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    Need help here, I was able to look at the previews of the downloads at one point but now I'm no longer able to do so. Could you tell me what I have to do to fix this? Because when I tried to click the previews, it says I have to register, and I'm actually logged in.
  2. Welcome back..!! L4J
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    Whoa! I didn't even notice you were here! Long time no see :D
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    Okay I understand. I'm being real careful when uploading characters now (and even more so for the Pokémon ones as sometimes they have different names due to the creators being from different places of the world).
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    This: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...75-remoraid-ju is the same as this: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...331-teppouo-ju I searched it up and no results came up. That's beacuse the name is not remoraid but its something else. I did not know this. Please don't punish me :(
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    Aren`t character packs banned (Apart from the Reu one): https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...iirma-and-the-
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    the error report shows up on my mugen1.1b build and I simply tagged a semicolon to all instances on the state file. I'm just glad you didn't miss out.
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    Say, Joker? Did you ever get that "CVS_Hugo" to work? Because I just strung out errors while I swapping some palettes. Not a definite fix, but an excusable one...
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    About Oga Tatsumi, You should've merged it with this one since this was the previous update prior https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...=file&id=55014
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    Never mind it's fixed
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    Ok who does the tech stuffs then?
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    Joker I'm experiencing a strange glitch. On the official category requests thread I have more links for the Mario and Luigi edits section and I put them in the text box but it said that I have hit the max word limit so I deleted some links and then it turns out that I'm unable to post as when I try to post says I have hit the max word limit even tho there are only like 5 words there.
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    Reika? Who's the author? Because I can't recall posting the character here.
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    Hey, L4j. Do you think you can reset passwords?
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    Thats fine by me. I couldn't have done it with your support. I'm just glad I can do some good here XD Hopefully I can do the same with other files and expand the archive even more
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Mugen 1.1
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POTS-ish gameplay
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EXShadow's stages and Cenobite's stages
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File Date Downloads
Black Magician Girl : Checked the .sff, doesn't seem to be any nsfw content in it, so I'm guessing this is the original one without the edits. 18th May 2017 83
Tropical Beach - Caribbean : resolution : 1280x720 type : PNG fixed positioning set up localcoord filtered and recolored screenshots fake original shading. 4th March 2017 273
Army Airfield - Usa : resolution : 1280x720 type : PNG fixed positioning set up localcoord filtered and recolored screenshots fake original shading. 4th March 2017 153
Sheng Long CvS : It's a spriteswap for Goh-un from Ahuron. But still very nice to play. I think these sprites suit him better :D 3rd March 2016 611
Pocket Ken CvS : Even looking a bit beta he is really solid. Has many supers and has no bugs. Couldn't find other versions of him. 3rd March 2016 90
Lucario XIII : Lucario with Kof XIII gameplay and system. Preety good character. 5 specials and 5 supers. 3rd March 2016 545
Saizo Hattori PI1 : Great version of Saizo from Power Instinct 7th March 2016 218
Annie Hamilton PI2 : Preety solid, dont know much about this character. She's from Power Instinct 7th March 2016 149
Chris : Chris with custom gameplay. Has some moves from normal version and some moves from orochi version. 7th March 2016 239
Chun-li : SFA chun-li. Very accurate. 7th March 2016 388
Juli & Juni : Has the other shadowloo doll as a partner controlled by AI. Good character for mid-boss fights. 7th March 2016 1,007
Neo King : King with KOF gameplay and some custom effects. 7th March 2016 173
Yuri Sakazaki (AOF+KOF) : Has 2 sets of moves to choose at the start of the match. One is based on KOF and the other one on AOF) 7th March 2016 220
Sailor Neptune : Good character version of Sailor Neptune from the anime Sailor Moon. Not sure if it's custom gameplay but it has some nice moves. 7th March 2016 200
Another Ramon : Not sure what is custom on him. 8th March 2016 98
Nakoruru : Custom nakoruru with Darkstalkers effects. Has Rimururu and Bishamon as "stands" or "strikers". There is no mention of author in the .def and there is no readme. If you made this please let me know. 8th March 2016 195
Rimururu ILR Ver. : Custom Rimururu with new moves and Yuki from Last Blade as assist. 8th March 2016 155
1st Nakoruru : Has no special moves, just the basics. For collection purposes only. 8th March 2016 105
Ralf Jones '00 : Accurate Ralf from KoF 2000. 8th March 2016 225
Stinko Man - 20X6 : Not sure what is this. Has just a few special moves. 8th March 2016 105
Yuri Sakazaki '94 : Nice conversion of Yuri from King of Fighters 94 8th March 2016 105
Rugal Bernstein '94 : Ali's version of Rugal from King of Fighters 94. Better for boss, does an incredible high amount of damage. 8th March 2016 154
O_Vice 98 : Also known as Orochi Vice. Just Vice with custom moves and effects. 8th March 2016 117
Kyo-O : Also known as Boss Kyo. Very cheap. Lots of damage. 8th March 2016 93
Masked Rider 555 : Few moves, bad sprites. For collection purposes. 8th March 2016 80
Eiji Kisaragi '02 : Ahuron's version of Eiji Kisaragi from King of Fighters 2002 8th March 2016 173
Griffon '03 : Ahuron's version of Griffon from The King of Fighters 2003 8th March 2016 315
Billy Kane '03 : Ahuron's version of Billy from The King of Fighters 2003 8th March 2016 189
Terry Bogard '03 : Ahuron's version of Terry Bogard from The King of Fighters 2003 8th March 2016 127
Kyo Kusanagi : Kyo Kusnagi with KoF 2003 gameplay. 8th March 2016 132
Another Kyo : Kyo Kusanagi with his 2003 outfit and custom gameplay. 8th March 2016 109
Androide Rugal : Another cheap edit of Omega Rugal. 8th March 2016 254
Ranma + : If you wanted a great Ranma character for mugen, look no more! Amazing moves and effects. Enjoy! 8th March 2016 132
Ermac : An AMAZING edit of Ermac. Has many new moves and great gameplay. I recommend! 8th March 2016 161
Kasugano : Another amazing edit by this creator. Many new moves and cool effects. 8th March 2016 217
Sub-Zero : Edit with some nice effects by Pneophen. 8th March 2016 155
Sean SFA : SFA adaptation of the character Sean Matsuda from SF 3 8th March 2016 193
Abubo Rao : Abubo Rao from ROTD with custom gameplay. 6 buttons and some new moves. 8th March 2016 258
Cloud - Advent Children : Very bad character. For collection purposes. 8th March 2016 108
Ace EX : Looks like and unfinished edit of Ryu with lightning based powers. Nice concept. 8th March 2016 233
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