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Jotaro Kujo (Hd Anime) : Little Update for my part ( I finished it last year but I never decided to upload it ) Brings high quality voice sounds (ASB) Colors of the anime Bring a complex AI already included I'm not an expert in programming so I only bring this 5th July 2019 827
FINAL DIO update !!! : JESUS ANOTHER DIO !!!!! Well.. I have changed some sounds, added new sounds and added some particles in Japanese text ( I don't know what that is called ) It was my first serious edit, I soon update what is necessary Thanks to Naza15 for the ... 18th February 2020 97
Anubis Polnareff (With Anime Voice) : Hi booyysssss happy 2020 , it's me again with my last edit with Black Polnareff or Anubis Polnareff , the voices is ripped by the game "Diamond Records" (R.I.P) 7th January 2020 360
Jotaro Kujo Anime (Hq Voice) : It's me again I modified the work of Naza15 with its Star Platinum, what I did was replace high quality sounds (Extracted from ASB) I added 2 more sounds when Jotaro gets up after an attack (I don't know how to program but I hope you can do it) hey ... 7th October 2019 469
DIO Voice Anime HQ : Hi it's me again This character is NOT my own , I only added sounds extracted from ASB and EOH as I did with my other edits I have not had time to test it correctly as I did with Jotaro, Let me know if there are errors I will try to fix them 30th October 2019 352
Joseph Joestar (Hq Anime Voice) : Hi guys one more time it's me The char is not my own , I only added sounds extracted from ASB 31st October 2019 290
Joseph Shirt Update (UNFINISHED) : About 1 month ago I started this , I tried to create the shirt that wears so much in anime / manga originally I don't know when I'll finish it, I'm not good with sprites , but if anyone wants to help me, it's welcome. 24th November 2019 52
Ermac MKD (With Voice From MK X) : original ermac by MKP Team ; sprites by Sannamy, Hanzo Hasashi & Commodore ; explosion effects by PhoboSS, Tem(A) ; MKA sound rips, compiled & updated by borg117 ; Final update for MKP 2.9 by Hanzo Hasashi & Commodore ; Voice Update By Juki2002 IT ... 18th November 2019 226
Baraka (Voice From MK X) : Baraka is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. Baraka was introduced in Mortal Kombat II in 1993 as an unpredictable warrior in service of Outworld emperor Shao Kahn. He belongs to a race of nomadic mutants called Tarkatan, lat ... 18th November 2019 244
Kenshi (Voice From MK X) : ; original kano by MKP Team ; MK3 arcade sprites ripped by Fly ; MK2, MK3 sound rips by [email protected] ; new sound effect rips by PhoboSS, ThaRealest ; smoke effects by PhoboSS ; compiled & updated by borg117 ; Kenshi's sprites by BlackCyraxCO ; Extra sprite ... 18th November 2019 170
Joseph Shirt Update Beta 2 : I fixed some things I thank Ditchu for helping me with the walking and running sprites I don't know if to continue with this, I don't feel inspired as before ... If anyone wants to help ... you are welcome 21st December 2019 81
New Kosaku Kawajiri : some audios were improved by raising the quality of it some sprites were re-made new, and the hair has been a little fixed the portrait was created by RedPooler and it was added by me And Buttons Remap ( I think it was for the user Kiritoonline ... 30th January 2020 629
Giorno Anime voice : I tried to change the best with anime clips for this char I had out there 1st February 2020 96
FINAL DIO Update 2 : Another Dio !! -Fixed particles and sounds that do not appear when you activate your stand -added and changed some particles -added new extra ports for the blood-sucking hyper -Changed and fixed some sounds -added some visual effects a ... 28th February 2020 132
Kosaku Update 2 : It's me again with Bowie -Fixed some sprites that some colors did not fit well and looked blank if you chose another pal color -Improved some audios -changed some audios -improved and change some sprites I plan next to add what I was doing ... 29th February 2020 87
Gappy Little Update : I decided to change the portrait and the mini face I don't have much time now since I'm back to school ... sooo ... have fun 14th March 2020 278
Kosaku Update 2.1 : hi it's me again I just added some sounds in their movements 19th March 2020 48
Ermac MKP (MKX voice added) : the old Ermac from MKP now adapted the new engine by IceColdAssassin . And I took care to add the voice of the mortal kombat 10 2nd May 2020 89
William Zeppeli : Hi everyone, it's me again.There was a great absence that I'm not going to tell about the reason I took the time to do a little Edit on Jonathan's mentor ... WILLIAM ZEPPELI ¿what is new? -Some animations changed -Pallets like anime -Added Sty ... 22nd May 2020 62