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    You are very missed, brotherrr
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    R.I.P Sookie 21st October 2015 - 17th March 2017. We miss you boi.
  3. Thanks very much. I've tried very hard to help Mugen Archive, and make sure the most exclusive and rare files are here.

    I don't care. Good people are good people, no matter where you are from or your ******ity.
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    And... welll... you know that I like boys right? Hahahaha lol
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    Wich girl?
  6. yo sookie! MvsC infinite is real, now lets just hope that the wonderful ship that you created "Tessarider" becomes canon in this game, also thanks for the support bro, you're da best!
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  8. Thanks for all your uploads and contribution Sookie.
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    Well if I stick to putting fan made cover songs they can't really complain about those. Their open source since the actual company's didn't make them.
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    my ninja!
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    Sup my d00d, thanks for blowing up my notifications, homie XD good lookin out, my man :)
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    In the end, we are all leechers. But you, you were the most human leecher of all.
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    What's up, my brother. if you find any more MK stages, let me know. i'm back in the game, i'm ready for this shit.
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    I will check the PMs very soon, I wasn't around much lately, sorry about it.
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    http://www.4shared.com/account/home.jsp#dir=z0vqXmtj Sookie you can also check on my 4shared account, i was already upload that encrypt mugen characters orginally the last year and other misc stuff, like a cartoon vs cartoon mugen, a modification from a RTS game, soundpacks like 'DSAFGA' a silly soundpack very funny based on Youtube poops effects if you want try download it etc..
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Itachi's World : animated, cinamtic intro, 1.1 18th December 2015 181
Kyubi's Jail : 1.0, 1.1, animated, hi res, cinematic intro 18th December 2015 499
Fairy Tail Intro : just the one scene, but music and animated fog 18th December 2015 50
Bardock SSJ4 : LegendTTA style, but much faster and more capable. I made him regular size compared to SF characters, so he should be about 6'4 - 7 feet now. Yes SSJ4 makes you bigger than normal. 18th December 2015 730
Yin-Yang Naruto : 3 versions in one pack 18th December 2015 404
[18+] Malin XI : 18th December 2015 1,827
[18+] Senna : 18th December 2015 4,330
[18+] Maximum Mai : 18th December 2015 5,352
Kazuya Mishima MvC : Maybe the best Kazuya, easy to pick up and play, and dominate with 18th December 2015 1,779
Transforming Kid Naruto : Can transform into 1 tail mode, and then into Kyubi who takes up half the screen 19th December 2015 479
Sewer Lair : Has super jump 19th December 2015 100
Lilith MVC : 19th December 2015 185
Rugal MVC : Rugal in MvC style by Beto. AKA BetoSSJ4 19th December 2015 399
Club Naruhina : 1.0, 1.1, animated, hi res, cinematic intro 19th December 2015 121
Revolving Blue Portal : 1.0 and 1.1, very 3D revolving blue portal, high jump 19th December 2015 91
Lin Kuei Temple : 1.0 and 1.1, high jump, lots of parallax, VERY 3D, reflective floor, ninjas are not animated. 19th December 2015 101
Vega's Stage SFTM zoom : has high jump and zoom 19th December 2015 101
The Pit HD : For 1.0 and 1.1 only, animated rolling clouds, high jump, 3D 19th December 2015 240
Virus : low jump, high res 19th December 2015 52
Hellish Valley 1.1 : 1.0 and 1.1 only, high jump, animated 19th December 2015 143
Thailand, Bison's Stage : animated, low res, low jump 19th December 2015 125
The Ascent : animated, super high jump, 1.0 and 1.1 only 19th December 2015 86
MK Undertaker : The Undertaker, but now with fatalities and mortal kombat controls. Works in any mugen just fine. You do not need MKP to play 19th December 2015 428
Minecraft Sand Cave : 19th December 2015 111
Mr. Mara : Plant monster from Shin Megami Tensei. He's a penis demon in actual Shinto religion lore. Yup. Fight the big demonic penis plant. If I was the main hero in that game, I wouldve threw my shit on the floor, said nope. and left at that point. ... 19th December 2015 260
Deejay MK : MK style with fatalities and controls. Blocks like SF characters by pressing back, and works in any mugen. You dont need MKP to play 19th December 2015 371
Guile MK converted : Updated 2015, has fatalities. Fixes for Fatalities to stop AI-controlled Guile from attempting other attacks after Fatalities and from causing long end round time after Hyper-Combo Fatality. Converted by Sookie to work in any mugen, you dont need MK ... 19th December 2015 435
Don Ramon MK : Has fatalities and MK style controls, works in any mugen you do not need MKP to play, uses back to block like SF 19th December 2015 408
Chain Bridge : High Res 19th December 2015 46
Chen-Mao : not mvc : no hyper jump, no air combo, etc... not pots : no ex move, no lv2 cancel, etc... This one is just another custom style. - Justice Chen Mao with MvC controls, but CvS FX, from a private collection. Custom version. ... 19th December 2015 406
Havik : works in any mugen, uses back to block like Street Fighter, you do not need MKP to play 19th December 2015 389
Gogetto SSJ4 : 19th December 2015 880
Vega MK converted : Converted to work in any mugen. Has hypers and fatalities, and uses back on the direction pad to block like street fighter. 19th December 2015 285
Blaze the Cat MvC : bigger size, MvC style, winquotes 19th December 2015 623
Kensou (6 Button) : Combos like SvC, has MvC elements 20th December 2015 284
Lucky Glauber : not mvc : no hyper jump, no air combo, etc... not pots : no ex move, no lv2 cancel, etc... This one is just another custom style. - Justice From a private collection, MvC control system, CvS FX. Edited by unknown creator to use MvC controls, but ... 20th December 2015 343
Vegito SSJ3 MvC : Fom a private collection, uses MvC control scheme, Infinite FX, DBZ classic moves. 20th December 2015 459
Infinite Juggernaut : Uses MvC control scheme, Infinite's signature FX 20th December 2015 495
Delta Red Cammy : SF2+SF4 mix edit. SF mix, accoding to the author. This is an edit version of the Cammy Delta Red char by chuchoryu and Varo_Hades, using the char base from POTS (phantom of the server), so all credit goes to them. Besides editing her sprites and an ... 21st December 2015 528
Demitri infinite : Uses MvC controls, has various FX, uses Infinite style FX, from a private collection. 21st December 2015 645