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    Hi. Plz add an youtube preview for your mp3 download or it's going down.

    Read the rules for sound files, in the uploading rules.
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gaming and sleeping
Highschool student
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OVERPOWERED KOF CHARACTERS lmao but yeah i like collecting unique and rare kof edits i also have a soft spot for the CVS characters


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Terry Bogard : this terry is a customized version of the 2002 version of him its easier to chain combos and he has more supers than the original Author ="Sander71113 & Maximillian J[E]nus" Edited by KamranBernstein" 12th October 2015 229
Stone Orochi : he is really overpowered his AI is brutal and he has black flames and Mukai's Stone powers has various super attacks too 15th April 2016 677
Manafest Goenitz : he is....hmm how can i say this its like Goenitz got possessed by a demon or something he has pretty brutal AI like pretty much all Goenitz edits he also has the winning sequence to KOF 2002UM every time he wins a round which is kinda weird 15th April 2016 244
Schlussel 1.82 : this was originally a h♥♥♥ai character but i deleted the NSFW sprites for her and she is perfectly good for any roster she also has good AI the one we already have on her is from 2011 this version is from 2015 with better sprites 15th April 2016 948
Dark Kyo : an awesome kyo edit with Black flames no voice though 27th April 2016 237
the fury of the ancient god [edit] : so let me explain this i was bored so i began to mess around with this stage i change the colour of the background and lightning from red and black to grey,white and black i removed Apollo and the dragons and kept the meteors i was just messing around wi ... 6th June 2016 50
Forest of the Chaos : really epic stage Mr Karate stands on the left hand of the screen and Akuma is on the right doesn't look animated besides Akuma's symbol on his back has BGM too apparently its Based on SNK-Maniac World Remix stage by OldGamer 15th June 2016 38
Orochi Shingo : shingo with Purple flames and brutal AI also has a stance similar to Orochi Iori 21st June 2016 309
Shadow God Dio : broken shadow edit of dio powerful basically not much to say on this guy really this is obviously an edit of Warusaki3's dio but the author of the edit isn't there either that or Warusaki3 made a broken shadow dio lol 26th June 2016 202
(FFWA) Geese Howard theme : its Geese's Theme from Fatal Fury Wild Ambition its a bit different from his other themes but still badass 30th June 2016 36
Raging Storm-Geese Howard theme : its Geese's theme but with a really heavy guitar cover to it really awesome theme probably my favorite actually 30th June 2016 41
Shin Akuma/Gouki : from SVC chaos but has a lot of custom stuff and a f♥♥♥ing epic raging demon he also has really brutal Auto AI 10th July 2016 593
Oni Akuma : this is probably the closest thing to a CVS Oni anyway his AI is freaking ruthless and also fires a legit Kamehameha the thing is like full screen its pretty insane lol 24th July 2016 510
Rock Howard : an epic Rock with awesome AI and is a really combo heavy character and a f♥♥♥ing amazing Raging Storm he is good enough to beat Final Nao too HAS AUTO AI though which is kinda a letdown but he can still kick everyones ass in watch mode lol 3rd August 2016 134
Angel KOFM : a King Of Fighters Memorial version of Angel heaps of supers and some custom moves and standard hard AI lmfao 15th August 2016 326
Jotaro (AI patched) : now i know what you are think and yes this is warusaki3's jotaro but its bundled with an AI patch that could make jotaro beat the lving crap out of more that half of your roster he also has an ASB palette as well :smile: 15th August 2016 352
Law,Luffy and Zoro sprite sheet : sprite sheets for them from One Piece Great Pirate Coliseum for the Nintendo 3DS they have a similar design and look to the Dragonball Extreme Butoden sprites Luffy also has Gear 4th mode sprites too 2nd October 2016 115
Kira&Ren : its kira from jojo diamond is unbreakable but killer queen is replaced by that len girl from melty blood its weird for sure but its a pretty fun character all up 4th January 2017 350
Roronoa Zoro : an epic zoro using great pirate coliseum sprites has supers like the black rope dragon twister etc also has great hitsparks 6th January 2017 1,213
KOFM Gustabs theme : the original badass boss of the KOFM fanmade games theme its originally from Ikki Tousen I believe lol its still a badass theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjLV72pUKjg 8th February 2017 56
JJBASC-ost Noble Pope : the epic ost of stardust crusaders Kakyoins theme as people call it lol its in MP3 format too btw 8th February 2017 123
Kyo Kusanagi : pretty epic Kyo hard AI but not insanely op supers are custom and he has his XIII neomax move it seems its an edit of Jins Kyo since he is credited as the original author in def file https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdHAy7RMl3I 21st February 2017 144
Orochi Element Kyo : epic and godlike edit that is severely Overpowered supers are op as hell lol as you can expect from a element character has a massive file size too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clfkcaBl24o 21st February 2017 417
SF5 - Akuma stage theme : this is the epic theme that plays on Akuma's stage the temple of ascension its got both rounds of BGM and it goes for 12 or so minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hplbgcxGCG0 25th February 2017 53
My way to home : its a pretty stage not gonna lie file size is pretty chunky tho it also comes with BGM 8th March 2017 50
(DBS) Desperate Assault : its the theme that plays during the Goku Black saga its a pretty awesome theme that goes well with the more dark and serious stages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii7QVyYxfA4 8th March 2017 87
(SSIII) Genjuro Theme : the theme of the badass red haired samurai lol its awesome has an eerie yet epic feel to it its in mp3 format too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdUB0G3l4Rc 10th April 2017 25
KOF XIV Yamazaki theme : the badass remix of C62 they did an awesome job on this track really https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iuiOsj7HXg&t=159s 28th April 2017 17
Geese Howard : https://youtu.be/upb9J3BLPd8 pretty epic as shown from the video REALLY hard AI 6th August 2017 60
Touhou Metal/Rock 130 : an epic piece of Background music that i use quite often http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKqitIyBbmY 16th November 2017 35
Touhou metal/rock 61 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3gkQYtUYZ4 12th December 2017 47
Tekken 7 Geese Howard theme : Geese's them for his howard estate stage, the track plays during round 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5FXCxqT_YA 26th December 2017 40
Rugal Bernstein '98 : AI : Included Features: everything !! About KOF98 : often praised by snk fans as the best KOF in the series About ikaruga : great creator in both quality and quantity, could be considered as the "KOF warusaki3 28th December 2017 301