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  1. Thanks very much. I've tried very hard to help Mugen Archive, and make sure the most exclusive and rare files are here.

    I don't care. Good people are good people, no matter where you are from or your sexuality.
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    And... welll... you know that I like boys right? Hahahaha lol
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    Wich girl?
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    yo sookie! MvsC infinite is real, now lets just hope that the wonderful ship that you created "Tessarider" becomes canon in this game, also thanks for the support bro, you're da best!
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    Thanks for all your uploads and contribution Sookie.
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    Well if I stick to putting fan made cover songs they can't really complain about those. Their open source since the actual company's didn't make them.
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    my ninja!
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    Sup my d00d, thanks for blowing up my notifications, homie XD good lookin out, my man :)
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    In the end, we are all leechers. But you, you were the most human leecher of all.
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    What's up, my brother. if you find any more MK stages, let me know. i'm back in the game, i'm ready for this shit.
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    I will check the PMs very soon, I wasn't around much lately, sorry about it.
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    http://www.4shared.com/account/home.jsp#dir=z0vqXmtj Sookie you can also check on my 4shared account, i was already upload that encrypt mugen characters orginally the last year and other misc stuff, like a cartoon vs cartoon mugen, a modification from a RTS game, soundpacks like 'DSAFGA' a silly soundpack very funny based on Youtube poops effects if you want try download it etc..
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    We could make a dedicated sub category for pocket characters, then others would be easier to find, what do you think about it?
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    Hey Sookie, could you please go through your recent submissions? A lot of char/stage mixed up.
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Protectors of the Sword : I share the latest stage that I have completed, it is called "Protectors of the Sword", heres the data: Mugen: 1.0 Jump: High Animated: Yes Music: Yes 27th December 2016 46
Vortice Azul : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAFOi1u2z1E 1.0 and 1.1 version included 27th December 2016 19
Yojimbo : Yojimbo from the 60s samurai movie, the Clint Eastwood cowboy movies copied him, new sprites, MvC Infinite style, authentic movie sounds. In case you do not know who Yojimbo is = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8ByAzPe38Y https://www.youtube.com/wat ... 11th November 2015 180
Sharkeisha 2.0 : I loved the original Sharkeisha by mother earth, but she didnt look like Sharkeisha, or fight like her, so I decided to make better and closer. The character has new sprites, sounds, MvC control system, damage values, winquotes. https://www.youtube.co ... 11th November 2015 143
Pharaoh's Hardened Heart : I don't know who the original author of this stage was, but it's a great stage of ancient egypt, but I edited it to look more realistic and fit history and the hieroglyphs so its like youre actually fighting back then with the pharaoh watching 11th November 2015 43
Raditz Oozaru : This is a Raditz made by Sawady, with the Oozaru form by B-gg19 added in, and patched by Team Abyss. Manga. He has alot of moves, great graphics, and can transform into a oozaru when he has full power bars. If you can't beat your enemy as Raditz, you can ... 11th November 2015 358
Man of Steel JLTF GEN : Superman by Cliff-A, the long hair 80s Superman with all new material. Great fun. He has moves and specials not seen in any other Superman, like throwing a car and others. https://youtu.be/g2ljILCM4Gc 12th November 2015 276
[nsfw] Hentai Link : This is a XXX character, 18+. For all the angry Zelda people, the creator's page can be found by clicking on the author's name in light blue. I did not create the character nor do I use it, I uploaded a very rare odd character that would probably be lo ... 12th November 2015 928
[nsfw] Hentai Kensou : This is a hentai character, 18+ 12th November 2015 1,148
[nsfw] Yaoi Robin : This is a gay hentai Robin, 18+ 12th November 2015 483
[nsfw] Yaoi P3Hero : This is a hentai character, 18+ 12th November 2015 405
Moby D!ck : This stage was originally made by Ryoucchi & Magic Toaster, I edited it to fit the movie and books about Moby D1ck, so you are fighting on the back of the great white whale 12th November 2015 25
[nsfw] Yaoi Thor : This is a hentai character, 18+ 12th November 2015 455
[nsfw] Hentai Cyclops : Yaoi Cyclops from the X-Men, 18+. 12th November 2015 437
Sam L Jackson Nick Fury : Nick Fury from Marvel movies and Ultimate Marvel fixed. Has Samuel Jacksons voice and does have quotes from Pulp Fiction, making him the Fury from the books 12th November 2015 333
DashieXP Raiden : This is Raiden from Dashie XP's youtube MK series. I edited the original version to improve the character to have better sprites, sounds, and playablility. It is a huge improvement over the original. Where he is from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= ... 12th November 2015 236
Dolemite : Edited character to be Dolemite and a boss char, funny 12th November 2015 68
[nsfw] Yaoi Ryu : This is a gay hentai character, 18+. 12th November 2015 463
Neverending Story : This is a edit of OldGamer's SNK Dragon Sky stage. But instead of a dragon in a fire land, you are riding Falcor through the stars 12th November 2015 24
[nsfw] Hentai Haruhi : This is a hentai character, 18+ 12th November 2015 2,263
[nsfw] Yaoi Megaman : This is a gay hentai character, 18+. Robots need love too. 12th November 2015 451
DashieXP Liu Kang : This is Liu Kang from Dashie XP's Mortal Kombat abridged series, voiced by Timothy De La Ghetto. I improved the original Dashie XP Liu Kang's sprites, volume, and pals. This is a huge improvement over the private original. To all those who have a problem ... 12th November 2015 133
DashieXP Mortal Kombat Intros & end : These are Intros and Endings with mp3s for DashieXP Mortal Kombat characters. 12th November 2015 36
DashieXP Mileena : Mileena from Dashie XP Mortal Kombat abridged series on YouTube. She aint paid her rent in 6 monffs. This is my fix of the original from comorep677's collection, I increased the volume of the SND, improved the pals, and tried to even all the sprites. T ... 12th November 2015 126
Ancient Egypt (Khemet) : This originally was a stage of Egypt by cenobite13, but I edited it to look more realistic based on the hieroglyphs and pictures Ancient Egyptians made of themselves, so you feel like you are fighting when the people on the hieroglyphs are alive and cheer ... 12th November 2015 24
DashieXP Jason Voorhees : Based on DashieXP videos about Jason and Micheal, too funny to be scary. A DashieXP version of Jason from comorep677's collection. I improved the SND, sprites, and pal to look and sound better than the original. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmX6QzL ... 12th November 2015 243
TFS Raditz : DBZ Abridged Team Four Star Raditz! I edited this Raditz sprites and pals to look more like the manga and the show. His sound is TFS, so now here is a DBZ Abridged DBZ char for mugen 12th November 2015 520
Extreme Iron Fist : MvC Iron Fist from comorep677's mugen collection. He has powerful combos full of FX, 8 or 9 super attacks, 7+ special attacks, amazing FX, sounds from the Iron Fist. Used to be private in comorep677's collection. 13th November 2015 792
Ghetto Babidi : This is a different Babidi from comorep677 mugen collection. He's pretty hilarious. Warning = Does say curse words. 13th November 2015 140
Kid Buu : The best Kid Buu in all of mugen 13th November 2015 758
[nsfw] Milotic vore : This is a vore character 13th November 2015 641
Bardock : Used to be offline or passworded. Has DBZ movie accurate sounds, FX, and moves. The only Bardock who is right out of the movie 13th November 2015 236
Ultimate Cell : Fixed to work in 1.0 and 1.1, can now be played in arcade mode, sprites and pals fixed. Can be cheap and go toe to toe with the cheapest characters. Now has a Golden Cell pal in 12p mode. His hyper attacks and his win screen are cinematics from Tenkaic ... 13th November 2015 466
[nsfw] Shermie KO : hentai character, 18+ 13th November 2015 1,995
World*Star Shao Kahn : World Star Shao Kahn, he's a sick, fast, savage Shao Kahn with all kinds of super and hypers and new FX. And he's real ignorant. And he's has quotes from the Maury show too. From comorep677's private collection. Warning = Does say curse words. Goes ... 14th November 2015 232
[nsfw] Yaoi Guile : This is a gay hentai character, 18+ 14th November 2015 440
[nsfw] XXX Sol : This is a yaoi hentai character, 18+ 14th November 2015 480
[nsfw] XXX Hayato : This is a yaoi hentai character. 14th November 2015 383
[nsfw] Joker XXX : This is a hentai character. Youre welcome, fangirls. 14th November 2015 638
[nsfw] Kuromaru : TheBlueKim's edit of Kuromaru, hentai character 14th November 2015 1,744
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