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    18th February 2020, 01:22
    AbrahamX uploaded file Zeus in World Heroes
    From World Heroes Perfect, here I bring to you a final edit by King Magnetik . Hope you like it !! :gamer::oldgamer:
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    28th January 2020, 07:31
    AbrahamX commented on file Maltet in Kula edits
    Preview : https://youtu.be/KUmHKQKLE_M
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  • AbrahamX's Avatar
    27th January 2020, 19:05
    AbrahamX uploaded file Sally in Creepypasta
    Hello :smile: I don't know so much about this creepypasta character, but here you can view her AI . https://youtu.be/d-UXzLKps-Q
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  • AbrahamX's Avatar
    23rd January 2020, 15:56
    Here is another of my favorite Galaxy Fight characters, is so powerful !! See preveiew : https://youtu.be/7FpKJyzrv3o Don't forget to support...
    55 downloads | 240 view(s)
  • AbrahamX's Avatar
    23rd January 2020, 15:53
    Just today a Galaxy Fight showcase was released, so enjoy this :oldgamer: One of my favorite boss chars :grin: Preview here : ...
    37 downloads | 245 view(s)
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Kurosaki Rokudo : Hello there, this is my first upload and I'm very proud of it :grin: sorry for my bad english, I'm mexican :v It was a really REALLY HARD JOB to find this edit of Gustab Munchausen, by -Kurosaki K.- because it's very hidden in a Japanese or Chinese ser ... 21st April 2016 674
Trouble man : Hello there :) I'm here again, bringing to all the Mugen Archive Comunity anoter upload hat I find interesting. From the Dr. Kelexo's Characters page ( http://kelexo.thedailypos.org/games/mugen/index.html ) This is a very funny/bizarre edit of Iori Ya ... 21st April 2016 670
Sad Claps : So, here is :smile: a very weird bizarre edit of Cyclops. Funny and random everywhere, It's balanced (sometimes) because I think (but I don't really know) that "he" have some kind of desperation move, a little hard to defeat but an honorable challenge ... 21st April 2016 403
Dark Godman : Hello there :) I found this char, made by some SAURER, I don't know nothing about him, but this is a good job. Have a nice AI and powers. I'm looking for some good edits and this is very Dark :laugh: Enjoy! 12th August 2016 477
Nightmare Krauser : This is, just, amazing :D KOFM Opirus char, very well made, with powerful AI. :cool: 12th August 2016 673
Nightmare Geese KOFM : And here, it is the Nightmare Krauser partner :v A Nightmare Geese edit by Opirus. Amazing AI and powers. Enjoy !! :thumbup: 12th August 2016 645
Dark N' KOFA : Hello there, :cool: I'm glad to see some of the new things on this forum, and this new categories are amazing, they will make easier the experience of search and download :) Now, about this char, named Dark N' , in the file, the author space says so ... 22nd August 2016 198
Nightmare Yamazaki : Hello there, I found this some hours ago, and it's very interesting. A Yamazaki edit with some dark powers and a mid-brutal AI. Has a wolf as a striker and a lot of new powers and moves. This is for your nightmare chars collection :cool: 22nd August 2016 561
Evil Mai : I can't find the authors name, but it's a good evil char :evil::sdrop: , so enjoy it :) I found the file in this website ;) http://mugenraridades.blogspot.mx/2015/09/evil-chars.html 22nd August 2016 440
Dark Robert : One more for today :) This crazy edit of Robert, with some powerful moves and AI. Works fine, fights good :thumbup: 22nd August 2016 188
Evil Robert KOFA : found this in the Duracelleur KoF Anthology chars pack so, I don't see the char in the Mugen Archive :wink1: enjoy it ! 23rd August 2016 328
Element Ash : Hello meine freunde :smile: Today I'm bringing a very interesting treasure that I found looking for another char. It's powerful, have a good AI and is a little cheap, you sure can enjoy this. My notepad read the authors name as this : MĀäŅŠØž ... 25th August 2016 865
Lord Goenitz : I was looking for this killing machine when I found that Element Ash. This would be a great boss char, have a very strong AI and combos. :cool: Enjoy this and put him in fighting test with other powerful chars, may be a good show :smile: Be ... 25th August 2016 1,406
Wild Orochi Yashiro : An amazing char with some different moves included in the regular ones of the Orochi Yashiro, in this video you can see part of the move set, powers and combos. I hope you enjoy this as I'll do :evil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EMfsLeORfM ... 25th August 2016 1,245
Element K' : Looking for some edits, I found this K' and Element hybrid. He have a nice AI, some good combos and a weird electric/fire aura. I don't know who is the author, in the def file don't say anything, so, we have to find him :v If you have all other El ... 25th August 2016 456
Devil K' : Hello mugen archive, today it happens again. I was youtube surfing, looking for some new chars for my projects and I found this edit. Very rare, once upon a time a private, but no more :D Have a weird fire aura and strong moves :o Look at him in ac ... 27th August 2016 111
Dark Iori Clone 9 : I found this creepy char, very powerful, but I think not cheap (at all) try it yourself and won't be dissapointed :evil: I forgot to tell that seems to have some new moves in his AI ;) 22nd September 2016 223
Dark Another Iori : Now, this is an alt version, another edit from that Dark Iori Clone 9 in the coat version, powerful too, not so bad ;) Enjoy please :evil: 22nd September 2016 349
Darkness Gustab M. : After a lot of time looking for this, for a very special project that I'm making, finally found it :grin: The darkness finally consumed Gustab's body, mind and soul, and now he is a Killing machine ... E n j o y ! :cool: https://www.youtube.com/w ... 22nd September 2016 339
Orochi Whip : I found this rare, finally. Someones said moths ago that this char was private or something like that. Looks awesome but have a lot of bugs to fix in the sprites :/ I think, for the moment, this char is for collection purposes only :smile: Enjoy !! ... 22nd September 2016 436
Shadow Rugal : This edit was, once upon a time, a private but after a lot of looking in youtube and other forums, some one found it in a japanese "hidden" server and released it :crying1: This dudes makes me happy, because I'm not so agree with keeping a char privat ... 22nd September 2016 599
Another Nightmare Orochi Iori : Here I am, again with a very interesting char/edit that I found yesterday . Enjoy this edit of Another Iori in a Nightmare+Orochi version. It's AI is balanced, have some basic combos and, if you are collecting nightmare versions of chars, this my frie ... 8th November 2016 389
Nightmare Mega Man X : I found this some months ago but I could'nt find him. I think is just a pallette modified, but is already cool. Enjoy this Nightmare edit of Mega-Man :2cool: 9th November 2016 455
Spicy Donald : Hello mugen people :D Today I bring to you an edit that I don't see in the mugen archive: Spicy Donald (or some kind of fire donald :P ) This have a strong AI and powerful combos, enjoy him, I think this is a middle cheap :evil: 22nd November 2016 362
Number Muncher : Looking for pixelated and 8 bit chars and stuff for a nostalgic project that I'm making (compilation ;) ) I found this nice dude :D balanced power, good combos and AI, and not cheap. Enjoy this because I don't see it in Mugen Archive :rock1: It came ... 23rd November 2016 151
Christmas Akuma : For the upcoming holydays, I give you this present: ho ho ho Akuma :x-smile: Is just a pallettte edit of Shin Akuma lvl 2 , but looks nice ;) Enjoy :cool: 19th December 2016 208
Nightmare Robert (BETA) : After a f*@%1n6 !! LOT of time searching and waiting for a release of this char, it finally happened, 2 months ago :v So, I bring to you the beta version of Nightmare Robert. You can see a preview in this video :evil::thumbup: enjoy !! https://ww ... 21st March 2017 506
Final Rugal (BETA) : Today I found this, and looks powerful and interesting. Not so cheap, In my opinion, maybe because for being a BETA version. Here's a preview ... So, enjoy :oldtimer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iUykxIzhKs 9th April 2017 2,248
Iori Yagami CTN : And I see this some days ago, but now I bring him to you. A very good edit of Iori Yagami. Good AI and very powerful :grin: Test him, I know you will like it :evil: Preview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab5T3wxI3hs 9th April 2017 572
Evil K' : Hello , it's me ... again , with a little weird char tonight. I found this in a old forum some time ago and didn't remember to upload so ... here you go :grin: 3rd May 2019 80
Gaia : I found this Boss from Midnight Wanderers / Chariots game, in a old WinMugen , so I hope someone edit and improve this char to a 1.0 version. Here you can find this old mugen https://www.kaints.com/public/mw/ Enjoy and use him well :grin: :oldgam ... 4th October 2019 72
Zeus : From World Heroes Perfect, here I bring to you a final edit by King Magnetik . Hope you like it !! :gamer::oldgamer: 18th February 2020 31
Slender Man : Hello Mugen Archive :grin: Today I bring to you this amazing and brutal edit of Slenderman (by Evil_LIS and Darkman) but ... It's the 1.0 version ... So, enjoy and use him with wisdom :hmmm: 9th June 2019 1,046
CJ Fixed : it's a fixed version of the CJ by Armin_iuf. For your collection :D 24th July 2019 687
Seiren : Hello there :grin: Today here we come with the official release of the old version of Seiren, by The Passing. I hope you like it (like I do :boxing: ) Preview here : https://youtu.be/QZnhQxYzHvQ 25th September 2019 333
Drakyola KOFA : Today was released this and Mech Element, so, enjoy :grin: 14th December 2019 71
Siva : I found this edits / versions of Lou & Siva in a old WinMugen , so I hope someone edit and improve this chars to a 1.0 version. Here you can find this old mugen :grin: http://www.kaints.com/public/mw/ Enjoy and use them well :gamer: 4th October 2019 35
Air Lou : I found this "air" edits / versions of Lou & Siva in a old WinMugen , so I hope someone edit and improve this chars to a 1.0 version. Here you can find this old mugen :grin: http://www.kaints.com/public/mw/ Enjoy and use them well :gamer: ... 4th October 2019 20
Air Siva : I found this "air" edits / versions of Lou & Siva in a old WinMugen , so I hope someone edit and improve this chars to a 1.0 version. Here you can find this old mugen :grin: http://www.kaints.com/public/mw/ Enjoy and use them well :gamer: ... 4th October 2019 21
Orochi Iori Chin-Ya : Hello there , today I was looking for some Iori edits and I found this preview of some balanced edits. I hope you like it. I never heard of Chin - Ya before :very_good: https://youtu.be/_Qh52vqpNG4 9th October 2019 133
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