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About El_Rufian
PC games, Visual Novels and travel
Cab Driver
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Favorite MUGEN version:
Melty Blood Mugen 1.1
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Zeroko, Boss Zeroko, Final Zeroko, Cruelty Sula, Flamme S, God Wind, Puppet Yukino, Satsuki Yamiduka, Yukino, Eve, Yami Kula, Akiha Yagami, Inazuma Shermie, Angelique, Voltage Zero, Krizalid 2k1, Kyo,
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Sylph, Stardust Bad Future, Burning wasteland, KMH Throne room, Cathedral Meta, City Lights, Worm Hole, xxarticxx, xxgeothermalxxx
Computer Configuration
Computer Specs:
Intel i5 4460
asus HD8350
8gb Ram 1866mhz
1tb HD
LG Modular stereo
Operating System:
Windows 7 Sp1
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Google Chrome


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Black Boxes on Letters 24th September 2017 22:30
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30th October 2015

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Final Zeroko (2013) : [Info] Name ="Final Zeroko" Displayname ="Final Zeroko" Versiondate =2013-06-03 Mugenversion =05,10,2009 Author ="ONI-MIKO" Pal.defaults =1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 Greetings! 7th January 2016 237
Zeroko_w : Sorry about the author names, but i cant read those characters, so if anyone know the name notify me please to change, thx. Zeroko White, the one whit Mr. Big and Shiki girl, and have a very good AI, make some awesome combos. Greetings!! Video ... 7th January 2016 254
Boss Zeroko : Boss Zeroko is pretty similar to Final Zeroko (2013) but have another sprites on supers and dont have the counter, etc judge by yourself Greetings! Name = "Boss Zeroko" Displayname = "Boss Zeroko" Versiondate = 2013-09-08 ;Birthday 2010-07-10 Mu ... 7th January 2016 450
Final Zeroko 100%(B) : Last Modification of Final Zeroko, Have a new Super and other stuffs. Greetings!! Name ="Final Zeroko" Displayname ="Final Zeroko 100%" Versiondate =2013-09-08 Mugenversion =05,10,2009 Author ="ONI-MIKO" Sample Battle https://www.youtube ... 7th January 2016 774
Wind SE : This is a Goeniko edit i find somewhere in the net, this one have a nice AI(Like almost all goenikos edit) good combos and some very cool supers. Iam using in Mugen 1.1 and 1.0 and works fine, the only problem is the char portrait :facepalm2:. name = ... 7th January 2016 596
Original Rozwell Gustab : Hi! Guys i have this one on my mugen there is some issues whit the sprites sometimes apear 2 rozwells :facepalm2: i hope someone knows how to fix that. Warning: Is a very cheap bostard, i need to use Boss Zeroko to kick his ass, so take your cautio ... 12th January 2016 525
Flamme(S) : I dont remember where i found this one, maybe from Paul...anyway but is a good char, can perform a simple but effective combo and the supers are cool. [Info] name ="Flamme" displayname ="Flamme(S)" versiondate =28,07,2014 mugenversion =04,14,2002 ... 13th February 2016 212
Akiha Yagami : [Info] name="Akiha Yagami" displayname="Akiha Yagami" versiondate=31/03/2008 mugenversion=1.0 author="DarkDeath" pal.defaults=1,2,3,4,5,6 Video :facepalm2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cORsCvbKXvQ&feature=youtu.be 9th April 2016 303
Inazuma Shermie : A good hybrid of shermie, have some good combos and a cheap super [Info] name = "Inazuma Shermie" displayname = "Inazuma Shermie" versiondate = 04,14,2002 mugenversion = 1.0 author = "Ahuron" pal.defaults = 6,3,4,2 Video demo :so_sorry: htt ... 6th October 2016 153
Jenet : For me the best Jenet i find, she use some good combos and a new super, but the pal... :uhuh: anyway i think is a good char [Info] name ="Jenet" displayname ="Jenet" versiondate =02,25,2010 mugenversion =04,14,2002 author ="P-tan" pal.defaults =4 ... 7th October 2016 201
Voltage-Zero : I just notice there is too many other voltage zero chars in looking to change the char, sorry for my mistake Edit: Ok this one stays =D i leave the video too [Info] name ="Voltage-Zero" displayname ="Voltage Zero" versiondate =15/05/2012 mugenv ... 11th October 2016 260
F-Shingo (No flamme) : In exchange of my last repeated upload :facepalm: i upload this one i look in the data base and there is not other file like this (i hope :nervous2:) there is a problem whit this char as you see in the battle against Boss Zeroko when he launch the "dudes" ... 11th October 2016 57
Akiha Yagami Ver 1.9 : Hi guys! This is the version 1.9 of Akiha Yagami, she have 4 new supers and now you can make some cancels to improve your combos Special thx to Yuri Sakazaki. [Info] name ="Akiha Yagami" displayname ="Akiha Yagami" versiondate = 10/11/2015 mugenver ... 1st November 2016 346
Clone Benimaru : [Info] name ="clone Benimaru-Nikaido" displayname ="clone benimaru" ;author ="Deuce" ;updated by = "Sander71113" author ="龙白方" Pal.Defaults =4,1,2,3,5,6 This is a playable version if you want the non pl ... 5th January 2017 61