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October 31
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1.0 and 1.1
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whichever pleases me
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Windows 10
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Google Chrome


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18th October 2017
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6th November 2015

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
CM Punk : 6th November 2015 908
Undertaker : The Phemon! 6th November 2015 336
Haunted Mansion : 9th July 2016 18
Roblox HQ : 9th July 2016 51
Polnareff EoH voice patch : For Niname's Polnareff. 30th April 2017 28
Old Joseph EoH voice patch : For Niname's Old Joseph. This is an edited version of TheGershon's voice patch I made myself, basically I replaced most of the audio files with EoH voice lines. Some of the audio files still have music background, but it's rarely noticeable. Cred ... 30th April 2017 50
Old Joseph EoH voice (updated) : Updated Voice Patch for Niname's Old Joseph. 17th May 2017 37
Vanilla Ice ASB/Eoh Voice : For Warusaki3's Vanilla Ice 17th May 2017 32
Shadow DIO ASB/EoH Voice : For Warusaki3's Shadow DIO 18th May 2017 29
P4 Jotaro Kujo (AI Patch+ASB Voice) : Part 4 Jotaro Kujo with an AI patch included with his All Star Battle voice. 5th June 2017 260
Kakyoin (EoH Voice Patch) : Here is Izumo's Noriaki Kakyoin with a pretty decent AI and including an improved EoH voice patch. 5th June 2017 402
Fourside (Edit) : Originally made by Omegabros6 and edited by me. zoffset has been changed, meaning the player position has been slightly higher and background has been changed. 6th June 2017 23
Pokemon Stadium (SSF) : Pokemon Stadium from Super Smash Flash 1. This stage is an optional stage to choose from said game and also appears when you battle Pokemon characters. 10th June 2017 31
1st Dio Brando (ASB/Eoh+Updated) : Here is Phantom Blood Dio with a few new features, an ASB/EoH voice patch, two new portraits, including the icon portrait and a fixed portrait when doing a super move. 12th June 2017 611
Shadow DIO (ASB/EoH+AI Patch) : Warusaki3's Shadow DIO featuring an AI Patch, few new palettes, and an ASB/EoH voice patch. Enjoy! 11th June 2017 224
Josuke (ASB/EoH Voice patch) : 280¨†'s Josuke with a fixed ASB/EoH voice patch and a few new sound effects. Made by myself, enjoy! 14th June 2017 344
Old Joseph (w/ AI Patch) : Here we have y.y's Old Joseph included with his AI patch by GASE (JJ). Enjoy! (I'm probably going to make an EoH voice patch for this Joseph soon.) 16th June 2017 524
Koichi Hirose (AI Patched) : Here is Amarimono's Koichi Hirose with his AI Patch made by Anomi Polis. 21st June 2017 506
Josuke (ASB/EoH Voice+Updated SFX) : I've updated my EoH/ASB voice patch for Josuke and added some new sounds. - New Punching SFX - Higher Quality SFX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP64fT0CJkU 21st June 2017 576
Polnareff (EoH+Updated) : Features: -Fixed portrait from the original version -Slight size change -Revamped sounds from Eyes of Heaven https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jme-8VcZYUI 29th June 2017 360
Avdol (AI Patch) : Izumo's Avdol but now with an AI Patch made by 03-A 15th October 2017 13
Polnareff (EoH Voice) : Updated my Polnareff and updated/added a few new voice samples from Eyes of Heaven. 15th October 2017 22
Guido Mista (AI Patch) : Amarimono's Mista but included with an AI Patch that makes the character much more aggressive now. 15th October 2017 34