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Nyal : Nyal has been summoned once more by "True Omnipotence", ready to fulfill whatever task is bestowed upon her. Nyal fares differently from many female fighters in that she sacrifices mobility for range & power, the huge cleaver Nyal wields is not for show! ... 16th December 2019 94
Nakoruru : Perhaps the youngest & most good-natured playable character in Samurai Shodown. Nakoruru has great mobility thanks to fast movements, the ability to wall jump, & Mamahaha whom Nakoruru can utilize as both a long-range attack & a means of temporary flight ... 20th June 2019 71
Hugo : Hugo Andore returns to the arena in his former, lifebar devouring glory! What really needs to be said about Hugo? He's everything you'd expect him to be: a lumbering behemoth with bone-crushing command throws! Combining his brutal throws with heavy-hitt ... 18th June 2019 147
[18+] "Revamped" Vampy : Awakened from her slumber, the unholy terror is ready to hunt! Vampy harmoniously blends speed, juggling, & poking into one, making her deadly in the hands of those that fully utilize her tools! Her specials also have variety despite most of them being ... 13th February 2019 2,685
Jamm : Left behind at birth after her hamlet was raided by enemy troops, now lives among the beasts of the land. Sounds familiar right? Unlike most fighters of this archetype, Jamm isn't about rushing in and ripping the foe apart. Instead, she wields high-prior ... 18th February 2019 220
Breloom : The Chipper little mushroom from the Hoenn region is ready to deliver knuckle sandwiches & pound cakes to fighters across the world!(or multiverse) Little Breloom combines swift punches with long reaching pokes, Arcing projectiles with timed detonations, ... 24th March 2019 175
Griffon : The Griffon mask dives back into action, to fight for the cheers of adoring children! Griffon(or Tizoc) is a grappler that combines flash with substance, with a versatile array of command throws & mobility that isn't terrible(I don't think it's bad anywa ... 15th June 2019 121
LowTierGod : LowTierGod has descended to the world of Mugen(using Urien as his vessel of choice) to body scrubs & typical, corny characters. Although he struggles to tap into the full potential of the vessel he hosts, he does have a means to compensate: his fury. As L ... 1st April 2019 388
DarkSydePhil : What is goin on guys? Proud of Ragequittin here with another lolcow wrought from the internet pits of Hades we call Youtube. It's DarkSydePhil! *Snorts* So what makes this one different from MP-140's take? His normals aren't laggy anymore. they're proba ... 19th May 2019 177
Utsuho Reiuji : Utsuho Reiuji got drunk on her own power again, guess she really is scatter-brained. Utsuho's movement is SLOW, she makes Hugo Andore look like a champion marathon runner. This is counter-balanced by her arsenal of zoning tools including various pokes & ... 6th June 2019 193
Alex : Alex Power bombs his way back into the fray, ponytail and all! This blonde bomber is armed with a variety of command throws & hard-hitting attacks in general much like other Grapplers from Street Fighter. However, Alex does have an ace up his non-exista ... 9th June 2019 234
Shinnosuke Kagami : The Blazing Phoenix draws his sword once more. Kagami is burdened with overall very poor recovery(on whiff at least). However, this grave disadvantage is counter-balanced by impressive reach and serious attack power. Even though he can only string a few ... 22nd August 2019 48
Shuma-Gorath : He is the void that consumes all hope! Tremble and despair! Armed with long-ranged ground normals ranging from swift to brutal & a versatile array of other moves including two different projectile attacks, a command throw, & various approach options.(on ... 11th July 2019 348
Dlanor A. Knox : "Wait wut? I thought you hated anime?" you may ask. I do have disdain for most anime, though that won't stop me from giving characters from series that don't anger me(or in this case a series I know too little to get upset) roster-worthy gameplay. Our in ... 7th August 2019 73
Ryo Sakazaki : Ryo Sakazaki! The Shoto-man of SNK fighters much like how Ryu is Capcom's Shoto-man. Ryo is already a versatile fighter due to his mastery of Kyokugenryu Karate, but with the additional knowledge of techniques such as Parrying, EX moves, & a combo syste ... 12th August 2019 166
Ingrid : It's Ingrid, one of the many characters that debuted in a pretty bad game. Don't worry, this take on Ingrid is much better than the junk pile she came from. Ingrid is quite swift with her movement, she also has an anti-air special with invincible startup ... 4th September 2019 209
Blackheart : Blackheart rises once more! This beast commands an army of demons that can be utilized for pressure or setup purposes. Blackheart also wields long-range normals & powerful specials that make him a threat at any range! He's a big target that has lumberin ... 12th September 2019 349
Kung Fu Girl : Is it Kung Fu Man's girlfriend? Nope, it's his star pupil! Kung Fu Girl is a rushdown style fighter with swift movements & a combo-friendly moveset. Her specials comprise of Kung fu blow that can absorb an attack on startup & the mighty Kung Fu Palm, wh ... 28th September 2019 259
Juggernaut : You don't know who this is?! He's the Unstoppable Juggernaut!! With his great strength & size, the Juggernaut can dish out brutal attacks from a fair distance before most fighters are even in range to fight! His ace up his sleeve is his EX Juggernaut Pu ... 2nd December 2019 193
Scorpion : Don't have anything witty to say about this one so ... MORTAL KOMBAT!! Scorpion possesses a combo-friendly moveset, so much so that he's the first character I edited with chain following(to an extent) This ninja also wields anti-zoning tools that can be ... 7th October 2019 214
Bulk Bogan : Bulk Bogan escaped from Southtown correctional facility(somehow), fear de mooskles! Bulk is one of the quicker fighters despite being larger than most agile fighters. Combine his mobility with swift normals, charge moves, anti-air super, & a couple of d ... 21st October 2019 80
Lynn Baker : The White Dragon has arrived, Either because evil is afoot or a mall is having a huge sale. Who cares! Lynn's here! Lynn excels at aggressive tactics thanks to her strong combo game & swift normals, one of which (SMP) being so fast it rivals Lights from ... 30th October 2019 63
Shermie : Of course I'm going to upload Shermie, she's the critics' choice after all! Shermie is a grappler that stands out among the crowd by emphasizing maneuverability over reducing the foe to a gory mess in a few slams. That isn't to say she lacks power, she ... 20th November 2019 156
Tron Bonne : The genius mechanic of the Bonne family is back, ready to steal another big score! The weapons that the Gustaff is equiped with gives Tron a good deal of range to work with as well as superior anti-air capabilities! The Gustaff Tron pilots is also more ... 11th January 2020 46