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  • nanaya's Avatar
    10th January 2018, 00:53
    nanaya commented on file Pupa Salgueiro XI UM in SNK Arrange
    Wtf? I was just commenting on how bad the palettes look. Well im sorry if your chars are shit, but seriously learn how to Ϝuϲkіng code properly. ...
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  • nanaya's Avatar
    9th January 2018, 01:54
    nanaya commented on file Pupa Salgueiro XI UM in SNK Arrange
    ugly palettes are ugly :v
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  • nanaya's Avatar
    4th January 2018, 05:26
    BETMARK that's my first attempt ever at spriting, I just changed the panties palette to the same color as her skin, but noticed that the important...
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  • nanaya's Avatar
    3rd January 2018, 08:27
    Sprites Edited by Me The same Kotaro by Ohgaki but without panties Panties can be turned on or off via palette no monster compatibility, only lack...
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  • nanaya's Avatar
    2nd January 2018, 02:08
    nanaya uploaded file Kotaro Kazama in Yatagarasu
    Looks like the same Kotaro by Ohgaki, but someone edited her sprites to make her wear some more risqué panties instead of her normal ones In my...
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    oh. ok
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    You make NSFW characters by any chance?
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    hello , hey Nanaya if you know about the ibuki file with the rap♥st raccoon, it would be great to upload it to the forum
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Helmet Brian : [email protected]'s Brian with Reginukem Patch, no change in playstyle. BUT HE'S GOT A NEW HAT HELMET!!! 15th June 2016 195
Queen's Tomb 1.1 : An MLP Stage, Animated, Hi-Res, Mugen 1.1 only, 640x480, includes zoom 15th June 2016 135
[18+] Sexy Orochi Shermie : Orochi Shermie without skirt nor panties, just nude, no monster compatibility 29th June 2016 1,444
[18+] r♥♥♥a Athena : Edited by 天天SY男 & 恶断火焰. Almost full nude athena, except for her shoes. obviously has compatibility with mosnters, but for some reason she gets more clothing while being attacked XD also has some horrible p ... 30th June 2016 2,476
Cultural Festival Meta : OMK Cultural Festival in the Metaworld, Hi-Res, Win and 1.0+ compatible 6th July 2016 69
Kloss : A kula edit made exclusivelly for Flowrallia's fullgame. she fights with knifes. I restored her functionality to be usable usable in normal mugen, she's just missing her explods... may be if I'm not lazy I'll add them later... may be... 29th August 2016 186
Original Sula : A kula edit made exclusivelly for Flowrallia's fullgame. she's vanilla sula but with new attacks. I restored her functionality to be usable usable in normal mugen, she's just missing her explods... may be if I'm not lazy I'll add them later... may be... 29th August 2016 175
Athena MI : yes, Www 4F998 Com is the author, no, is not an URL. So this is basicaly Athena XI but with a different outfit. she's missing some explods, but meh... she works fine 15th October 2016 597
Blue Factory : A blue factory originated fron an animated gif. Animated, Superjump, Zoom, 640x480, 1.1 only 7th December 2016 18
[18+] SF3 Ibuki Raper : Ibuki from SF3, she's a victim with compatibility with most attacker, and also has her own raper moves by comanding some racoons to attack her foes to send the racoons press Down,Down + A B or C 14th July 2017 1,889
Another Athena : Updated 03/06/17 xxxXx description: Hey people, glad to be back! Here is my Another Athena update, featuring: new specials new supers new intros & endings somewhat reworked AI I've tried to include as much of the previous feedback as I coul ... 8th March 2017 304
De-MOLE-ition : small program to easily unpack "moleboxed" fullgames, tested and works with KOF Wing, KOF Zillion, KOF memory , MKvsSF, Capcom universe. probably works with most of them. Home page: https://lifeinhex.com/ 22nd April 2017 155
Dianus-AKOF : recently released by A-KUE 7th June 2017 390
IF Marguerite : recently released by Kira 7th June 2017 350
Sabbath-Walpurgisnacht : 16th June 2017 23
Fliz Premium : An edit of Fliz with tons of flashy attacks and effects... 25th June 2017 122
Back Alley (with Metaworld) : Back Alley from Melty Blood, shifts to Bloody Alley with Metaworld-esque transition Specs: Mugen 1.1 640 x 480 Superjump Animation Zoom 1st July 2017 19
[18+] Cham Cham ero : The same Cham Cham by Ohgaki, but with glimpses at her p*ssy during certain moves No rape compatible, just nude 9th July 2017 719
[18+] No panties Yuri : The same !Yuri by Ohgaki, but with extra color separation to add nude option with certain pallettes No rape compatible, just nude 9th July 2017 1,341
[18+] Yoko RX : Latest version of Yoko with tons of compaibilities... tried some serach, but didn't find her in the site. if already uploaded, delete please 9th July 2017 3,415
[18+] Schlussel 1.86 : Latest "official" version of this char the most recent already uploaded was 1.84, this one is 1.86 9th July 2017 3,591
[18+] Jenet Bonne : latest update 07/09/17 (mm/dd/yy) not only is a victim but also a raper for both male anf female 10th July 2017 2,194
[18+] Kirino : Kirno by Yu Toharo compatible with some rappers 10th July 2017 4,483
[18+] Dizzy : has compatibility with most rapers may be an earlier version of this one 10th July 2017 2,611
[18+] CVS Mai Raper : Mai, victim an also aggressor. down, down + kick to tackle and raep yer opponent with a strap-on updaed version of this one. now with more compatibility. release notes says it was added comp. to door to anywhere (?) ... 16th July 2017 2,159
[18+] CVS Mai Raper (outdated) : Mai, victim an also aggressor. down, down + kick to tackle and raep yer opponent with a strap-on this file has been obsoleted, get the newer version Here 14th July 2017 572
[18+] Mina Majikina (raper) : Mina Makijina from Samurai Shodown V, has compatibility with most rapers and also has some moves on her own by sending the monkey thing following her around to assault her foes doggy style. down, down + a or x to send the doll 15th July 2017 1,178
[18+] Axel Hawk : Axel from FF he's an aggressor but also a yaoi victim, I didn't know under what category to upload him, so I chose one randomly 18th July 2017 912
[18+] Angela PI1 : Angela Belti from power Instinct 1, original by masa00341, has compatibility with most aggressors out there. 21st July 2017 788
Nirvana/MetaNirvana : A Nirvana stae that shifts between two different versions midbattle. For MUGEN 1.1 only 3rd August 2017 25
Wheat Stage : Wheat Stage from Muramasa the Demon Blade by Odb718. This is a modified version with added Zoom and thus mugen 1.1 only Original Here 5th August 2017 30
[18+] Psychoraper Vega : Psycho raper vega, with a new Petrification finisher. After finishing a compatible oponent, pres start to use it 8th August 2017 988
[18+] Karin : victim character with all kind of finishers and compatibilities including vega's petrification finish 8th August 2017 1,194
Graveyard : An IaMP stage that shifts between two versions midbattle, OMK style. 11th August 2017 32
Ray's Casino (OpenGL) : This is my version of Ray's Casino from Chaos Code, with zero colorloss. Insigniawarfare's version was used as a base. includes zoom and animation. Mugen 1.1 only If you can't run it with your current mugen 1.1, try enabling OpenGL To enable OpenGL, op ... 16th August 2017 28
[18+] Mr Bear : An updated version of this rap♥st bear. includes missionaru and doggy(bear?) style. also includes special endings if a compatible character is finished with a raep move on the other side he himself is also vulnerable to other aggressors. to perfor ... 27th August 2017 1,346
De-MOLE-ition v0.53 : Small program to unpack moleboxed fullgames, works with most of them An updated version of this one: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=54347-de-mole-ition-kao Authors homepage: https://lifeinhex.com/ Original Notes: Thanks t ... 4th September 2017 73
Entrance Hall +Metaworld (1.1) : A quick edit I made by mixing Entrance Hall and Entrance Hall Requiem of darkness, both by sayajin mui. credits to sayajin mui for the originals and duke of corvus for his tutorial for mixing stages with metaworld stage only for mugen 1.1 in 640x480 re ... 24th September 2017 30
Betting Table : MUGEN 1.1 ONLY! 640x480 Animation Zoom Superjump Includes Music 25th October 2017 67
Sugarland Shimmy : Mugen 1.1 oly 28th October 2017 83
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