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  1. Test comment.
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    Sure I guess. Cheap. but easy to use and has simplistic button input like down + light kick or something like that
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    Your welcome I guess.
  4. Good thing about the long answer, I was going to poke so many holes in it. That's way too much stuff going into one character for me, but on the flipside, it reminds me a lot of, huh. Thanks for the long answer though.
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    If you want a short answer it's a furry.
    If you want a longer answer it's Lillie from Pokémon S&M as an anthro Vulpix as part of some crossover with Kingdom Hearts. Yeah it's quite the thing but whatever. I usually change avatar every 2-3 weeks so you won't see this for too long.
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    It's not bad. Just rather strange. And a company made that? Good god.
  7. It's an unused, for good reason, model from one of the Nick flash racing games. I was thinking about changing it soon, I don't know how good it is to have SpongeBob for an avatar.
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    Can I just ask you a question? Is your avatar a 3-eyed bootleg Spongebob in a car?
  9. Same.
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    Good afternoon!
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[18+] Shartel : A very old, Kuro intended edit for one of Teaf's well known Fanatail characters. Don't expect too much due to this edit's age. 22nd January 2016 2,680
Dynamic Super Mario : A pretty cool Super Mario edit. This Mario acts a bit closer to the main Mario games, when he get hit, he becomes invincible temporarily, and even dies like in SMB when he gets K.O.d. More importantly, he has 4 new hypers based on other Mario games, a POW ... 5th February 2016 223
Setei NES Mario : A pretty cheap NES Mario. He has... Thouther's voice and portrait from HNK/FOTNS and very good A.I. He'll walk slowly up to you and jump on you as soon as he's in range. Oh yeah and it's a instakill. 5th February 2016 130
Freedom Fighter Sonic : What makes this small, glitchy, Sonic Battle, MvC2 Sonic such a "Freedom Fighter"? IDK, but this Sonic is pretty rare apparently. He's mostly a spriteswap of Ryou Win's Kung Fu Marvel (MvC2 KFM) character, with some KFM sprites still left. He has some new ... 5th February 2016 201
Owl : A character from a GBA fighting game, Black Belt Challenge, however, Owl doesn't play like that game at all, he has a ton of fire attacks and projectiles. He actually can be a little cheap due to the damage on some. He still has some KFM sounds left over, ... 5th February 2016 95
[18+] Isabeau : 5th February 2016 934
Hip Hop Man : May be based on a real guy, I'm not sure, so Celebs, I guess. He's not very finished, has some palette errors, no specials and two assists, a motorcyclist and some Zangeif sprite edit who just chops enemies, doing very little damage. Also, he says "HIP HO ... 5th February 2016 194
Geno : The infamous Geno character. Probably really needs no explanation. 5th February 2016 479
Weegee RPG : A cheap version of Weegee. However, this one isn't a F1 type character, he has mostly fullscreen, MS-Paint lasers, and other strange projectiles. His hitboxes are also pretty bad at times. 10th February 2016 145
Segare Ijjiri : Another version of Segare, this one plays completely different from Toukiten's, however. He's more of a strategic, gimmicky, joke styled character, hard to win even balanced fights with, due to the amount of moves he has and how many of them can backfire. ... 12th February 2016 42
Q-Taro : A bizarre looking KFM spriteswap. No idea if it's original or not. 12th February 2016 78
Shinobi : From the Genesis series of the same name. He has a large moveset, which is named after Seinfeld characters mostly and his dog, too. Pretty well done, but his A.I. tends to activate by itself sometimes. 12th February 2016 229
Spartan : A 3D ancient soldier, he has Kratos's voice, which fits pretty well actually. Uses SFxT sparks and his attacks are pretty slow, but he has a few hypers. He even has a hyper which references a certain meme. 29th February 2016 135
SvC2 Saikyo : A offline SvC Dan edit. He has Dan's SvC moves, his Gadokens are full screen and he can do his Exceed at any time. A new addition is a hidden hyper, where all of his attacks become taunts that do next to no damage. He was edited off of Tatsu's Dan, which ... 4th March 2016 131
Shin Mr. Saikyo : Also named Violent Dan. He's a bit more custom, he has some new specials like a ground punch, a Ryo-ish flying kick and the Ashura Senkuu warp. His hypers are a bit different, too, he has a modified version of the Demon Flip, as well as some Haohkens. He ... 4th March 2016 218
[18+] Jam GG : 4th March 2016 1,909
WL4 Wario : A really bizarre and very old Wario. Possibly the oldest Wario in Mugen. His taunt and winpose are the same, and pretty hilarious too. His only attacks are a sword, his trademark charge, and flying by turning into SML3:WL Wario, in which he can use a gun ... 6th March 2016 205
Crash Bandicoot : A strange take on the mutated marsupial. He uses all 6 buttons, but two of each punch and kick set do the same attacks, light attacks do his trademark spin, medium attacks swing a yo-yo from the Crash racing games, and strongest attacks slam a crate into ... 6th March 2016 1,000
Markerman : Another stickman. But, this time, he has Nova's voice. He plays fairly accurate to UMvC3, even with X-Factor. He also shape-shifts to all sorts of other characters, which may or not be references to other things. He has a typical amount of specials and hy ... 6th March 2016 189
[18+] Aty : 6th March 2016 1,259
Superman NES : You know, there was another terrible Superman game aside from the 64 one.......... Anyway, this Superman is very source-accurate, powerups even spawn that help Superman use his powers. Even the powers are source accurate, too. The only power that does any ... 22nd March 2016 122
Batman : A very strange Batman. Not very good either. Has a very strange mixture of voices, glitchy animations, poor effects, and........... He has Joker for a portrait? He has a combo announcer, too, I have no idea on it's source. He has a lot of Thor's files, bu ... 22nd March 2016 307
Bomberman : I didn't see the older Bomberman here, so here it is. The first(?) Bomberman in Mugen. He's pretty cheap, I think he had a god mode in older versions, and may still have it somewhere. He has really badly ported sprites from Super Bomberman 5, too. Kind of ... 22nd March 2016 141
[18+] Baiken : 22nd March 2016 1,442
Ryu 2.0 : Like the name suggests, a souped-up SvC Ryu. However, he is still balanced. He isn't fully accurate to SvC, he doesn't have an Exceed. His mid-air Tatsu also causes him to veer backwards for some reason, intentional or not. He has three different Shinkuu ... 2nd April 2016 456
Riatomo : A neat stickgirl. (?) Some of her attacks reference Zero-Two, a few Kirby 64 abilities, and Mr. Game & Watch. She has a lot of weapons that she uses in attacks, but only has two hypers. Her K.O. scream is pretty creepy, too............ 3rd April 2016 44
Green Hill Bridge : Because, one of the most famous things about Green Hill Zone are it's bridges! I guess this stage is based on Sonic Generations. It's wide and high with no animations. 3rd April 2016 204
Bloody Arkham City : Batman's beloved city has gotten covered with blood, I guess. This can only be the work of his true arch-nemesis, and it certainly isn't the Joker this time............ Anyway, there are some characters in the background, and they have a little animation. ... 4th April 2016 107
The Nexus of Eternity : Something similar to MK's Belltower. In space this time. It's really high, and a little wide. There's a foreground layer of stars that has slight animation. 4th April 2016 209
Shurian : A shoto edit that plays pretty differently from the rest. He has many light based attacks, and there's a Shun Goku Satsu somewhere in there, too. However, he lacks a big portrait, and his coding isn't exactly the best, you can do hypers one after the othe ... 4th April 2016 246
Elevator Action Syujinkou : The main dude from Elevator Action. I guess he's accurate, all he can do is shoot enemies. However, he's got a few fun variations on shooting foes in the form of hypers. He can shoot a line of bullets in quick succession, he can fire a large cluster of bu ... 16th April 2016 58
Evil Ryu SF3 : A very old and strange Evil Ryu. Why's he's called SF3 Evil Ryu is beyond me, there wasn't a Evil Ryu in any SF3 game. It seems as his sprite was partly taken out of a manga/comic and sprite edited onto a body. The manga/comic sprites really stick out whi ... 16th April 2016 172
Zoom : By the name, you couldn't tell it was another KFM edit, but this one is a very messy KFM. I guess it proves stage zoom is possible outside of 1.1. It seems to predate 1.1's creation, I think. It turns any stage he's on into Mountainside Temple. He and the ... 16th April 2016 48
Cheat Bug Mizuchi : Just another cheap Orochi. However, at the very least, this one has an Altered Beast reference. 5th May 2016 99
Youkanman : A character who's based on ASCII art, I guess. He's pretty solid, has flashy effects, crazy attacks, and multiple modes ala CvS2, that change his playstyle, like giving him a dodge, or an custom combo. They're determined by ASCII cat faces at the beginnin ... 5th May 2016 160
possibility of Chizuru : An infamously crazy edit of Chizuru. Like her readme says, "some random stuff", it sums up this edit pretty well. However, she has several overpowered or OHKO moves, too. She's pretty funny to play as, but I think she cannot be defeated in team mode, she' ... 5th May 2016 150
Refrigerator : A fighting refrigerator. A pretty silly idea for a character, sure, but it can shoot jars and evil watermelons, so it's not all goofy. It can also parry somehow. 5th May 2016 464
Moai : Yep, one of the random enemy types that are in just about any Gradius game ever, and even important enough to put in Dream Mix T.V. Anyway, this Moai isn't very good at all, for collection only. 29th May 2016 212
B-Mario : A somewhat known SMB Mario, his sprites are scaled up X2 to be fair. However, this isn't one of those accurate Mario versions, this Mario plays a bit more like a typical fighter, and can take damage as such. However, he lacks all basic moves, and only has ... 29th May 2016 209
Kirby : Compared to most other Kirby versions, this one is probably the strangest Kirby in Mugen, and somewhat overpowered if in the right hands. Thankfully, his A.I. does little to nothing. He plays in a SNK/KOF based style, and even has a power charge, but his ... 29th May 2016 155
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