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    R.I.P Big Green 12/09/2015 - 13/04/2017 you will be missed.
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    Little Red!
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    I see, but you don't seem to post that much anymore.
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    Did you die and you are now haunting MUGEN Archive? You seem to log on a lot but never post.
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February 8
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Wario by Warner
Luigi by SM853
Gotenks by Gladiacloud
Favorite MUGEN stages:
MvC2 Swamp by MackX
Savage Land by PosserT
Avalon by NeoGouki
The Deep by The Immortal
Saiyan Pride by NoZ
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Windows 10
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What's your favourite char of DBZ? 3rd June 2016 18:58
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12th September 2015

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Sakura Kasugano : This character is based off MSHvSF. I used to host this character on MEGA, but it was taken down. I like the character, but the sounds are quiet. 12th September 2015 752
Iron Man : This character is visually based off MSH, but has elements from the first MvC, including a HUGE random striker select. :nuts: 12th September 2015 664
Wigglytuff : Yet another Pokemon character made by Joey Faust. An edit of SSF2T Guile by Fido. 12th September 2015 367
Dudley : Let's fight, like gentlemen. - Dudley This character is a solid choice for keeping one's roster classy. Made in 2004, It plays similar to SF3, but all Hypers are available at once. 12th September 2015 1,248
Mario SNS : A very cheap SSBB Mario. Don't let the 3D sprites fool you, as they are rather poorly animated and ripped. 13th September 2015 491
Luigi SNS : A very cheap SSBB Luigi. Don't let the 3D sprites fool you, as they are rather poorly animated and ripped. 13th September 2015 377
Wario SNS : A very cheap SSBB Wario. Don't let the 3D sprites fool you, as they are rather poorly animated and ripped. 13th September 2015 176
Yoshi SNS : A very cheap SSBB Yoshi. Don't let the 3D sprites fool you, as they are rather poorly animated and ripped. 13th September 2015 264
Eiji Kisaragi '95 : Ripped from KOF '95. It really doesn't play like said game, but captures Eiji's essence of "MASH RANDOM BUTTONS TILL THE OPPONENT IS DED" :tongue1:. 13th September 2015 311
Grover : The newer version of Lasher's Grover. It fixes many problems of the original character. Review coming soon! For my first review, I'm going to tackle Grover by Lasher. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. :eyesroll: A Sesame Street character is in MUGEN. It wasn't the ... 14th September 2015 405
Sakazaki Ryo : One of the earlier versions of Ryo Sakazaki's CvS2 incarnation, made back in 2005. It has no groove select, but seems to be based mostly off the C Groove if I can recall, although it can also parry. 19th September 2015 389
Terry_XIII : The best version of Terry Bogard's KOF XIII incarnation! :grin: 28th September 2015 2,056
SNES Wario : I haven't posted anything here in a while, so have a SNES Wario. It isn't even that good, but still. 10th October 2015 71
Cliff-SubZero : A rare version of the lin kuei warrior. Uploaded by popular demand so it never gets lost. 22nd November 2015 272
White Ninja : Another one of DxWho's Expect No Mercy fighters. You may wanna resize him. 19th December 2015 176
Athena Asamiya '94 : Based off KOF 94. Offline for quite a while. 16th January 2016 219
GUNDAM SHENLONG : One of Taurusac195's now missing Gundam Wing Endless Duel characters. Where I found the character originally, it had password protection. This isn't the case here anymore. I also found the same creator's Wing Zero and Epryon, but the .rar files had some s ... 27th January 2016 195
Wario : The original Big Eli King edit. Not good, but a piece of Mugen History to behold. 10th February 2016 168
Ryuji Yamazaki : Possibly the first version of Yamazaki in MUGEN. Pretty good for the most part, but has a palette error akin to what happened with his Rolento. 10th March 2016 118
Kim Kaphwan '95 : So I've been playing KOF '95 recently. Have a Kim. AH-TAW! 19th March 2016 147
Terry : The best version of KOF 2k3 Terry. Has all accurate sounds, graphics and gameplay. Beats the big name versions. 3rd April 2016 259
Benimaru CVS3 : A version of Benimaru based off the first CvS. Quite a rarity nowadays. 13th April 2016 85
Benimaru : Terrible. For collection purposes only. 3rd June 2016 50
Myrio : Some weird MS paint Mario parody with only two weirdly inputted specials. 3rd June 2016 59
Tung Fu Rue : Based off RB2. Well made. 3rd June 2016 172