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About Hyde233
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The Duane, Battle Dome, Sai_MKT, Adolf Hitler
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CPU: Intel Core i7 4510U (3.10 GHz)

RAM: 8.00 GB

Motherboard: Acer EA50_HB (U3E1)

Graphics: Generic PnP Monitor ([email protected]), Intel HD Graphics Family (Acer Incorporated [ALI])

Storage: 931GB Western Digital WDC WD10JPVX-22JC3T0 (SATA)

Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio
Operating System:
Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit
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Google Chrome


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I'm curious to see the worst this site has to offer. 23rd April 2017 03:10
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9th October 2015

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SuperEd86 : Compatible with Mugen vesion 1.1 only. This character is built from Kung Fu Man and it's meant to be a joke character, so don't expect much. This is also the first character I've ever created. It's incomplete, but I doubt I'll ever continue working on ... 9th October 2015 88
Pussy Destroyer : Compatible with Mugen version 1.0 and newer. Here we go, the first stage I've ever made. I know very little about making stages and didn't even use any tutorials. To make this stage, I used Ryon's "Epic Sax Guy" stage and replaced the sprites. This ... 18th October 2015 28
Beat : Alright, here's the second character I've ever created. This character is compatible with WinMUGEN, MUGEN 1.0. and MUGEN 1.1. I'm not sure about other MUGEN versions, though. Some of his voices will play louder than usual in WinMUGEN, though. This c ... 24th November 2015 319
The Duane : This character is intended to be a joke character. This character has already been uploaded on here by SageMUGEN, however, Sage uploaded an edited version. This version is the original. The one uploaded by Sage is smaller, difficult to maneuver, and ac ... 25th November 2015 343
Rick Astley : The DEF file of the character lists the authors as "Moldredd, laxxe23, silviazeroshift," although I doubt those are the actual authors as I've found some unused data that seems like it would be from another character and the character seems too simple for ... 2nd December 2015 407
Doraemon_BD : Doraemon, a character from a manga which was also adapted into an anime. This character is meant to be a joke character, as you can tell by the fact that it throws peaches and can summon E. Honda from Street Fighter. The character also seems to be a sprit ... 3rd December 2015 163
a487561's Adolf Hitler CMD Patch : By default, "The Ear Raping Song" and the Power Charge ability will not work on a487561's Adolf Hitler when used by the player. Only the AI would be able to use those moves. This patch fixes that problem. X+Y+Z to use "The Ear Raping Song" Hold Start ... 3rd January 2016 31
Man : This is a very crude character whose sprites are most likely drawn from MSPaint. Man's story follows as he is invited to a M.U.G.E.N. fighting tournament to claim the title of the best fighter. It appears to be a joke character and was most likely made po ... 23rd February 2016 38
Epic Sax Guy : A stage with an animated background of the meme "Epic Sax Guy." The stage was uploaded on the request of "CEO_Of_America" stating that it's offline. The stage originally having two songs to choose from; the full song of where the meme originated from a ... 25th March 2016 169
Nu-13 anti-crashing patch : Neat Unsou's Nu-13 is often known for crashing in MUGEN 1.1. This is due to her SFF file being too large. The problem might also be due to the user's computer not being powerful enough, but considering how my computer is somewhat high end and I still can' ... 24th April 2016 15
Crasher (Angry German Kid) : A character based off of a meme from around 2006. Angry German Kid is a meme about a kid who tries to play Unreal Tournament 2004 on his computer, but ends up in frustration. Sometimes referred to as "Keyboard Crasher." 24th April 2016 156
Angry German Kid : Another character based off of the meme "Angry German Kid." This one isn't too good. It's more of a novelty character if anything. 24th April 2016 205
Adler-EN1 : AI Patch by Tobikage included. Place contents from "ADLER-EN1_AI" into "ADLER-EN1" and use "ADLER-EN1_tobikage.def" A character based off of Adler from EN Eins Perfektewelt (Sequel to Akatsuki Blitzkampf, I think). It has a few problems: The voices ... 15th May 2016 98
AI Patches for Kishio's Characters : I'm not entirely sure who the authors are, although I'm fairly certain that Jagyuta's patch was made by seizi and Miduma's and Lehyu's patches were made by ouchi. I am unable to find a patch for Eharu, nor am I even able to find any information for one in ... 18th May 2016 48
Hyper Captain Commando : It's Captain Commando, but hyper and also comical. It appears to be a joke version of Captain Commando as he moves and attacks pretty quickly and has random sounds. 20th May 2016 56
SuperEd86 AI and SFF patches : I've learned a little bit about programming AI and have created a patch for SuperEd86. The programming for the AI is pretty simple, although it's a step for me and I guess the patch could be useful for those who don't know how to program AI. Due to how ch ... 28th May 2016 13
MSPaint Sax Guy : Compatible with MUGEN 1.0 and newer. Joke edit of the Epic Sax Guy stage by Ryon. Made as a purposefully low quality stage. A kazoo cover of the Epic Sax Guy song (Sunstroke Project - Run Away) is included with the stage. Both the full song and, um, ... 30th June 2016 30
Shuzo Matsuoka : A character based off of Shuzo Matsuoka. It's primarily a sprite swap of Kishio's Ronald. Hitboxes are a bit off. 6th July 2016 33
Fire-Shuzo : A character based off of Shuzo Matsuoka. Pretty random and has difficult AI. Upon inputting the text from the .txt files from the character into Google Translate, it is a version 4.0 and it's 100% completed. 6th July 2016 25
Duane! : Stage based off of the meme "Duane." Compatibility: MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1 Resolution: Don't know, ask your mother. Animated: Yes Super Jump: I guess Song: Adam Routh & Patrick Wilson - You Can Do It (A.K.A. Duane's theme) Stage built from Ryon's Epi ... 28th July 2016 103
Yun Nan : Mo Shu Shi's (If you don't know that character's name, I'm referring to the businessman) Stage from Dong Dong Never Die. The stage features a guy standing up on a table and rubbing his nipples, if you're interested in that. Sprites used are from The Sp ... 30th September 2016 9
AI patches by me : Originally, I planned on making a bunch of patches for random characters. Over time, I became busy with other things and couldn't make very many. Patches included: - Heavy Weapons Guy by Dr. Kelexo (Should work on the original and edited versions.) ... 9th October 2016 48
Veku : this is in fact the greatest character of all time. dragons ball p veku is best aneemay mugen character. The author is listed as "DooM" in the DEF file, but the character may or may not be a spriteswap, so the author name might not be accurate. We ... 13th October 2016 42