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About Hsojasfkaia762
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Win Mugen
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Anyone to do with Touhou minus Rice Pigeon's characters.
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Sky Sanctuary, Training Stage(Vib), Dracula X and ROSAT.
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Windows 10
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Google Chrome


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What pieces of lost media do you wish were found? 31st January 2020 14:25
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1st January 2020 23:38
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8th February 2020
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5th May 2019

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Hilltop Daytime : This is an edit. 31st July 2019 16
Evank Lifebar : These are the lifebars from the Evank Screenpack. Enjoy! 31st July 2019 16
Super Street Fighter 2 X Lifebar : I've decided to upload these since, I could not find them anywhere on the site other than the ones that aren't Hatabow's. For win mugen plus 31st July 2019 89
Power Instinct Matrimelee : These are the Power Instinct Matrimelee Lifebars. 31st July 2019 39
Shoryuken Lifebars : It's a customised version of the default lifebars by trunkszero157. 1st August 2019 55
Samurai Shodown 2 Lifebars : For Win Mugen. 1st August 2019 23
Samurai Shodown 3 Lifebars : The lifebars from SS3 are here. 1st August 2019 25
CvTW Sonic Japanese Voice Patch : At last, a Junichi Kanemaru voice patch has been made. I didn't think it'd be possible, but it is. Sorry if it has no picture. 9th August 2019 20
Woobar : These lifebars weren't easy to find. These lifebars seem to be based on EVE Battle's. 10th August 2019 152
Donovan's Stage Ver. 2 : This is an edit of Donovan's stage from Vampire Saviour 2. 12th August 2019 27
Leilei's Stage Ver. 2 : This is an edit of Lei Lei's stage. 12th August 2019 36
Garbage at Dusk : This is an edit of that KOF2000 stage with the tractor in it. 12th August 2019 60
Desert Night : Another edit, but this time's it's the desert stage. 12th August 2019 33
AOF Screenpack : This screenpack wasn't here in it's Win Mugen format, so I decided to upload it. It also has two system files named System and System 33. It also comes with an intro although without audio. One last thing, the intro is in Japanese. 12th August 2019 23
KOF96 Intro : I'm back with the intro uploads. It's only two though with them being 96 and 97. 12th August 2019 23
KOF97 Intro : This is the KOF97 Intro. 12th August 2019 46
AOF2 Screenpack : AOF2 screenpack is here. 12th August 2019 44
AOF2 Lifebars : For Win Mugen Plus. 12th August 2019 23
AOF1 Lifebars : AOF1 lifebars have come. 12th August 2019 37
KOF99 Intro : It's been a while you lot. I'm back with a new file I uploaded. Sorry I kept you lot waiting. 13th October 2019 25
Rage of Dragons Intro : There are two separate folders named "BGM File" and "Def and SFF Files". You know what to do from there. 4th December 2019 10
Fatal Fury 3 Intro : As the title says. 4th December 2019 9
Kof2k1 Intro : Obvious. 4th December 2019 11
Kof2k2 Intro : Precise title. 4th December 2019 19
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