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    I know he spriteswaps/steals characters and even worse, claimed someone else made it but it's best to jsut leave them alone instead of "yelling" at Alek for spriteswapping. Maybe he's not gonna change, or maybe he will change how he creates his characters later on but sending hate towards him is wrong. Also, can I have proof about him being a bad person?
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Giro : This character is from Megaman Zx. Giro is mostly used by A.I. but you can still play as him. His movements is his pattern in the game as a boss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPpKcarkG-s . Giro is one of the protagonists of Megaman Zx who dies shortly i ... 1st January 2016 198
Donald Duck : This character is from Disney. Mostly know for being one of Mickey's friends, Donald Duck is a retired veteran from World War II with 3 nephews. Donald Duck is playable but it looks like he isn't even completed. Some of his sprites are missing, his hitbox ... 1st January 2016 171
Model Ek : A fan made character with a bit of a what if scenario for Megaman Zx. Enker from the classic series of Megaman is now a biometal known as "Model Ek". Ek stands for Enker. Since the character's animations looking quite poor, I fixed them up a bit. to make ... 12th June 2016 101
Model Ak : Imagine Akuma/Gouki from street fighter as a biometal in the Megaman Zx Time line. This is a great character to have if anyone is looking for unique or exotic characters for Mugen. If anyone asks, yes he can do the raging demon or the shun goku satsu 12th June 2016 127
Model D : Another fan character with a what if scenario involving the classic series connected with the Zx series. This time its Duo from Megaman 8/Power fighters 2. 12th June 2016 81
Megaman X (New Horizon design) : Megaman X from a fan game known as Megaman New Horizon. X is now reborn in a new body. It supposedly takes place in the Zero timeline. 12th June 2016 166
Original X (Redesign) : This version of Megaman X is a redesign for his appearance in the Zero series made by the character's maker himself "Theyungfe". A nice feature that X has is that he plays as if he was in a Megaman Zero/Zx game. He can even wall climb like N-Mario's Vent/ ... 12th June 2016 437
Model Q : A robot master from Megaman 2 turned into a biometal for the Zx timeline. 12th June 2016 105
Model Fs : Fs stands for "Flame Stag" the maverick boss from Megaman X2. He's now a biometal for the Zx era. He can kick, use a "hadoken", and unleash an explosion wave of fire. It seems that he uses Magma Dragoon's and Akuma's voices. 12th June 2016 87
Model a (Grey) : In Megaman Zx Advent, there is a mini game where you play as either Grey and Ashe in a retro 8 bit style game. This is basically what this character is. Grey from Megaman Zx Advent with classic Megaman style gameplay 12th June 2016 44
Model El : A fan character for Megaman Zx. His name is "Claymond" and he is a Megaman who uses a biometal. That Biometal is known as "Model El". This character mainly consists of projectiles. 12th June 2016 96
Model Cx (Armor) : A what if fan character for Megaman Zx. This is basically Copy X in his armor from the Zero series as a biometal. His abilities consists of a buster shot. When fully charged, he will use a flamethrower. He also has an ice sword, a ground pound move, and a ... 12th June 2016 211
Model C : Another What if character for Megaman Zx. Colonel from Megaman X4 is reborn as a biometal. This character when I first got him wasn't even finished. This is mainly because of poor animation as well as lack of sound. So I made some changes to make the char ... 14th June 2016 110
Model Dm : A fan character for Megaman Zx. "Model Dm". I don't know what Dm means but he looks pretty edgy. This character consists of multiple sword attacks and a buster shot. He seems to have Omega Zero's voice. 14th June 2016 152
Model Oi : Like Model C, this character wasn't even finished due to having no SND file and some not very good animations for the character, so I edited him to make him atleast playable. This is yet another what if Megaman Zx Fan character. Oilman from Megaman Powere ... 15th June 2016 69
Model Ma : A what if fan character for Megaman Zx. Steel Massimo from Megaman X Command Mission is reborn as a biometal. Had to do some editing to make him presentable. Like most of Groundindub's characters with the exceptions of Model Dm and Model Ek, Model Ma does ... 15th June 2016 135
Model Mgm : A robot master from Megaman 3 reincarnated as a biometal for the Zx era. This character had promise but there were lack of hitboxes. Even hitboxes for crouching were missing. I also had to fix some animations and even change some sounds for Model Mgm. I u ... 16th June 2016 111
Model G : Another unfinished character from Groundindub due to sluggish animations and lack of a SND file. Did my best to made him atleast playable. This is a what if fan character for Megaman Zx. Gate from Megaman X6 is reincarnated as a biometal. His move consist ... 17th June 2016 292
Model Atr : A what if Fan character for Megaman Zx. Axle the Red from Megaman X5 is reborn as a biometal for the Zx Timeline. Like most of Groundindub's characters, he was unfinished due to lacking a SND file so I had to do some work on him. The character uses a thor ... 17th June 2016 91
Model Sx : Due to lack of a SND file for this character as well sluggish animations, this character was edited to be at least playable. This character is a what if concept for the main protagonist for Megaman Zx. What if Model X had the ability to change into armor ... 18th June 2016 166
Awakened X : This character is an edit of Nightmare X. 27th June 2016 364
Iori Yagami : Iori from King of Fighters, following SNK vs Capcom Chaos' gameplay. 27th June 2016 299
Darth Maul KOFA : The sith from Episode I (The phantom Menace) as a mugen character. The sprites are an edit of "Zero" from King of Fighters which makes him looks like his brother Savage Opress http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/fictionalfighters/images/f/fb/Savage_Opress ... 7th August 2016 281
Vega (claw) : Vega from Street fighter with KOF gameplay. He has cool effects and even a nice hyper portrait for KOF. The sprites are from SNK vs Capcom Chaos. 8th August 2016 332
Di-amon : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEu4SvI-znU It's a vampire who speaks in the Spanish language. He plays like a KOF character and his sprites are an edit of Rugal. 12th August 2016 68