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    You are very missed, brotherrr
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    R.I.P Sookie 21st October 2015 - 17th March 2017. We miss you boi.
  3. Thanks very much. I've tried very hard to help Mugen Archive, and make sure the most exclusive and rare files are here.

    I don't care. Good people are good people, no matter where you are from or your ******ity.
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    And... welll... you know that I like boys right? Hahahaha lol
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    Wich girl?
  6. yo sookie! MvsC infinite is real, now lets just hope that the wonderful ship that you created "Tessarider" becomes canon in this game, also thanks for the support bro, you're da best!
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  8. Thanks for all your uploads and contribution Sookie.
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    Well if I stick to putting fan made cover songs they can't really complain about those. Their open source since the actual company's didn't make them.
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    my ninja!
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    Sup my d00d, thanks for blowing up my notifications, homie XD good lookin out, my man :)
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    In the end, we are all leechers. But you, you were the most human leecher of all.
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    What's up, my brother. if you find any more MK stages, let me know. i'm back in the game, i'm ready for this shit.
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    I will check the PMs very soon, I wasn't around much lately, sorry about it.
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    http://www.4shared.com/account/home.jsp#dir=z0vqXmtj Sookie you can also check on my 4shared account, i was already upload that encrypt mugen characters orginally the last year and other misc stuff, like a cartoon vs cartoon mugen, a modification from a RTS game, soundpacks like 'DSAFGA' a silly soundpack very funny based on Youtube poops effects if you want try download it etc..
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Bridge in the Land of Iron : A stage from Naruto 1st December 2015 92
Construction of Master Mold : Master Mold from X-Men 1st December 2015 186
Akatsuki Cave : Great stage, real scenery from the show, parallax floor gives 3D illusion 1st December 2015 255
Naruto 1 Tail NZC : One of the best versions of 1 Tail Naruto out 2nd December 2015 587
Kimimaro NZC : NZC style Kimimaro 2nd December 2015 363
Vegeta MvCZ2 : A old edit of VegetaZ2. He has MvC controls, he has voice from the Ocean dub and Team Four Star and new pals. 2nd December 2015 526
Evil Dead II Cabin : the cabin from evil dead ii 3rd December 2015 186
The Bank : compatible with mugen 1.0 3rd December 2015 88
Palace Gates : for mugen 1.0, hi res 3rd December 2015 61
Kahn's Colliseum : 1.0, hi res 3rd December 2015 77
Tower of Argus MK4 : animated, 1.0, hi res 3rd December 2015 81
Nether Realm : animated, 1.0, hi res 3rd December 2015 71
Jade's Desert : hi res, rolling fog, layered, 1.0 3rd December 2015 89
Igneel : Natsu Dragneel's step-daddy. He turns the whole stage red and lit on fire. 3rd December 2015 857
Micheal Myers MK : Micheal Myers with fatalities, new moves, new sounds. Not the best, but a ok MK character. Of all the versions, this is the most aggressive and will use fatalities. 3rd December 2015 2,087
Shinnok : Shinnok with decent animation and moves. I fixed him to work in any mugen without problem. He is a boss type character 3rd December 2015 494
Monnitor : Mortal Kombat Blood Storm character 3rd December 2015 148
Quan Chi : A great working Quan Chi. Has special moves fatalities, brutalities 3rd December 2015 534
MK Hi-Res stage pack : 4 Hi res MK stages, 1.0 3rd December 2015 237
Chinese Cliffs : Mortal Kombat stage 3rd December 2015 25
Grandmaster : Has moves, fluid animation, fatalities. Works in any and all mugens without issues 3rd December 2015 298
Mileena's Throne : hi res, not animated 3rd December 2015 71
MK Church : hi res, 1.0 3rd December 2015 94
MK Lotus Palace HD : 1.0, hi res, has several diff versions in pack 3rd December 2015 77
Battle Arena : From Mortal Kombat, hi res 4th December 2015 46
E.Honda MK : E. Honda, with fatalities, and mortal kombat style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-T6aI7YLNw 4th December 2015 442
Shinobi Sub-Zero : Sub-Zero Shinobi version. Can work in any mugen without problems. Just drop in and play. 4th December 2015 512
Glacius MK : Glacius with fatalties and Mortal Kombat moves. converted to work in any mugen. 4th December 2015 891
Sagat MK : Sagat with fatalities and MK controls 4th December 2015 475
Zangief MK : Has fatalities, and Mortal Kombat moves. Fixed by me to work in almost any mugen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65D6fh3jA50 4th December 2015 564
M. Bison MK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPSmwc-W7eU M. Bison with new moves, Mortal Kombat controls, and fatalities 4th December 2015 233
White Lotus Temple : Mortal Kombat animated stage 4th December 2015 45
Unit 5 : The unplayable robot from MKX 4th December 2015 417
Tokyo Tower : One of the coolest Godzilla stages out. From Super Godzilla. Animated water and waves and lights 4th December 2015 180
MK Jason Voorhees : Much faster and more vicious than Terrordome Jason. He can also do fatalities and uses Mortal Kombat controls and moves Mucho más rápido y más cruel que Terrordome Jason . También puede hacer fatalidades y utiliza los controles de Mortal Kombat y movim ... 4th December 2015 2,234
Dragon's Fortress : 3D floor stage from MK, animated 4th December 2015 35
Dust Valley : animated, hi res, 1.0 4th December 2015 38
Shaolin Temple : Stage from Sub-Zero: Mythologies. Has super jump, subzero climbs the rope past as you fight 4th December 2015 62
Asylum : Stage for Mortal Kombat, animated. 4th December 2015 51
Houan Temple : animated, 1.0, rolling fog, high jump 4th December 2015 27