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    23rd January 2020, 12:04
    GuiltyBoi commented on file Code.C.Yagevil in Iori edits
    Shuvo Well I could but it exceeds the limit I'm sorry.
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    20th January 2020, 04:13
    GuiltyBoi uploaded file Nao Final in K' edits
    A 2020 updated version of nao final. 12P sets it to cheap mode
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    20th January 2020, 04:06
    GuiltyBoi commented on file kyo-nests_GtG in Kyo edits
    RetaliationGuy I promise it will be more kyo edits. I'm doing it on my phone because my computer broke
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    18th January 2020, 15:21
    GuiltyBoi commented on file Code.C.Yagevil in Iori edits
    Iori Yagamild WinMugen works different than other engines. 1.0/1.1 Priorities both 1P and 2P while in WinMugen it only priorities the first player so...
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Memez, Team Fortress 2, Cheap Chars, Eating Food
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1.0, 1.1, winmugen
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Kyo , Iori ,K, Kensou, Orochi Kyo, Orochi K
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97 Orochi, Escape
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File Date Downloads
kyo-nests_GtG : I added some portraits and simplified him. AI already disabled. 15th September 2019 78
Kyo-DGF (Updated) : Good use!, Has Kusanagi, Nests Kyo, Kyo CT, Asamiya-DGF, Fliz-DGF as Helpers/Strikers, see preview, for your collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUzSD5wsVI4 21st June 2019 56
Iori-DGF : I've disabled the auto ai for anyone who wants to play him. see preview, for your collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUzSD5wsVI4 4th June 2019 147
Kyo-DGF : AI Disabled and Simplified for easier use by me. no previews, for your collection 2nd June 2019 68
Master WF Kyo : A Kyo edit that has a great canceling effect ai is still the same, see preview, for your collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRxi0dsTiGo 2nd June 2019 242
Final Element Kyo : AI Disabled By Me. 2nd June 2019 223
Flames Khriz : An edit of Final Khriz to resemble his flames to Kyo's. unfortunately he has the same ai 3rd June 2019 150
Kyo Kusanagi MI : - fixed fire sword not hitting the opponent after the rock and terry inspired move - added some simple combos you can do in many kyo edits - winmugen or mugen 1.0 compatible - simplified for easier use - now has a portrait in the select screen 12th June 2019 186
BLOOD-ZY : I've disabled its auto ai. So now you can play him! 13th June 2019 87
Nightmare Iori Yagami : AI Disabled. 27th June 2019 362
Element Kyo : by far the coolest kyo edit I've seen so far has new animation stand and a alot of supers and hypers some of them are OHKO 18th July 2019 164
Ultimate K : AI Disabled 3rd August 2019 97
Blue Sachiel : Same shit as before,I just added some portraits and thats pretty much It lmao. 21st September 2019 47
Kyo-Original : Was gonna upload Nether Kyo, A cheap edit but It exceeds the limit so here Is Kyo-Original Instead. can chain his four hit combo 10th October 2019 99
Blood-ZY (Updated) : Here Is an updated version of Blood-zy The release video can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUzSD5wsVI4&t=57s 12th October 2019 40
Code.C.Yagevil : The latest version of Yagevil. I putted his ai off so you can play him 18th October 2019 191
Kyo MI : The full version of this char. 17th January 2020 124
Nao Final : A 2020 updated version of nao final. 12P sets it to cheap mode 20th January 2020 59