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    Please search your files before uploading, because you're posting repacks of existing files.
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Dim : A original stick character made by Smeagol14 and been edited by Wlanmaniax 6th September 2015 123
Spirou : Spirou from Spirou and Fantasio. From the Sega Game Gear. 6th September 2015 107
Cyanide : Cyanide from Spirou and Fantasio. She's the villain of Spirou and his friend. Also the final boss from the Sega Game Gear. 6th September 2015 67
Tintin : Tintin from The Adventures from Tintin. This is the 16 bit version from Tintin in Tibet, Sege Game Gear. 6th September 2015 71
Funny Echizen : Funny Echizen. A edit character from Combat Echizen. Edited voices and new palettes. 6th September 2015 115
LOL Smoke : Jessica Smoke as a April Fool Joke character. Full edit voices and silly palletes. 6th September 2015 106
Billy Wesker : Billy Wesker. A edited chararacter from ROTH Billy Lee. Voiced as Albert Wesker and some edited SFX. A April Fool joke character. 6th September 2015 175
Ton Pooh (Updated) : After the 2nd release of Ton Pooh by Mazemerald, i notice some sprites aren't included in and the voices are way off. So it's up to me to edit the character to fix some of the problems. I say it was 80% fixed and 20% needs to be done. You can find it mo ... 18th June 2016 125
Asterix : Asterix from the Belgian comic books. Made by Smeagol14. 29th June 2016 69
Asterix (32) : Asterix from the Belgian comic strip. Made by Wlanmaniax. Unlike Smeagol14, this one has the 32 bits sprites and sfx. 29th June 2016 98
Roxas : Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2. Made by Wlanmaniax. He has CVS sfx and plays MVC. 3rd July 2016 1,068
Roxas : Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2. Made by Lonesomeazn and edited by me. *Updates of this character: - Added required sprites. - Added clear voice without the background. Coming soon: - Pallets Enjoy the char. 3rd July 2016 673
Droid : Droid from Star Wars. Made by 'someone' and edited by me. Updates for this character. - Added required sprites. - Added intro, winning, hit and death sounds. - Added the time over sprites and sound. Coming soon: - Pallets (Maybe not, cause the ... 3rd July 2016 218
Tootuff : Tootuff (Titeuf in French) from Tootuff the Belgian comic strips. 25th July 2016 70
Foot Soldier (edit) : Info: Updates for this character. - Added required sprites. - Added intro, winning, hit and death sounds. - Added palletes*. Coming soon: - *He has a pallete problem when he attacks and when gets hits. If someone can help me with this solution, t ... 11th August 2016 170
Foot Soldiers : Foot Soldiers from TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) 11th August 2016 187
Sho Minamimoto : Sho Minamimoto from the World Ends with You! So Zetta slow. 12th August 2016 209
Sanako Takanashi : Sanako Takanashi. A girl of a edit Shiki Misaki from The World Ends with You. 12th August 2016 84
Unknown Soldier MVC : This is Unknown Soldier in his MVC style mode. Updated by Lessard. It has some bugs in it, only for who those are interested for this char and may work in the future. Please enjoy. 19th May 2017 268
Pai Chan : Pai Chan from Virtua Fighter 2 Genesis. 3rd July 2017 134
Lau Chan : Lau Chan from Virtua Fighter 2 Genesis. 3rd July 2017 186
Sho Minamimoto V2 : Sho Minamimoto from the World Ends with You! Updated with winning portrait, quotes and English SND File. 4th March 2019 128
Chuck's Junkyard : Chuck's Junkyard from Yakkity Yak with Chuck Damage. Super: No BGM: No Enjoy. Made by Smeagol14. 10th July 2018 14
Shadow Soul : Shadow Soul by Andywho. A monstrous slimy minion created by his master E.S. The first char edit from my project and public for all mugen version. This char was previously known as Sener by ss5ace, but nobody since have no memories on this char. I de ... 30th September 2018 337
Shiki Misaki : This char is also based on Neku's gameplay. That's why in this case, she's an echo fighter of Neku. Different win animation and her own voice. Hope you enjoy Shiki. 16th November 2018 108
Neku Sakuraba : Neku is also updated with new icon, portraits and walking animation. 16th November 2018 311
Sho Minamimoto : Sho Minamimoto Update Sho Minamimoto from the World Ends with You! He's being updated with a new icon, English voice, winning portrait and quotes from the game. So Zetta slow. 21st November 2018 31
Sinterklaas : Sinterklaas aka Saint Nicholas by Black Pete. Other names for the figure include De Sint ("The Saint"), De Goede Sint ("The Good Saint"), and De Goedheiligman ("The Good Holy Man") in Dutch. Who is Sinterklaas?: The feast of Sinterklaas celebrates t ... 5th December 2018 72
Den-o Gun Form : Den-o Gun Form from Kamen Rider.. 11th March 2019 61
Haruka : Haruka (May in English) from Pokémon. 11th March 2019 341
Time Skip Sakura : Time Skip Sakura from Naruto 11th March 2019 281
Time Skip Sasuke : Time Skip Sasuke from Naruto. 11th March 2019 295
Sasori : Sasori from Naruto. 11th March 2019 240
OmniPsychSonic : OmniPsychSonic. Tetuso9999's oc Sonic. 11th March 2019 65
Kimimaro : Kimimaro from Naruto. 11th March 2019 411
Gintoki Sakata : Gintoki Sakata from Gintama. 11th March 2019 294
Blues : Blues (Proto Man in English) from Mega Man. 11th March 2019 134
Boss Borot : Boss Borot from Super Robot Taisen J. 11th March 2019 43
Gingerbreadman : Gingerbread Man by GTAguy. A delicious gingerbread coming to life once again. The char for my private project and public for the mugen fans. This char was previously made as Old School Mega Man by Cool-Hero. Since nobody has a char like that, i edit ... 1st April 2019 64
James : James aka sexy man for mugen. 1st April 2019 48
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