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    I know you're almost two years out of your account here, but I just came to say that I updated Metadata of all your uploads.
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Carnage : I am not sure if its the version I am currently using, but if it is, he should be very fast, fire several projectiles and have some similarities to a certain... Darkstalker?:unsure: character that looks bony and is apparently from the UK. If I am not w ... 2nd November 2015 1,076
Grandmaster Oniro : Honestly I havent played as this one yet (And there is about 300 more to upload) So I will post an update with information regarding this character later on.:smile: 9th November 2015 158
Fusion : A very weird character, seems to be a literal fusion between many many others, interesting enough.:sdrop: 9th November 2015 153
Pantherk : A panter-man of sorts, has a decent ai and is overall pretty original for a mortal kombat character, you wont find anything like this one at the original games.:nuts: 9th November 2015 573
Generick_Ninja : throws darts, seems to hit you with a steel plate at some times and more. despite his name he is far from a "generick" mk ninja. 9th November 2015 100
THE AVENGER : Looks like Raiden with a hammer, fights like a completely original character, uses Shao Kahn`s voice and is overall a kickass guy.:evil: 9th November 2015 270
unmasked kabal : Like Kabal? Have the hots for him with no mask and think its a pity he keeps it on to cover his "beautiful" face? Well suffer no more!:laugh: 9th November 2015 200
Kabal : Okay so you prefer Kabal with a mask on like most of us (I think) here you go.:smile: Hey if you like him gimme a:thumbup: you know who he is already. 9th November 2015 353
ultimate Tremor : Ok so you have played cartoon Tremor, MK tremor, but what about ULTIMATE TREMOR!!! *explosion noise* :tongue1: 9th November 2015 152
Shewolf : Pretty much female smoke from what I gather...:unsure: regardless pretty cool!:thumbup: (has apparently nothing to do with nightwolf) 9th November 2015 178
Shao Kahn Imperial : A alternate Shao Kahn with plently of interesting moves such as teleporting, his grabs hurt a lot and he is not afraid to (over) use them. Includes a weird helmet that makes him look a bit like a mouse, especially during his win pose. Warning: Very imperi ... 9th November 2015 671
Bear Sub-zero : Tired of having to do a animality to play as a polar bear? Well now you start as him! (maybe his animality has him transform into human sub-zero or something):grin::facepalm2: 9th November 2015 199
Karbrac : Baraka`s missing twin? He has many more moves and is overall an awesome character especially if you are a fan of Baraka.:evil: And I mean who isnt huh? 9th November 2015 139
Virus smoke : Robo smoke with the flu, which apparently does not play like him at all, if im not wrong he is even purple while smoke is gray... Go figure...:confused: 9th November 2015 105
Super Noob Saibot mk2 : Noob Kent, your daily news reporter (or whatever the f*** Clark Kent is) enters the worlds last phone booth and becomes... SUPER NOOB!:laugh: No seriously, this guy is powerful if you are gonna get nothing else today, start with this dood. 9th November 2015 168
Kung Lao unhated : Sick of all the hate on Kung Lao? Well here you got UNHATED Kung Lao!!! *Batteriesnotincluded*:nuts: Might in fact be Kung Lao without a hat, but why ruin the fun huh?:grin: 9th November 2015 113
JAX BRIGGS : Want to play as Jax but miss the gangsta bling and stuff? Well what are you waiting for?, he also uses a firethrower and a lot of custom stuff.:amazed: 9th November 2015 133
micro : Can you beat one micro? Good for you! Can you beat two micro`s? Well you better because that is one of this guy`s special moves, getting another micro to help him out.:amazed: Okay, now ill just make sure I dont post more kharakters that have already bee ... 9th November 2015 152
Lighting : Want to play with Lightning? Then go with Raiden because this guy is Lighting... To be honest I havent found out much about him except he fires a pretty huge projectile I have yet to hit something with... Does not seem to be "LIGHTNING" themed in particul ... 9th November 2015 165
Hulk Monk : Want to play as a strong powerful Mk monk? Well too bad because this one is kinda weak, but personally I love underdogs so give this one a shot, he is... "hulk" after all...:oh: You know maybe he has a move where he turns green and angry who knows?:cool ... 9th November 2015 119
motaro : Good old f****** cheap motaro returns even cheaper! He can now shoot several fireballs out of his tail and... Thats about it, but MK isnt mk without Kinta.. Uh Motaro. (Dont worry this one does not have two legs and some cheapass excuse for doing so):coo ... 9th November 2015 173
Leviathan : He can roll, he can slide forward, and fires screaming projectiles... And who knows what else (I dont), very mobile character can be used for cheapness against the A.I.:thumbup: 9th November 2015 111
Baraka : You say your Mk collection is complete you say? OMG! AND NO BARAKA HOW DARE YOU FORGET WHO RAISED YOU YOU STUPID DISCIPLE!!:mad: Now you can finally end your perfekt kollektion though.:sdrop: 9th November 2015 225
Duroc : Its basically Goro that got sunburned and changed his name... WITH EVIL RED EYES! :evil: Honestly he might be more but neither I or the A.I seem to know any original moves. blocks a lot though...:unsure: 9th November 2015 165
monk : Poor monk, he makes Hulk Monk seem like a bad ass... But hey, you get to play and master the way of a true shaolin monk ps: very underdog character. 9th November 2015 179
shinigami : Makes Kung Lao look like a weak pathetic fool! Tired of losing? Try this guy! He might look like Kung, but fights like you`re winner! 9th November 2015 148
shinnok : Afraid of clowns yet? This guy plays AWESOME! Last character not powerful enough? This dude is lasers, lasershields that block all and harm you, lazors lazors ground lasors (air lasors?) Warning: WILL fatality you! You dont kill clown! Clown kills you!^ ... 9th November 2015 185