. down d ... 28th April 2020 39
Mud : Update for Mud! Special moves now are there in the move lists. Animations and fatalities have been fixed. (ALL FATALITIES ARE CLOSE RANGE BTW) Have Fun!!!!! 29th April 2020 56
Slime : (New intro and ending by OnagaForEmporer! Full credits to them for sending me them!) CHANGED STUFF: ---------------------- Goo-Port recovers faster Slime Trap has a slightly bigger hitbox hitbox changes for Tentacle Slime Orb is a tiny bit faster ... 30th April 2020 45