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Alba Meira : This is my last work. ALba Meira With Ai (Hard). style kofXIII+extras. 24th December 2015 518
Cloud : This is one edited version of Crawdo of Rikard. With many new moves,DMs,... With Asura mode (a+y) Have fun! :grin::grin::grin::grin: 14th January 2016 335
Alba Meira : A significantly lighter version of my Alba Meira. https://s29.postimg.org/xn7nzdeb7/Alba.jpg https://youtu.be/2YMfLiZ17G0 https://youtu.be/G4PCoTHsIt4 https://youtu.be/BrADbgT2sfY ... 4th January 2017 935
Shinnosuke Kagami : An edit of Shinnosuke Kagami style kof 2k2 / Xi / XII / + With new special moves / EX moves / DMs / SDMs ...etc. http://i63.tinypic.com/vovl34.jpg https://youtu.be/_pGMqMEjKw4 11th February 2017 257
Terry : Um edtit do terry estilo kof2k2. com alguns golpes, DMs e combos novos. https://youtu.be/29IgESIEfnY 20th February 2017 213
Leonard Carlyle : An different version of original Leonard Carlyle with almost everything new and more cool :thumbsup: He is now a senior member of the Addes union. A powerful and mysterious man and that he is really human https://youtu.be/1vcmx2rAgkw Essas e outr ... 1st March 2017 270
Espada Godman : The official Boss of my mugen A goodman edit with new special moves, DMs,SDM,HDM,New states. (such as Jump, Crouching, Jump attacks, Crouching attacks) With a player mode (less overpower). Have a dangerous AI. Have Fun. :gamers: https://youtu.be/ ... 5th March 2017 437
Hattori Hanzo Uruka : an Hattori Hanzo Uruka edit from yatagarasu. KOFXII/XI/2k2 +++ With new Special Moves,EXs,DMs e etc. Have fun. :gamer: https://youtu.be/WW8t-vX56IM 6th March 2017 647
Genbu Okina : A demonstration of all the Moves of my Okina edit and some combos. https://youtu.be/lrgtMg9VBa4 have fun. 14th July 2017 207
Awakened Gembu Okina : my newest edit Awakened Genbu Okina With new moves. His Awakened form. with a challenging AI ... Normal Okina moves https://youtu.be/FzT5vs-O07k Awakened Okina moves https://youtu.be/4V3Onf3lEdY AI lv1 https://youtu.be/A6FfLwlqSnU AI lv2 http ... 8th October 2017 178
Yue : An original / my original edition that was stuck in my mugen. Yue using the sprites of Kunagi Tenrou from Big Bang Beat. gameplay KOF2k2/Xi https://youtu.be/xH8amr-HTBM Have fun :bruce: 12th February 2018 151
Genbu Okina : My Genbu Okina edit only with normal Classic Style. With New moves and a challeging AI. gave fun. :gamers: KOFXIII+++ gameplay https://youtu.be/FzT5vs-O07k https://youtu.be/A6FfLwlqSnU 12th February 2018 203
Tempest : A new original char / edit mine. with intro, winposes, moves, mechanics, DMs Style KOFXIII +. have fun :gamers: She is one of the executive members of Addes. A specialist in robotics and weapon development Tecnomagi who likes to fight and test t ... 19th February 2018 823
Houoh kof : An old brown Houoh edit mine in the kof2k2 style with some new moves, DMs and etc ... has an average AI I would say ^^. https://youtu.be/60Tw-7sA-_g 25th February 2018 188
Ange : An edit (this is more for an original char) than I did centuries ago using the sprites of the Akira Honjoji made by the YAMAKICHI. With a totally new moveset. have fun. https://youtu.be/pJzUxX0LH-0 18th February 2019 244
Shigen Naoe : A version of Shigen Naoe in the kof2k2 / XI style with some new tricks. https://youtu.be/uk64myvWj6s Special grab commands: ------------------------- D,DF,Fx2 + a or b II version (a) D,DF,F+ a III version (a) D,DF,F+ a or ... 3rd March 2019 162
Mikasa : My new edit: Mikasa, who has three independent fighting styles with their own mechanics and moves but can be alternated in the middle of the fight and combos in a mix between Gen (SFA) and May Lee (KOF2k1 / 2k2). One of the executive members of Addes, A ... 2nd June 2019 332
Washizuka : An edit of Keiichiro Washizukai style kof 2k2 / XIII / + With new special moves / EX moves / DMs / SDMs ...etc. https://youtu.be/b60I9JebYk0 https://youtu.be/tx8Kh4SoNfk have fun. 5/?? 9th January 2020 39
Zodiac : An edit of the Zodiac version of A-KUE with some new moves and an AI media. I was gathering dust on my things. Have fun. :gamer: https://youtu.be/3Z7E6S5wtb0 10th October 2019 117
Tiger KOF : A KOF2k2-style version of Tiger from the game Martial Masters by author D. Buckus. With new moves, DMs, a new voice. https://youtu.be/FXagPAWxoKM 22nd February 2020 70
Scorpion 2020 : A KOF2k2-style version of Scorpion from the game Martial Masters by author NHK. With new moves, DMs, a new voice. https://youtu.be/yy7vxjao_5k 23rd February 2020 55
Heita Zinnai : A Heita Zinnai version of the Big Bang Beat game (aka BBB) with KOF2k2 gameplay. With new moves and DMs. have fun. https://youtu.be/6NbsME9AHGo 20th March 2020 36
Monkey boy 2020 : A version of Monkey boy is a character from the game Martial master (the last one missing from the game) in the kof2k2 style with some new moves and DMs. If you want a version but similar to the original game take this one: https://mugenarchive.com/foru ... 12th April 2020 46
Monkey boy : A version of Monkey boy is a character from the game Martial master (the last one missing from the game) in the style closest to his original game. have fun :very_good::gamers: this video serves more as a reference since most of the things they sha ... 12th April 2020 77