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    I've done bad chars before and now making good chars. I also saw your downloads sections that you made chars with a youtube user name and made them as a punching bag? That's is really stupid thing to do. If you're gonna make a punching bag of me with my username, I would report you. But why did you make a youtube channel as a punching bag? What did they do to you? Plus you're making bad stages I saw. If you're gonna respond to me, then do it.
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    Hi marcioleo123! You speak Spanish?
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    @Player Man 2006 you like bad characters your the reason the mugen community is ruinded by kids
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    i like your chars
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    stop making characters please
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    @Squidward Tentacles Ahem this guy is a bad creator
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    I can teach you how to make an average edit at best.
    I started making crap Donald edits and now I'm making way better characters than my old ones.
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    @sirclub he won't care, and plus the mods might ban you
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    No more uploading characters without their permission!
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    It's time to stop you uploaded @PizzaSauce2000 's private character
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    Are you illiterate?
    stop uploading private chars without permission of creators!
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    stop uploading my chars without my permission!
  13. Keep up the good works pal, we all appreciate everyone who's giving there freetime, making M.A one of the best mugen sources thx.
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    I think he's now done
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    I guess it doubles then
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Discovery Kids Australia Website : 16th December 2019 9
[18+] Snivy : Snivy! Snivy! Snivy! Is Vore So Hungry, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum! OOOOO Snivy Oshawott Tepig And Chespin by FelixMario2011, Dylanius9000, And Zobbes ''Yata!" Holy Crap, Snivy And Friends. 27th December 2015 2,052
Microsoft Mary : Well Done You Have Your Microsoft Mary! :smile: 16th January 2016 94
Pizzasause : 6th September 2017 162
SUS32 : 29th July 2018 13
Blossom.Exe The Scary : 12th June 2018 56
Dr. Octagonapus 4 Stage : 2nd February 2020 5
I Feel Fantastic Stage : 2nd February 2020 5
The Wyoming Incident Stage : 2nd February 2020 11
Black Mage : The title should be pretty straightforward... by Gudine 29th May 2016 979
The Max Headroom Incident Stage : 2nd February 2020 15
Robot Flower : From BFB. 2nd February 2020 27
Winner : 2nd February 2020 30
Loser : From BFB. 2nd February 2020 39
Undyne the Undying : This Undying is the Video Game Undertale. However, This getting section. 7th July 2016 1,637
Raulixitsfree : 22nd September 2018 302
Custom Kung Fu Man : See? Kung Fu Man is the Good Character. :smile: 15th July 2016 69
Daniel Type-CHAPE : This Daniel Type-CHAPE is Razersar not Original. 19th July 2016 25
uolliaC : uolliaC Goes to MUGEN uolliaC Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXBykAJPumM Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/enwr0i096rpxex0/uolliaC.rar Last WIP Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qc29ufa2f8ub3t1/uolliaC+WIP+Marcioleo1 ... 27th July 2016 79
Evil Ranger (Smash Mod) : 1st June 2018 49
Snivy : Snivy is Fiesta Dylanius9000 in Unreleased, Also, This getting section. Without Vore 2nd August 2016 248
Dave : This people movie Minions for life. :raygun: :raygun: :raygun: 11th August 2016 384
The Chosen One : Hey. I have The Chosen One character on Animator VS Animation. 9th September 2016 344
Chespin [Beta] : This is amazing beta of Chespin character from MUGEN, Here's link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwfEHtCqhHmKMF8wTC1TUndXSWs/view 17th September 2016 121
Sago (UPDATE) : Removed CVS2 Hitsparks for all characters of Camren Sprigner Added Sonic Spin Dash Removed Princess Bubblegum K.O. Scream Resized The Laser Beam and Squeezed Added Madoldcrow1105 Moves Added The FINISHER Move 4th June 2018 124
Nutty : 3rd October 2016 269
Android 17 : I like this char :laugh: 16th October 2016 577
New Firey : I love Battle For Dream Island! video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZB7nTzSl3g 29th October 2016 675
Trunks : If you get have a Trunks using Brazilian voice. :cray: 4th November 2016 122
Sonic 2019 : The Author Battles is awesome! Coming in 2019 :smile: 26th November 2016 499
Crome the Kirby 2020 : Author Battles is cool! THX! :rir: Coming in 2020 27th November 2016 165
P-Head : 11th December 2019 24
E-101 Beta MK-II : 10th June 2018 192
Kamen Rider Knight : How get Kamen Rider to asshole. 19th January 2017 635
Chedraui : 6th January 2019 14
Meowth : 24th March 2019 296
Nago : 6th January 2019 112
ToughReimu : Error! Please convert your files to the supported formats : zip rar mp3 ogg 23rd February 2017 54
Arigato Usagi : Who is like name song あいさつの魔法. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrCmiTUK7-o 26th February 2017 97
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