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    Yesterday, 09:05
    Can't get her to work. Made sure the Def file is the same as the folder when I put it in the select file. It doesn't how up in game at all
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[18+] Bao : This Bao was created to be like the Bao you may or may have not seen on fc2 by an uploaded named mugen_rape. 30th November 2015 2,907
[18+] Mai Shiranui (A-Mai) : Edited with Missionary and piledriver animations for Kuromaru, Bao, Marco and Minotaur. 8th October 2016 1,563
[18+] Saki_test (ero_mukai) : Honestly I don't know where the character came from but he can perform missionary and piledriver animations just like Kuromaru 8th October 2016 922
[18+] Saki_test (ero_Chang) : Kind of like the Chang you may or may not have seen in Mugen_Rapes videos, edited differently basically by someone. Enjoy! 8th October 2016 1,446
[18+] Jam_xx : Jam from Guilty Gear with edits to have compatibility with Kuromaru, Bao, Mino, SFA. 8th October 2016 1,377
[18+] Luna_Himeki : Luna Himeki with missionary and piledriver sprites for Kuro, Bao, Mino, chang....etc Enjoy! 8th October 2016 2,222
[18+] Maori : There are a lot of Maori's out here but I don't think they have the sprites for piledrivers so there ya go! 8th October 2016 1,943
[18+] millia rage : Guilty Gear character with more victim sprites that are compatible with Kuro, Bao, Mino, Chang etc..... 8th October 2016 1,805
[18+] Miyako np : This Miyako from Melty Blood with three Def files the one with bikini at the end gives her bikini choices when you select her outfits. She had missionary and piledriver sprites as well. 8th October 2016 1,404
[18+] Riesbyfe Eclipse (shao) : Another Melty Blood character with missioanry and piledriver sprites for Kuro, Mino, Bao, Chang and Marco. 8th October 2016 694
[18+] Sakura : Sakura from Street Fighter with victim sprites. 8th October 2016 810
[18+] Yumiduka_Satsuki : ANOTHER Melty Blood character with 18+ edits 8th October 2016 1,004
[18+] Trunks SSJ : The Yaoi sprite editor with a Trunks that is a victim and compatible for Kuro, Bao, Marco and Mino. 8th October 2016 825
[18+] Athena XI : Athena with missionary and piledriver sprites that are compatible for Kuro, Bao, Chang, Mino....etc 9th October 2016 1,533
[18+] Athena XIII : MugenSpriteslover released a few sprites involving her so I added them in now she is compatible with piledriver and missionary sprites...or is it doggystyle? 9th October 2016 3,359
[18+] baiken : Baiken with piledriver edits. 9th October 2016 919
[18+] Ciel : Another character from Melty Blood with piledriver and missionary sprites. 9th October 2016 835
[18+] Ai : Gettag edited this character, sadly I don't know where she is from but he piledriver and missionary sprites were made by Gettag, he's an awesome spriter. 9th October 2016 1,686
[18+] Mow_marco 1.0 : Gettag is the one who created Marco's rape sprites so he has a missionary, doggystyle and piledriver sprites, some characters won't work with his missionary sprites unless edited my Gettag himself or someone with the skills. Have fun with this raper. 9th October 2016 1,490
[18+] Jon Talbain : Finally Jon Talbain or Gallon has been edited with missionary sprites and piledriver sprites. In case you don't know this is a wolf or to some of you a furry so if it's not your thing don't download. Enjoy! 11th October 2016 2,532