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Cho-kichiku Rock : Very cheap Rock Howard edit, most of his attacks are OHKO 22nd May 2017 45
MAROKARE : One of Mizuchi's supers turned into its own character, very cheap and highly unlikely of being beatable by normal characters. 22nd May 2017 72
Justice (Guilty Gear 1) : Justice from Guilty Gear 1, very cheap due to the fact if you get instant killed by her, you start already dead for the next round for the rest of the match. Which is actually canon to how instant kills worked in Guilty Gear 1. How to disable auto-AI, ... 22nd May 2017 48
H-Chonshu : Cheap Chonshu edit, gets progressively stronger in higher palettes. How to disable auto-AI: Go to to option.txt and change var(57) = 1 to 0 Comes with customizeable AI levels too in var(58) 22nd May 2017 58
Psyqhical_black_len : Melty Blood's Len, but as an sprite swap of PP's Psyqhical, pretty cheap (and somewhat lazy) edit. 22nd May 2017 26
Morikubo.Nono : Cheap [email protected] character How to disable auto-AI/make her playable: Go to config.cns and change var(59)=10 to 0 22nd May 2017 46
HONKI-Ultraman : Extremely cheap Ultraman edit 22nd May 2017 100
Speedy-Suicide : Cheap Highway Star edit, will most likely kill your character before you even get to do a move. 22nd May 2017 20
Jado : Cheap Jade edit from Dead Dance/Tuff E Nuff How to disable auto-AI/Become playable: Go into jado.cmd, find var(1) just below Statedef -1 and change trigger43 = 1 to 0 22nd May 2017 28
Jagaoh_Jazu : Cheap Jazu edit How to disable auto-AI/Become playable: Go to AI.txt and change var(59)=1 to 0 22nd May 2017 74
Shinkuryu_Rock : Rock Howard edit 22nd May 2017 45
SZ aneki : Chainsaw Marisa Kirisame, attacks are pretty much OHKOs on normal characters. She's collection purpose at most if you would ask me. 22nd May 2017 26
Genocide Rugal : Cheap Rugal edit How to disable auto-AI/Become playable: Go to config.txt and change var(59) = (root,palno = 4) to var(59) = 0;(root,palno = 4) 22nd May 2017 80
Ted Broiler : AI-only From Metal Max 2: ReLOADED Could make for an interesting and challenging boss character Becomes a lot stronger in higher palettes, plus his music changes too depending on the palette. 22nd May 2017 63
Mercenary Tao DBAA : Do not underestimate this guy, he can be quiet challenging to beat. Though if he is too tough, you can lower his AI level in Mercenary_Tao-2-3.cns (It's in var(59), along with other settings. 22nd May 2017 89
EX_Janemba : Very tough opponent to beat Disable Auto-AI/become playable: In Janemba.cmd, just disable/remove trigger53 in var(59) Though he will always counter attack the opponent automatically if he gets attack repeatedly. 22nd May 2017 131
Zero Belmont : Long lost member of the Belmont family. His AI is very cheap, but you can play as him if you disable his AI in AI.txt, in the very first varset, just change trigger1=1 to 0 22nd May 2017 92
Servant Cu Chulainn : Very cheap Lancer edit 22nd May 2017 273
Corrupt Byakuren : Cheap Byakuren edit with high stats and palettes that gives her a wide variety of extra buffs. To disable her auto-AI/play as her: Go to option.txt and change var(53)=1 to 0 22nd May 2017 122
Alucks : Strange/cheap Alex edit who will either kill you in one super combo or he dies randomly during his supers. He's pretty much a "coin toss" character, so some will find him amusing. To play as him: Go to sf3_alex.cmd and disable trigger51 in var(50) 22nd May 2017 84
SF2010 Kevin Striker : Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight version of Ken Originally known as Kevin Striker in Japan 22nd May 2017 41
Tomitake : Supposed to be Tomy/Tomitake Jirou from Higurashi: When They Cry 22nd May 2017 56
Zero Suicide : From Medabots / Medarot 22nd May 2017 67
Old Style God Emperor : Mega-Emperor/God Emperor from Medabots/Medarot Cheap character 22nd May 2017 21
Miss Jack Joker : Sakuya Izayoi edit Goes into Spell Card mode after losing one round 22nd May 2017 123
YR_Einsatz : Akiha edit Has a lot of moves from Gustab Munchausen Also AI patched too 22nd May 2017 53
Shiina Noriko : Edit of Kuron's Warlock with (what I assume) Shiina Noriko's voice from [email protected] 22nd May 2017 125
Phantom_Setsuna : Cheap Setsuna edit How to disable auto-AI/Play as him: Go into -3.cns, just below statedef -3, change value = 1 to 0 22nd May 2017 71
Big-O : From "The Big O" 22nd May 2017 117
Sutegoro Girl Kaori : AI-only Cheap Kaori Misaka edit 22nd May 2017 25
Thouther Mario : Cheap Mario edit using Thouther's moves How to disable auto-AI/become playable: In SuperMario.cmd, find trigger65 and change 1 to 0 22nd May 2017 300
B-B-H-Hayato : Version 2017 January 2nd Cheap Hayato edit How to disable auto-AI/become playable: in config.txt just change the [State 9999, AI Level] var(58) value to 0 for all the palettes you desire. 23rd May 2017 60