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24th February 2020
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Joseph Joestar : I edited the sprites so Joseph would have blue eyes, and made some new palettes based on other anime outfits, like the one he used againts Straits, there are 11 pals, five of them with yellow hamon and 6 with a blue hamon 21st July 2019 516
Kars : Edited some of his sprites, updated some of his looks and changed his hamon's color to yellow, also updated his asb pallette so his horns wouldn't get mixed with his hair Gameplay wise I tried to add the dash, It does not work that well thougth..., sti ... 25th July 2019 477
Stroheim : I fixed the sprites where he was lacking his gloves 29th July 2019 153
Caesar Zeppeli : I edited the sprites so he would have blue eyes and make his hamon yellow (his bubbles are still blue) 8th August 2019 319
Stroheim : Fixed the machine gun super sprites 9th August 2019 332
Joseph : So... I edited some of his sprites (mostly in the eyes) and added the blue eye color to his "getting hurt" sprites, also added new pallettes made by kiritoonline 24th September 2019 452
Caesar : Fixed his pallettes. On another note, I am going to leave a preview of my current project in the pictures below 24th September 2019 260
Jonathan Joestar : I remaped his controls, so now he plays in a similar way to the hftf chars (I also resized him) 27th October 2019 259
Caesar Zeppeli : I made a color separation for his bandana, I also chaged his eye color from blue to green and edited his hyper portrait 28th October 2019 139
Joseph Joestar : I changed his eye color from blue to green in some pallettes, I also made some little estethics changes (mostly in the eyes once again) and edited his hyper portrait, but most importantly I finally fixed the crossbow attack's bug (that one where if the ba ... 30th October 2019 209
Kars : So... There are no estethic changes this time, I edited his cns so now he can combos his basics into his specials, and also edited his anims, the most important change in those is that his ligth mode especial know gives him more inmunity frames 31st October 2019 306
Notorious B.I.G : I remaped his controls, now his buttons are organized in HFTF style, I also added more commands so his specials can be done by pressing any attack button and simplified his lvl3 to down,backwards,down,backwards, stand button. Thatīs it, enjoy 30th January 2020 93