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About Hsojasfkaia762
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Win Mugen
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Anyone to do with Touhou minus Rice Pigeon's characters.
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Sky Sanctuary, Training Stage(Vib), Dracula X and ROSAT.
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Windows 10
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Showdown MVSF : Just as the title says. Edit: Also, if there a file named "New folder(2)", the stage is in there. Sorry about that:so_sorry: 24th May 2019 398
XCOTA Lifebars : I could only find the screenpack and because of that, I only took the lifebars out of it and created my own folder titled "XCOTA Lifebars". I downloaded the screenpack in order to use the lifebars and it ended up working, but an idea came to me. I then, d ... 3rd June 2019 121
MUGEN 1.0 341 Slot Motif : The fixed version of the motif I made 6 days ago, but with the correct title and a new select.def I forgot to add earlier. I apologize about the mistake I made and the no select def thing:so_sorry:, so download on, my buddies!:grin: Edit: heads up! Y ... 14th May 2019 629
WinMugen 250 Slot Mega Motif : Since I could not find this motif on this site at all, I decided to post it here. Also, there are two other versions of this motif being the 265 and 358 slot versions, so I'll upload those as well. Also, if anyone's willing to convert this motif to 1.0 ... 20th May 2019 301
WinMugen 265 Slot Super Motif : This version may look similar to the previous one I uploaded minutes ago however, it has 265 slots. Dunno why I couldn't see the difference earlier, though... 20th May 2019 185
WinMugen 358 Slot Ultra Motif : This is the final one, everyone! The 358 version has finally been uploaded. I'm going to take a long break now. See you later! 20th May 2019 403
Evank Screenpack : This screenpack's colours are only Black and Silver. 27th July 2019 258
Win Mugen 1.0 1704 Slot Motif : This motif contains 1074 slots. People who prefer using the default motif might like this. The default motif may be too old and outdated nowadays to use to those who rather utilise 1.0 and any other Screenpack. However, since it wasn't on this site, I dec ... 12th June 2019 1,006
MUGEN Match 2 Screenpack : This is very hard to find, so I thought uploading it here would be convenient for everyone. It was very time consuming hunting this SP with the help of an archive due to it being extremely rare these days. Anyways, be sure to enjoy yourselves with this! : ... 1st July 2019 421
Waku Waku 7 Screenpack : There wasn't a verison of this SP other than the one OldGamer released, so I decided to release the origianl one instead. Enjoy!:grin: 2nd July 2019 75
SF3 III 3rd Strike Main Theme : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj9wkNnFfGA 8th July 2019 62
Ammo Screenpack : This is another rare gem I found with hard work and determination. Enjoy! Edit: It's for Win Mugen 8th July 2019 300
Mugen Match 2 Screenpack Alt : The title screen may look similar to the previous one, but the select and versus screen however, are a different matter. This is just an alternative version of the SP I posted a week ago. I decided to upload this for completion purposes is all. Have fun! 9th July 2019 426
Super Street Fighter 2 X Screenpack : I'm shocked nobody has even posted this before. Oh well, fate just cannot be helped can it? It was unexpectedly simple to find this gem. Also, if there isn't any music in this SP at all, just move the files inside the SSF2X file and put them in your data ... 18th July 2019 628
Mugen All Characters Battle Lifebar : Getting these lifebars was unexpectedly a doodle. I got them how I got the XCOTA ones I posted 1 month ago. Enjoy!:grin: Note: Also, if you want to change the announcer when it says fight, you could change it to the one you have in your current SP ... 22nd July 2019 219
Radio Lifebar : Look at the title. It's obvious what type of lifebars these are...:lol: 22nd July 2019 34
DMS Samurai Shodown Lifebar : It's what you're thinking, these lifebars are based on Samurai Shodown. I did not expect to get these. Enjoy em well! 23rd July 2019 46
Power Instinct Matrimelee : Yet another screenpack. 24th July 2019 119
Customised Win Mugen Default SP : I have once again found another WinMugen Motif, but this time, it is for 1.0 and 1.1 only. The images show you the differences between the High Res and High Def files. 24th July 2019 1,222
Shoryuken Screenpack : Another rare item I've found. Enjoy! 24th July 2019 136
Bad003 : This seems to be like EVE Battle with the character categories. Interesting... 25th July 2019 141
DBZ 2 Super Battle Lifebar : I originally didn't plan to upload this, but given time, oh well. 25th July 2019 54
The King of Fighters 94 Intro : I didn't intend on doing this firsthand, but I've decided to now. 25th July 2019 29
The King of Fighters 95 Intro : This time, I've uploaded the KOF95 intro. This is my favourite one! 25th July 2019 36
Garou EX Screenpack : Another version of this SP, the 1.0/1.1 one exists in this site. So, I have decided to upload the Win Mugen version instead. 25th July 2019 62
No Where : I was going to upload this stage 2 months ago, but I decided to not to. 28th July 2019 37
DBZ Butoden Screenpack : This is yet another DBZ related upload. Only this time, the Butoden SP made by Ze Sensei makes an appearence! It's about time it got to this site. Download on, you DBZ fans! 27th July 2019 286
When Evils Meet : This is the first Mortal Kombat related screenpack I've uploaded. Here you go! 27th July 2019 99
MK Style Mugen : Look at the photos. 27th July 2019 197
Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter : This is the win mugen version by the way. 27th July 2019 286
Sonic Battle Lifebars : I'm surprised nobody had thought of uploading this. I found it with some effort, so I've decided to upload it here. 27th July 2019 210
HanJuku Hero : I'm astonished no one has even posted this SP. It wasn't here, so I posted it here. 28th July 2019 17
Training Room : This is a different version from the training stage everyone in the M.U.G.E.N Community knows about. In my opinion, this training stage is better than the other one. The floor's better! 29th July 2019 77
SF3 Ryu Stage : Judging from the def file, it's an edited version of Ryu's SF3 stage. 29th July 2019 347
SF3 Makoto Stage : This is Makoto's stage from SFIII made by RUBEN. 29th July 2019 345
DBZ Butoden Lifebars : It's obvious judging from the images, title and etc. 31st July 2019 23
Samurai Shodown 2 Screenpack : For some really bizarre reason, I could not find the Win Mugen version of this SP anywhere on this site, so I had to do some searching around the internet and bob's your uncle. It only took about 4 minutes to find this. Also, it comes with 2 different mot ... 31st July 2019 40
Samurai Shodown 3 Screenpack : Here's the Samurai Shodown 3 screenpack ladies and gentlemen. 31st July 2019 43
Samurai Shodown 4 Screenpack : This is the fourth Samurai Shodown game SP. Also, unlike the other SP I've uploaded, these ones do NOT have Life bars. 31st July 2019 38
Samurai Shodown 5 Screenpack : This is Samurai Shodown V, also known as zero in Japan. Also, unlike the other one, this DOES come with lifebars. Also, this is the Win Mugen version if anyone's confused. 31st July 2019 53
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