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Super Big Bird by Unknown Creator, Hulk Hogan by Yolomate,
Mr X By SeanAlty, Kung Fu Man by Elecbyte. Donald by Kisho
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The most feared man in the M.U.G.E.N community is a total horror show...in every way imaginable. You might want to run for your life!


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DC Vs Marvel Screenpack 28th March 2020 19:52
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5th July 2019

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Red Hulk : Uses edited Hulk spirtes and uses the flawed Marvel template. 23rd September 2019 206
Hulk : For what ever reason he credits marvel as the author and not himself. The character is passable but can be strange at times. 27th July 2019 90
Kintaro : A pretty low quality Kintaro. With misplaced spirtes, Bloated stats, And is overall very unstable. The soundpack is unaltered from Warners' Wario, making it highly possible that it is a spriteswap of said character. Overall. stay away from this one ... 23rd August 2019 213
Richard Cortwog : From the fan made game "Team Faust Games Arena Fighters". 23rd August 2019 7
Super Mario [DOS] : This is the old DOS version of Mario. Was said to be 89% Complete. He lacks his super moves and his special palette modes. 2nd September 2019 244
Bowser : Like many of Shazzo's other creations, this version of the Koopa king is a modification of Actarus' Axel Stone. Unlike many of Shazzo's other creations, however, not much is changed from that specific character, aside from the sprites and a pair of heavil ... 6th August 2019 211
Shao Kahn (CPU Only) : This is the one the AI should control only and the one with the long intro For the more playable one go here: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=723-shao-kahn-omegapsycho 6th July 2019 215
Moloch (spirteswap) : This very strange character appears to be a spirteswap of Shazzos Bowser. who was already a spirteswap to begin with. Some attacks dont even work and some attacks just make him grunt. a strange one for sure. EDIT: It also has STOLEN sprites from ... 6th July 2019 308
Kintaro (CPU Only) : Just like that other Shao Kahn I uploaded. This should be only be played by the AI and has a long intro 6th July 2019 133
Apocalypse Torture : 9th July 2019 178
Ultra Instinct Wario : NOTE: this version is outdated for the newer version go here: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=116207-ultra-instinct-wario-patched-candyboy https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=0fPRO2SApO8 This is my first edit o ... 10th July 2019 58
Ultra Instinct Wario (Patched) : Heres the patch no one asked for. Nerfed his life and defense so he is beatable by other cheap characters :very_good: More victory quotes. Somewhat quicker. 10th July 2019 120
Omega Woken Donald : This very shoddy spirteswap of Super Big Bird appears to have Evil Donald's SFF file, SLAMMED onto Super Big Bird's witch is why he dissapears a lot. 11th July 2019 52
Symbiote Kung Fu Man : Just a normal Kung Fu Man with a grey skin tone and different death cry. Disappointed in this one i must say :uhuh: 11th July 2019 49
Blob : A pretty low quality Blob character that appears to be unfinished. He cant attack nor he can be hit Video Demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msiXtBwlKa0 12th July 2019 198
Shrek Sprites : 14th July 2019 32
Evil Blue Monster : poor sprite-edit of a hulk character 15th July 2019 42
Kung Fu Men : A ENTIRE army of Kung Fu Men 17th July 2019 60
Shrek : Before Monkeyx5 made his Shrek. Two versions already existed by Cool. The first one (and the one your seeing) is very poorly designed, with only 15 sprites in its .sff file and no specials or hypers. He only has one attack (done by pressing Y) th ... 20th July 2019 137
Cheap Sasquatch : a very buggy edit of a Sasquatch character. you cant defeat him at all for some reason, most likely due to horrible coding. 20th July 2019 170
Colossus : Adrian's edit on Loki's Colossus. Coding is terrible, Long delays on attacks, overpowered attacks. Average Adrian stuff 21st July 2019 60
MVC Wario : an edit of Warners Wario. Someone made his coding even worse and turned him into a cheap freak of nature. He hits like a freaking truck. Some of his attacks dont work. The voicepack is just wrong. His stats are: 1100 health points, 100 attack points and ... 22nd July 2019 155
Karate Man : Possibly the first ever edit of a character in M.U.G.E.N, dating to November 6th, 1999, this edit consists of a few minor tweaks and edits to Kung Fu Man. Proclaimed "faster, stronger, better" by the author of the edit. This character is a edit of the fi ... 23rd July 2019 68
Shooter : For collection purposes only. 24th July 2019 25
Adrian [Second Version] : Here are changes in this version and im quoting Adrian himself here: What's New: -Added Walking sprites black shaded -Added Spinning Piledriver Move -Added a new throw piledriver -Added a info.txt file -Added sprite # 29 shaded -Added ... 26th July 2019 127
Apocalypse : I edited Apocalypse to make it so he finally has a floor to rest his hand on. But you need to skip the intro to get it but also it will appear in another rounds anyways 27th July 2019 231
Baby Bowser : This is most likely spirteswap of some random character [probably a Mortal Kombat one] knowing KoopaKingdom.com. Test it out for yourself 28th July 2019 66
Avalon : :facepalm: 28th July 2019 174
Waluigi : This edit fixes many of the problems in Warioman's version, such as being underpowered. Waluigi was scaled in size, and the command for Ultra Hammer was changed. Waluigi's A.I. was made tougher, but is still not incredibly challenging for experienced play ... 28th July 2019 259
Waluigi : This edit alters the sprites to be from another sheet. In this case, the sprites come from another one of NO Body the Dragon's sheets. 28th July 2019 119
Dr Mario : what is this thing 28th July 2019 23
Uncommon Gouki : I... have no words. 29th July 2019 101
Solomon Grundy : Palletteswap of Acey's Red Hulk. 29th July 2019 223
Megaman Clone : The one used in Eternity of Heroes. 29th July 2019 130
Giga Bowser (Smash Mod) : A boss character for the Smash mod. 30th July 2019 37
Buzz Lightyear 1.1 : Adrian's second version uses XYZ for attacks while A makes him roll. B makes him jump. And C serves as a Hyper button. It sucks however. As the character's sprites are crudely edited from Zangief's Street Fighter Alpha\Capcom vs SNK sprites, barely resemb ... 31st July 2019 110
Big Smoke : Big Smoke is a Sound and Pallette swap of jenngra505's Fat Albert. You can guess where this is going... 6th August 2019 121
MissingNo : Really awful spirteswap of human smoke. Smoke's spirtes are left intact and has more appearances then MissingNo itself. 7th August 2019 40
Bender Rodriguez : I edited Bender by not making the spirtes flicker different colors and balancing the stats. 7th August 2019 47
Riolu : Spirteswap of Kung Fu Man with spirtes that lack transparency and has the worlds largest portrait. 7th August 2019 11
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