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About Mariana Coronado
Learn new languages, draw and learn about math. Yes I am boring
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Some chars I liked so much are the kula edits.
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My favorite stage is the freeze factory in kof 2000
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windows 7


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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Chris : This Chris has a curious stand, a mix of movements between Chris orochi and normal Chris. 26th June 2019 139
Anita : This char is WIP, sadly the author didn't continue it for a long time. 26th June 2019 82
KOF2k4 Snow with wolves : Hi, this is my first aportation for this site. I wait you like. Basically a stage of the modified rom "kof 2004" 25th June 2019 65
KOF 2004 - Inferno : The inferno stage was showed as the rugal stage in kof 2004. Enjoy it. 25th June 2019 59
KOF 2004 Jungle Stage original : It's the original version of the jungle stage by nyko with out the modifications of Dictator. 25th June 2019 37
Kof 2004 railway stage 2 : It's the railway stage version where just doesn't have people around the stage. 25th June 2019 54
Kof 2004 Mexico Stage : This stage is similar to nonokyo stage yet posted, but this was made by nyko. 25th June 2019 51
KOF 99 SP : This screenpack was hosted in an offline mugen forum, I could save it. This SP includes a kfm with the style of kof 99. 25th June 2019 194
America CTHD : This stage is part of the modified rom of kof 2001 called "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003" 26th June 2019 53
Brazil CTHD : This is the Second stage of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 I share. Well, this stage has few changes with the original in kof 94. 26th June 2019 43
China CTHD : Third stage of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 I share. 26th June 2019 25
Japan CTHD : Four stage of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 I share. The only problem with this stage has some errors in animations in the clouds. 26th June 2019 37
Mexico CTHD : Fifth stage of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 I share. 26th June 2019 50
Korea CHTD : The last stage of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 I share, for now, well if I found more hehe. Personally this is my favorite of the CTHD stages :grin: 26th June 2019 88
KOF 10th Orochi factory : Hi, I like so much this autor. This stage is taken from the modified rom of kof 2002 called "kof 10th" when you fight with kusanagi, Leona and Iori last team before rugal. 10th July 2019 69
KOF 10th Egypt : Second stage that was taken from the modified rom kof 10th. It is the desert based in the kof 2000 stage. 10th July 2019 63
KOF 10th Egypt night : Similar respect KOF 10th Egypt, but it's night version 10th July 2019 32
Kof 10th Dinosaur museum : Stage taken from the rom kof 10th, where this is stage is based in a kof 99 stage. 10th July 2019 45
KOF 10th boat morning : Fifth stage I upload from the rom kof 10th. Enjoy it 10th July 2019 59
Kof 10th boat noon : Sixth stage I upload from the rom kof 10th. This is the noon version of the boat stage. 10th July 2019 32
Kof 10th boat night : Seventh stage I upload from the rom kof 10th. This is the night version of the boat stage. Personally my favorite of these stages. 10th July 2019 47
Kof 10th Park in the morning : Eighth stage taken from Kof 10th. Based in a stage of kof 99. 10th July 2019 79
Kof 10th Park in the evening : Nineth stage taken from kof 10th. Similar respect Kof 10th Park in the morning, but this is evening version. 10th July 2019 80
Kof 10th Park in Night : The last stage taken from kof 10th. Now It's night version of park of previous stage I upload. 10th July 2019 97
Sabaku no Gaara : 11th July 2019 396
Hyuuga Neji : 11th July 2019 452
Rukia Kuchiki : 11th July 2019 134
Rock Lee : 11th July 2019 572
Ichigo Kurosaki : 11th July 2019 318
Tayuya : 11th July 2019 391
Temari : 11th July 2019 328
Tony Chopper : 11th July 2019 227
Mansion : 11th July 2019 86
Thunder : 11th July 2019 58
Purple Vine Night : 11th July 2019 148
Ryu CFAS : This is the Ryu Capcom Fighting All-Stars Version 14th July 2019 246
Robert KOF 97 : 14th July 2019 127
Kof 99 underground : 14th July 2019 189
Vanessa : This is the kof 2002 voice version. 14th July 2019 100