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    Perfect, if you could pm me a link for a full pack, I could start working on it.
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    Hey Minibit!! Thanks for helping with Queen of Heart.

    Note that we admins now have a batch import script that can instantly generate a whole category! From what I understand, we just put all files in a folder, and the script will generate all of the items. I haven't tested it yet, but if I had a pack I could give it a try, that would certainly be much less time consuming than adding all files individually. Let me know what you think of this idea.
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Custom_2DFM95_Kinnikuman : This is a stage that goes with Borewood's Kinnikuman character. Bg music = yes Animation = yes 29th September 2015 70
Leatherface : Leatherface is a fictional character and main antagonist in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror film series. Many consider him to be grandfather of all slasher movie serial killers. He is usually portrayed as mentally retarded, disturbed, or simply puppet ... 3rd October 2015 1,117
Zantetsu : Zantetsu is a true ninja, and as time passes and the ninjas begin to die out in wars and the like, Zantetsu has discovered that he is the only ninja left alive. No-one seems to care about ninjas anymore, and Zantetsu is determined to prove their strength. ... 3rd October 2015 305
Mickey Mouse : Mickey Mouse wearing the wizard outfit from Fantasia 5th October 2015 1,454
Captain Caveman : He is a caveman who is thousands of years old (his exact age is never disclosed). He can pull various objects from his long body hair that covers his body except for his nose, arms, and legs. He can also fly, but his flying power always seems to fail him ... 6th October 2015 264
Underdog : "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!" 6th October 2015 136
Fat Albert : He is usually the conscience of the Junkyard Gang. Though very obese, he is athletic and enjoys playing sports. Civic-minded and wise beyond his years, Fat Albert works hard to maintain integrity in the gang and with others, 6th October 2015 149
Popeye : I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man. I'm strong to the finich Cause I eats me spinach. I'm Popeye the Sailor Man. I'm one tough Gazookus Which hates all Palookas Wot ain't on the up and square. I biffs 'em and buffs 'em And alw ... 6th October 2015 316
Waha- : small NSFW warning due to an striker that she has From the mugen game "Nijikaku" 7th October 2015 525
Mighty Kongman : This character is from Tales of Destiny. Bruiser Khang, known as Mighty Kongman. He is a grappler type character 9th October 2015 232
Gyarados : Unlike the other Gyaradoses made for Mugen this one does not play like Killer Whale 9th October 2015 584
Onix (Iwa-ku) : As one would expect from a large pile of rocks, iwa-ku's movement speed is excruciatingly slow, having to rely on its hops and jump in order to cover any sort of distance; iwa-ku's offence is slightly weaker than average, but this is offset by its far rea ... 9th October 2015 381
Tyrantrum (Gatigorasu) : Thanks to its gargantuan jaws, which could shred thick metal plates as if they were paper, it was invincible in the ancient world it once inhabited. 10th October 2015 579
Tyranitar (bangirasu) : In just one of its mighty hands, it has the power to make the ground shake and mountains crumble. 10th October 2015 626
Gojo-san : Gojo-san aka Gojou Masaru. His sprites seem to be ripped from the Inazuma Eleven anime. He is the lanky and creepy looking defender of the Teikoku academy's soccer team 10th October 2015 155
Pinkamena : Pinkamena as a character for Mugen was orignally made by INVISIBLEGUY-PONYMAN, this is an edit made by smhungary89. her hypers are mostly based on creepypastas and fan videos about her. she also have a few moves that only work if the other fighter h ... 12th October 2015 1,062
Lord Tirek : He is an Apocalypse type boss 19th October 2015 353
Don Patch : This Don Patch is larger than the other Don Patch on this site. 19th October 2015 122
Dirty Fat : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes. He seems to be a parody of Darth Vader 20th October 2015 146
X-Stranger : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes. A howling Demon 20th October 2015 86
Rainbow : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes. An Native American fighter 20th October 2015 82
Wildrock : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes. A fighter who enhances his attacks by using the rocket lodged in his body 20th October 2015 76
Arturo : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes. A knight in a mechanical armor 20th October 2015 84
Maggilla : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes. 20th October 2015 144
Darkgun : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes 20th October 2015 114
Duke : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes. 20th October 2015 100
Judy : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes. 20th October 2015 99
Miopinja : From the game Fight 'N' Jokes. 20th October 2015 102
Deke Cay : One of the bosses from Tattoo Assassins. fits perfectly for the coming Halloween season :smile: 21st October 2015 167
Rutee Katrea : From the game Tales of Destiny. 21st October 2015 237
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