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Tiny/Fluffy or Chloe.
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Well done platformer conversions


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PACMAN : A pretty unfinished version of Pacman, he only has normal attacks and spammy A.I. 1st September 2015 127
Bomberman : An edit of PabloSSB's original version. He now uses Bomberman World sprites, has a new hyper, intro (A very loud one too.), and is a lot smaller. 1st September 2015 125
Old School Megaman : A fighting NES Mega Man. He has MvC air combos and a hyper and can summon his 3 robot friends from the NES games. Has good A.I. too. Also his .def says it was made by Cool-Hero but his readme says it was by Rico. 1st September 2015 331
Masuo Huguta : A 3D animated character. He doesn't have many attacks but they are pretty fast. He lacks hypers. Not sure on his origin either. He seems to have a broken or glitched grab that doesn't do damage or much of anything really. 2nd September 2015 94
Yanagi-no : A pretty weird KFM edit. He looks really glitchy and overwrites any song with silence. That, and he has a lot of cheap moves that are basically instant K.O.s 2nd September 2015 64
Custom Kirby : A pretty good SNES Kirby, Bird's has more attacks, but this Kirby has a few different hypers from that one. 2nd September 2015 279
Pivot Stickfigure : A pretty strong stickfigure, he's actually somewhat rare, too. He's in Edits because he is a almost spriteswap of Tigre Negro, a Guile edit. He now has a WTF weight striker and a few other changes. 3rd September 2015 208
Homsar : A very unfinished Homestar Runner character, but he's very rare. His physics are very odd too. Has pretty good sprites and strange, but few attacks. 5th September 2015 131
Super Mario Kart : A very cheap Mario edit. He uses every item from the game and has a dashing attack. He also has cheap palettes. Going by his sounds when he lands and stuff, I think he might be a edit of Shinryoga's Super Mario 5th September 2015 316
Zangado : Sprite-wise, he's very poorly edited and animated. He is very cheap too. He can throw Batarangs and even Batman himself, and has many laser specials, some with a Proton Cannon. Supposedly based on a Brazilian video maker who wears the same mask as this ch ... 5th September 2015 218
Mobayubi : Some weird thumb-thing. I guess it comes from some Japanese commercial or might be a mascot. He's a pretty funny spriteswap of Jill from MvC2/RE. I guess the author's unknown, because Sludge's name is still in the .def file. 12th September 2015 49
Pac-Man Zeta edit : A edit of a version of Mr. IBZS's Pac-Man Zeta. It mainly takes away the Mario/Luigi voiceclips and adds arcade Pac-Man sounds instead, and gives him a few new hypers and a very cool hyper effect, while making him more balanced all around. 12th September 2015 759
PockeFreeman : A rare live-action character. He borrows a few well-known Fatal Fury moves, like Terry's Rising Tackle, Power Wave, and even has a Screw Upper hyper. 12th September 2015 131
PockeFreeman CVS : Similar to the live-action version, this PockeFreeman has Capcom vs. SNK sprites, edited off of Kim and Terry. He plays almost the same, but has a Yuri edit striker and a few different hypers. 12th September 2015 267
Segare's sounds : I had to put Segare's sounds separate because it's a huge sound file that made the character too big to put on here. It's probably due to the amount of sound clips all of the objects around him have. 13th September 2015 12
SEGARE : A pretty interesting, 3D animated character. He comes from a obscure, PSX, Japan-only game named Segare Ijjiri (Son Fooling Around) and it's PS2 sequel Zoku Segare Ijjiri. He plays in a sort of Super Smash Bros. type of way, all of his attacks are activat ... 14th September 2015 25
Kula-Zoe : A edit of Choiyer's Kula, I think. I can't remember where I found this but it's a NSFW Kula. Aside from the normal K.O. sprites she has, she now has some inappropriate attacks, so use her with caution. I guess she's compatible with "those" famous characte ... 18th September 2015 242
Gombie : A original character based on Ball Goomba variants in Super Mario World. He actually comes from a comic made by Carmell. He has a pretty good playstyle and a decent amount of moves and really good A.I. He even has a Arcade intro and ending. 19th September 2015 110
Scratchy : Like Gombie, but he's a shapeshifter and has a shotgun. He's a bit glitchy in some areas too. His A.I. is on par with Gombie's. 19th September 2015 75
Ryu : A very combo-heavy Ryu. He is extremely mash-friendly and a lot different from your average Ryu. His voices are real inconsistent and posses many new and custom attacks and doesn't seem to have any real specific playstyle. His A.I. uses his combos to thei ... 20th September 2015 192
Rock Goomba : The last original Ball Goomba parody made by Carmell. He relies mostly on close range punches but also has spray paint to dizzy the opponent. He even has a Arcade intro and ending, like the others. 20th September 2015 75
Lifebar : A really cheap STG type character. It can shoot the debug Mugen win icons and shoot a infinite amount of Necro-Arcs from Melty Blood. That being said, it is a creative idea for a character. 24th September 2015 138
Hyper Weapon Ryu : A Ryu with mind-based powers, he can shoot lasers and has a counter and a few fullscreen attacks but not really cheap. 1st October 2015 178
NES Mariwo : This Mario, or Mariwo, is very strange and is most likely a joke character. He can shoot many SMB hazards and a few from SMB3 and even some original things slightly based on Mario games. He's a edit of NES Mario and barely resembles said character. He has ... 1st October 2015 231
[18+] Mildred Avallone edit : A NSFW edit of Mildred from Arcana Heart. She may look normal but she has some new attacks and they're sexual........ Some won't work on characters without the proper states and sprites. Aside from the new attacks, she seems to be the same I guess. 4th October 2015 2,236
Arsene Lupin : I'm not sure what show this dude is from, I think it might be a French cartoon. Anyway, this is a KOF sprited version of him, there's another version that has pixelated sprites, by the same author I think. He's missing some crouching normals and he has 3 ... 8th October 2015 355
Mega Man MvC 1 : A normal looking MvC Mega Man, but has a few new alternate modes that let him access much of his Robot Master arsenal over the years, as well as some original weapons or taken from other fighters, complete with new specials and hypers, except for one, as ... 8th October 2015 350
The Boshy : The main character of Sologryn's fangame of a indie game, I Wanna Be the Boshy. Unlike The Kid, Boshy can take a hit, provided it's a weak one because he has a really low amount of health. To make up for it, his gun can be spammed and he has a sword and c ... 9th October 2015 93
[18+] Laura Vampire : A NSFW character, one of the ones made by mmm/Matti, he made a few others which most are around here. However, she's not that much of a sexual character in attacks but she has a few of them, so watch out. She actually has a lot of attacks and aside from u ... 9th October 2015 2,158
[18+] Princess Peach h♥♥♥ai edit : A slight edit of EugineQ's Peach, all it really seems to do is make her compatible with "certain" attacks. The compatibility sprites really stick out from the rest of the character and seem to be taken from sexual Mario fanart. 9th October 2015 2,368
Shy Guy : This Shy Guy uses the IMT template and uses 3 buttons for punches and kicks and the other 3 for hypers. His spites look handrawn but he looks unusually pointy. He has a nice arrange of attacks and 2 counters also. If his Turnip Throw is used in midair ove ... 10th October 2015 112
Ula : A pretty old original character. Has a decent amount of moves and really good animation, but she's very pixelated. She even has formidable A.I. as well. At max power she tends to spawn a helper that acts as a boss. 11th October 2015 181
New Masao : A complete remake of Super Masao. He has completely different attacks from his older version and is a lot cheaper but in a different way. He has some interesting gimmicks like spawning many spikes that force enemies and him into the air, spawning seaweed ... 15th October 2015 58
sgdr991 : A almost spriteswap of K.Y.'s Ness. However, he has some new attacks, they have questionable coding, as they function irregularly. As his readme says, he likes creepypasta and his win poses reflect it. 15th October 2015 28
[18+] Rana : Another NSFW character. She's from Super Strip Fighter I think. She has a decent amount of sexual attacks, most of which are grabs or counters. Her animation is real choppy too. 15th October 2015 1,433
Kung Fu Guy : Also known as Thomas. However, unlike most other versions of Thomas, this one carries some unique attacks. He can even summon some enemies from Kung Fu/Spartan X and Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon. But his idle sprite doesn't show up. The same creator made ... 16th October 2015 55
Mr. X : The other Kung Fu/Spartan X character by Shaun. He plays a lot like his Thomas/Kung Fu Guy, long story short. 21st October 2015 32
Bart's Nightmare : I finally found it! Windy World from the infamous SNES Simpsons game, Bart's Nightmare. Various hazards from Windy World are in the background. It doesn't have it's music unfortunately and I can't find it anywhere................ 21st October 2015 74
Pac-Man Beta edit : A slight edit of one of the betas of Mr.IBZS's Pac-Men, it only adds a hyper portrait, some sounds, and adds the 100 Crack-Fist theme to his Hyper Fury attack. 21st October 2015 83
Rocky : A pretty cool KOF styled character. He comes from Roboarmy, there's a stage that came with him, too but I lost it. He has a large amount of moves but is pretty slow. He has a lot of command grabs, to make up for it. He probably uses Maxima as a base. 24th October 2015 397
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