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    I'm fine, nowadays i'm very busy with school, so, i'm having no time to mugen. ^^
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    hey.. what's up ?
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Symbiote megaman x : Symbiote Mega Man X is an edit consisting of a few minor changes to N64Mario's Mega Man X. It was hosted on Spat856's old website, but the site shut down. It can still be accessed through Spat's oldyellowdoor files. 11th August 2011 620
Frieza All Forms : works in 1.0 29th August 2011 3,011
King Behemoth : aka kingbehinnmoth from the final fantasy games 29th August 2011 996
Cheap Boss Type - Playable Patch : Cheap Boss Type - Playable Patch By Txpot (Original character by Pneophen) Version: 1.0 #Version Dates# --- 1st October 2010: Just started and finished! === #Things Added/Changed since Pneophen's Creation# 1. A.I activation edited to t ... 5th September 2011 276
LadyKFM : Name: LadyKFM Author: Alessandro Mosetti Version Date: 2/28/10 Mugen Version: 1.0 14th September 2011 273
Rabbid Desktop : 14th September 2011 109
Earthworm Jim : Name: Earthworm Jim Beta Release v0.7 Author: aperson98 Version Date: 6/7/08 14th September 2011 452
Warlock's stage : Cyberbots (CPS2) - Warlock's stage by XGargoyle 14th September 2011 132
opening Intro Kof XIII : 14th September 2011 198
T-Rex : he was made by someone on Youtube. It was a character made from the Sega Gen game of Jurassic Park. This character is known to be very strong and considered cheap due to high health and can deal tons of damage. It was unfinished, and no word on if he woul ... 14th September 2011 676
The King of Retards : this is a joke character he has only taunts alot of diffrent ones with only 1 pallet 14th September 2011 200
Patch for Shiki's : Patch for Shiki's walk that was precariously missing two frames 17th September 2011 78
Kart Mario : from the new pirate version of kart mario on nes brings you kart mario 20th September 2011 192
Macheta : 2010/02/07 3rd October 2011 350
Hyo Amano : Name: Hyo Amano Author: abuhachi Origin: Last Blade Version Date: 09/26/2011 3rd October 2011 286
Rigby : This is the first incarnation of Rigby. He was made by Sonicadam2. The original was poorly made with the sprites poorly drawn, It has edited sprites from Rei327's Rigby sprite, and his attacks were overpowered 5th October 2011 769
Xeona : Xeona by bml29 5th October 2011 1,885
The Large Lips : 5th October 2011 317
cyborg mai : Name: cyborg_mai Author: kain_the_supreme 5th October 2011 227
Balance patch for Gaeliks Nanarman : This is my edit of Nanarman by gaelik to hopefully make him more balanced. Now more then likely you dont know who the hell nanarman is. well i will go into detail: Nanarman is a stickman by gaelik based on the nanarland films(Atleast he says) He was a ... 5th October 2011 209
Balance patch for Sdot_Thadon's Kazuya : what did i change/fix? Changed the tekken hitsounds to cvs hitsounds Clearer voice rips Lowered the damage on most of kazuya's specials and hypers added a damage dampener added parry and supercharge sound fx dragon screw uppercut is now a level 3 hyper De ... 5th October 2011 123
Supra Candy : Supra Candy (Riyuka Fo Ruyaka) is Kula's robot friend made by NESTS, and it was made for MUGEN by Mens and another guy i don't remember, this is probably an edit of Mens' 5th October 2011 358
Metool balance patch : Oh no, I balanced out Metool by N-Mario! Now how will he bust cheapies when his shooting has a little more recovery to prevent corner infinites, he can be thrown out of his Helmet Guard, the Metool Stampede's blockable, and the Giant Metool now only d ... 5th October 2011 71
The ulitmate Barney : its a edit of barney 5th October 2011 444
Heavy Lobster : 5th October 2011 421
Stepmania Stage : 5th October 2011 146
TNMT - Bonus : 5th October 2011 226
TMNT Pirateship : 5th October 2011 112
shakira : 5th October 2011 97
lego world : it works in other mugen versions but the best one it works on for is winmugen any other and it wont look right 5th October 2011 105
Christ World : 5th October 2011 126
Goldar stage : 5th October 2011 180
Lake of Sorrow : 5th October 2011 133
Magus' Castle : From Chrono Trigger 5th October 2011 105
Dragula : Vampire batman doesn't really have any original moves other then it's basic 5th October 2011 836
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