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    Ok,ti scrivo qua.In effetti 200 sono pochi,comunque per messaggi brevi posiamo anche utilizzare i visitor messages. ;)
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  2. Meno male! Felice di aver fatto una cosa gradita ad una persona gradita dalla persona che mi ha commissionato l'opera che ha poi a sua volta gradito l'opera stessa, oltre al fatto di aver fatto cosa gradita alla suddetta persona, che indirettamente ha che cappero sto dicendo buona notte.
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    Finalmente oggi ho avuto il tempo di provare le tue palettes e funzionano perfettamente.Grazie! :)
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    I see, well I still want to offer my service as a QA Tester, I am pretty good at analyzing and testing. So if you need a little help testing a character or anything let me know and I will do my best. ^^ I know you probably don't need it, just want you to know that I don't mind helping you out.
  5. Tonight I woke up at 4am and had the insane idea of making a new palette for Kyouko... and it was fun :) Then gone back to sleep XD
    Soon or later I will find enough time to start again... I just hope NOT TOO MUCH, because I need that job (they usually hire me just for 6/7 months a year)
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  6. Thank you and.. no, thanks (it would be nice, but I can't think about a way to 'help me').
    Anyway. Those are still the most busy months for my job, so I can't find enough time for my hobbies (I sometime make some sketches when I wait in line, or at the restaurant, but really not much more).
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    you ok Betmark? anything I can do to help ya?
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  8. Still QoL. Aside the 'commission/suggested' chars I was trying to make (failing), I'm still working on Futamaru (the 'didn't worked') then I made an 'alternative version' of the game called "Queen of Light -Charchive-" where I just put in the bottom lines all the NSFW chars I have, even if they aren't compatible with the screenpack's style of the game (and that's was the 'meh').
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    You still uping Queen of Light? OR you got another project goin on?
  10. Fine. I just tried something with MUGEN and it didn't worked... so I tried something else and it was 'meh'.
    So I got I'm not inspired enough and I came back to the old classic hand drawings.
    But I'll be back.
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    *pokes the Bet* Hey Man, Haven't seen ya in a long while, How have you been?
  12. 'all the aggressors' are too much for me (for the moment), but I was actually working on them for the classic Kuro/Slime.
    Of course they are froozen with the rest of the project 'till next time. (too much r.l. work to do)
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    I just have to take my time. Glad you liked it.

    Also it would be awesome if someone did an edit on the Sailor Moon characters and made them compatible with all of the aggressors.
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    Yeah, I just have to take my time. It would be time consuming if make a particular character and do all that coding. And Betmark... I'm talking about a lot of coding. :P
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[18+] Schlussel : Victim Character. Since @Madara1234541 asked for this char I toke away some dust and uploaded her here. I chose to don't take it as a 'commission', so I have no pressure. NOTE: -Char really well made and compatible with most of the poses. -For some reason ... 6th March 2017 2,402
[18+] Elena : A good character someone asked me (BETMARK) to edit to be h♥♥♥ai-compatible. I made it for my own version of the game, but the original portraits are still into the .sff file (9000-0 is 9000-100 and 9000-1 is 9000-101), easy to switch. A lot of good alt ... 29th November 2016 717
[18+] Ero Jill : Rap*st zombies || Edited by BETMARK: fixed some bugs , added 4 palette colors, the Midnight Bliss and RED BLOOD zombies (instead of green). Compatible with most of the rap*sts. This is edited for my own version, but you can easily switch back the ori ... 7th December 2016 1,008
[18+] Topless Jill : Edited by BETMARK: fixed some bugs, added the Midnight Bliss and RED BLOOD zombies (instead of green). Compatible with most of the rap♥sts. This is edited for my own version, but you can easily switch back the original portraits in the .sff file (9000, ... 7th December 2016 1,057
[18+] Jessica Aensland : A nude redead Morrigan, compatible with most of the rap*st. I don't know who made her, but it seem just a 'red hair' version of the n♥♥♥d Morrigan made by 'Rojer'. She was boring, so I had fun adding a lot of alternate palettes, like Raven, Starfire and ... 8th December 2016 850
[18+] Roll No Panties : This is not the best Roll I saw, but the one with less bugs and panties I've got. Compatible with most of the rap*st. Fixed some bugs (some sprites are still missing). Added the Midnight Bliss (sprites not made by me) and 5 palettes. This is edited for ... 8th December 2016 846
[18+] Ath Chun-Li : Victim Char. This version was old, but not as bad as many others (I appreciated the idea and the effort). Anyway the animation glitches and the messed up palettes were too much to enjoy it. I just fixed the less possible and changed all the 12 palettes, s ... 8th January 2017 822
[18+] Rosemary : Edited by BETMARK. Already compatible with most of the [email protected], I just fixed and added some victim poses and added 6 new palettes. As usual, the original portraits are in the .sff: 9000,100 and 9000, 101 4th February 2017 1,759
[18+] HD Chun-Li : I had this girl in my game by a lot, but it's almost impossible to nail the right proportions for the portraits, since her original size is like 4 times bigger than a common char. Anyway, I tought it was time ignore the problem and just upload her here. - ... 16th February 2017 1,740
[18+] Riesbyfe Eclipse : Victim char. Compatible with most of the Aggressors. What's New? Added the Midnight Bliss and now she's compatible with the 2 animations of Slime she was missing. I'll be honest, I didn't put all my effort in this one, but I accepted the request right bec ... 14th March 2017 1,201
[18+] Angela Belti : Someone asked for her and since I had a version of her already started (and left behind) years ago, I toke the last update and added the old edited sprites. Compatible with Kuromaru and not much else. As usual, the original Portraits are 9000,100 and 9000 ... 9th July 2017 467
Vanessa Palettes, present for Manuz : 'Leon72' asked me to make a couple of palettes for 'Manuz'. The character is Vanessa_XI. The 2 he wanted are the Request1 and 2.act, the other 10 are just for fun. For some reason I can't edit any single Vanessa uploaded in this site, so I downloaded a di ... 9th September 2017 18
[18+] Amy Rose (updated) : An updated version of Amy Rose: not the one just posted below (its victim poses are taken from this one, but the rest is different. I suggest you to keep them both) and not the Queen of Light version of mine someone posted in this Forum time ago. In the o ... 15th October 2017 482
[18+] Amy Rose ver.2 (updated) : Updated by BETMARK. Since I liked the idea of having 2 similar, but different versions of Amy, I edited this (just uploaded) one with everithing I already made for the other version. That means - new palettes - not-shared palettes fixed - Midnight Bliss ... 16th October 2017 723
[18+] AmyGBA : All of the boys and all of the girls are begging if you seek Amy... Ok, this is the LAST Amy (I wanted to also make compatible the 'Classic Amy', but she is impossible to grab, so no Aggressors allowed) Low Res char, few moves, but still fun !!!FOR YOUR C ... 29th October 2017 266
[+18] Athena97 G&D ver +12 palettes : Just the previous version of Geremias and dhemitri, plus 12 color palettes, instead of the 4 it has (with that weird pale-blue skin as default one). I did it for myself, then I posted it here due to a request. 1) Yes, I love the color purple/violet. 2) As ... 16th December 2017 673
Roll 18 palettes Pack : Pack of 18 Palettes for Roll / Roll aX / Roll NP. 14 made by me, 1 edited and 2 made by Dicklord. In order: Roll (classic), RockMan (Mega Man colors. The hair recall the helmet), Ebony, ExE (Roll from MegaMan Exe), AmyRose (from Sonic), TronBonne (from Me ... 25th December 2017 14
Athena Nurse 18 Palettes Pack : Pack of 18 Palettes for Athena Nurse. 16 made by me and 2 by the origianl file. In order: Nur01, Alice (from Bloody Roar), Joy (from Pokemon), Hellooo (from Animaniacs), Valentine (from SkullGirls), Ruko (Tatase, form Ogenki Clinic) SilentHill, April (O'N ... 26th December 2017 5
Amy Rose 3x12 Palettes Pack : Nothing special, this time. That's why I chose to upload 3 packs at the same time. (quantity over quality) 12 Palettes for Amy Rose 12 Palettes for Amy Rose MHII 12 Palettes for Amy Rose GBA In order: AmyRose 7 Pals made by me, 5 from the original file ... 27th December 2017 7
Cattleya 12 Palettes Pack : [WARNING! The Palette "Skin" may be considered 18+, but she have pale panties] Pack of 12 Palettes for Cattleya. 11 made by me and 1 by the origianl file. In order: Color, Red, Dark, Purple, Wonder (Wonder Woman/Captain Marvel alike), Seiya (from Saint ... 27th December 2017 11
Killer Croc 8 Palettes Request : Request from @OIlusionista He asked me for some new palettes for his character http://brazilmugenteam.com/chars-2/chars-ilusionista/killer-croc/ and I made 6 (so now it has 12), plus a couple of extra ones. In order: Killer Croc 2 (In the original, the ... 28th December 2017 11
Cinnen 12 Pals Pack : 12 Palettes for Chinnen, due to a request. 11 made by me and 1 original. In Order: Chinnen1, Manga (since the origianl is totally like Krilin from Dragon Ball, I did the original red kimono from the manga. But also Ken Masters), Piccolo (from Dragon Bal ... 29th December 2017 4
Aulbath/Rikuo 12 Pals Pack : 12 'Dark' Palettes for Aulbath/Rikuo, due to a request. (original included) In Order: Aulbatman (Inspired to the DC hero), DarkBlue, DarkPurple, DarkRed, DarkGreen, Shadow (colors inpired by the character from Sonic... not proud of it) -and here the ma ... 6th January 2018 5
Elastigirl 12 Palettes Pack : Pack of 12 Palettes for Elastigirl. In order: Elastigirl1 (edited the skin colors and some glitches), Single (her first costume), Boyfriend (the first costume of Mr.Incredible) Mirage (character from the same movie), Mr.Fantastic (from Fantastic4), Blac ... 7th January 2018 8
[18+] Elastigirl 12 Palettes Pack : Pack of 12 Palettes for Elastigirl. In order: Elastigirl1 (edited the skin colors and some glitches), Single (her first costume), Boyfriend (the first costume of Mr.Incredible) Mirage (character from the same movie), Mr.Fantastic (from Fantastic4), Blac ... 7th January 2018 22