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Sleeping Nayuki Minase : This character is Nayuki Minase that is sleeping while fighting. 2nd December 2015 110
Sasquatch : Sasquatch was released in the MMV Mugen Madness 2015 along with Savage Dragon 2nd December 2015 439
Savage Dragon : Savage Dragon was released in the MMV Mugen Madness 2015 along with Sasquatch (Savage Dragon is supposedly in a beta state) 2nd December 2015 167
Illyasviel Von Einzbern : Illyasviel Von Einzbern is often referred to as Illya, is the Master of Berserker in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night. She is the daughter of Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel von Einzbern, both whom participated in the Fourth Holy Grail War, and th ... 3rd December 2015 796
Hawkeye : This Hawkeye is an edit of Bradern666's Speedy, Edited by Fron 3rd December 2015 507
M.U.G.E.N Intro : This is an intro that is made using half original animation and animation from other sources like the Street Fighter Alpha anime and more. It works well if the intro is used with Joint by Mami Kawada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbZNtXfRxcA ... 14th June 2016 48
UNDERTALE Stage : This stage is unique from other UNDERTALE stages in that it switches from the ruins, to Snowdin, to outside the castle, to Hotland, and back to the ruins. 14th June 2016 516
Yasogami High School : This is where you fight outside Yasogami High. It is from the game Persona 4 Arena. 17th June 2016 58
Irisu Kyouko : Irisu Kyouko is a character that appears in the puzzle game "Irisu Syndrome" and is made for the M.U.G.E.N game Nijikaku. 16th July 2016 121
Rockaway Beach : This is a stage that was featured in the full game "States of Manhattan 2" This stage might only work on MUGEN 1.0 16th July 2016 82
Clubbin' : This stage appeared in the M.U.G.E.N full game "States of Manhattan 2" It might only work on M.U.G.E.N 1.0 16th July 2016 96
Greninja : Greninja is the Water/Dark type final evolution of the Kalos starter Froakie. Greninja later appeared in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, which this character is heavily based on. However, Greninja does perform moves that it could not perform in the Smash ... 23rd July 2016 1,042
Battleship Re-Class : Battleship Re-Class No.561 Abyssal Aviation Battleship She uses some bites with the abyssal monster and also projectiles as a focus on her playstyle. 16th January 2017 191
Aerodactyl : Aerodactyl is Rock/Flying type Fossil Pokemon that can be revived from an Old Amber. Aerodactyl is very fast and has a focus on air battles. It uses dash and aerial attacks for both maneuvering and attacking with rock attacks. 16th January 2017 225
The Core : The Core is an area that is a technologically advanced facility that provides magical electricity to the Underground. You can see Asgore's Castle and the elevator to it with a giant Mettaton in the background. It has cameos from the Core's monster residen ... 16th January 2017 327
Studiopolis : Studiopolis is a stage of the upcoming game Sonic Mania. The visuals look like the original stage with a new Death Egg in the sky. "A little collaboration I did with the talented ScepterDPinoy from DeviantArt. He created the pixel art seen here and I ... 16th January 2017 224
Soga no Tojiko : Soga no Tojiko (蘇我 屠自古 Soga no Tojiko) is a ghost who first showed up as the fifth-stage mid-boss of Ten Desires. She has the ability to use thunder and lightning. SHe fights with a SWR/Soku Spell Card system 19th January 2017 82
Hieda no Akyuu : Hieda no Akyu is the current "Child of Miare," who is born in the Hieda family once in every few hundred years with the ability to "not forget anything she sees" and record Gensokyo's history. Akyuu fights in a similar manner to Kohaku from Tsukihime/M ... 21st January 2017 96
Giran Remastered : (This character is a remaster of Warner's orginal character with the sprites redraw to be bigger and better) Giran is a dragon-like creature called a Giras who fought Goku during the Worlds Martial Arts Tournament but later respected him. He fights ... 22nd January 2017 311
Training : This is the training dummy used in RicePigeon's Touhou RP: Gensokyo Reloaded fullgame. It uses Tenshi as it's appearance and it's controls are made for testing characters. It's only attacks are a delayed one to test guards and counters & a projectile m ... 22nd January 2017 39