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Hyperion : -----------|||||||||||||||| HYPERION ||||||||||||||||----------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- Description ------------ Same old version of Hyperion with some new Wins, Intros, SFF File, Palettes, throws, So ... 19th June 2019 486
God Urien : 6th September 2018 189
Battle Of Gods (Awakening) 1.1 : Battle Of Gods (Awakening) Stage by Orochi_Shin and Expa, stage for mugen 1.1 and latest version of Mugen 1.0, Zoom Effects added, Actually it was the stage from EXPA, Awakening, Now its edited and changed into 1.1 stage. It is the stage where goku turns ... 3rd September 2019 127
Bizarro : DC Bizarro, All Specials, All hypers, Strong A.I, Amalgam Attack With Carnage, All DCvM Effects. Special Thanks to Kal-Elvis & Buyog2099. Enjoy!!!!! 3rd June 2019 479
Orochi Akuma : ; Orochi Akuma ; ============= ; Same old character by J-Duece and edited by me (Orochi_Shin). ; ============================================================= ; Now he has the strongest A.I ever, now he's stronger enough to kick ass of God Akuma ... 14th June 2019 520
Jiren Z2 : Jiren Z2. Very strong A.I Stronger enough to handle boss characters Complete effects and styles of Z2 Special Thanks to JonKK for Specials and hypers code Special Thanks to team Z2 for sprites, hyper level system and effects. 3rd June 2019 2,045
Sentry : Sentry by Acey & Orochi_Shin The latest and best version of sentry. Extra 1 Hyper added. 5 to 6 more specials added. A.I. increased. (now stronger enough to handle boss characters) 1 Extra special added. (Super Armor) New portraits for DCvsM. New ... 24th August 2019 596
God Bizarro : God version of bizarro. Very Strong A.I, Different intros with different DC characters and Marvel Characters, Intros with darkseid, godly attacks, godly edited stance, special thanks to Kal-Elvis & Buyog2099. Enjoy!!!!!! 5th June 2019 331
Overdose_Superman : Overdose superman of JARRO77, edited by me (Orochi shin) Its the same as before, just given an Incredible and strong A.I by me. Because of his many specials and hypers, he can easily beat down boss characters. Thanks to JARRO77 for such incredible char ... 5th June 2019 345
Thanos : Old version of thanos by CPoC and Splode, edited by me (Orochi_shin) Finishing BG KO Screen added, Body Armor for timestone 1 Extra special attack "Rock Slam Grab" Very Strong A.I Special Thanks to CPoC and Splode. 5th June 2019 1,284
M.Bison : M.Bison, with old sprites of SFA3, STRONG A.I, A total different styled character. With 1 new hyper attack. Special thanks to N-Mario & CHOUJIN, Enjoy!!!!! 5th June 2019 306
Ryder SSJ4 : A normal SSJ4 Character with complete ssj attacks, Saiyan intros, saiyan win quotes. Special Thanks to Zorc for His Sprites, attacks and some intros and win. Completely ssj4 styled character with z2 styled hyper effects, Strong A.I. Also added a stage ... 5th June 2019 278
Sentry : Old version of sentry by Acey, edited by me, now this version of sentry is the strongest of all. Very strong A.I. Special thanks to Acey. The strongest version of sentry ever. 9th June 2019 392
Broly MvC : Broly MvC by G.knux19, edited by me (Orochi_Shin), Very strong edit A.I, now he is stronger enough to handle boss version characters, 2 palettes edited, instant teleport added, more than 10 combos, instant counter, extra more win Quotes with different cha ... 11th June 2019 291
Mecha Zangief : Mecha zangief by One Winged Angel edited by me (Orochi_Shin), same old zangief with now very strong A.I, he can do MvC combos now, can turn into Mech, his mech mode has different A.I now. Stronger enough to handle MVC2 version characters. Enjoy!! 12th June 2019 296
Superboy (Kon-El) : Old version of superboy by Seth Zankuten & Titan Goku & Kal-Elvis, and edited by me. Its the same character but now the strongest. He has now strongest A.I ever. Can do up to 6 and 7 combos. This character is same as before but now with strong A.I. Specia ... 12th June 2019 256
Broly LSSJ4 : BROLY LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN 4 ================================ Whole character based on "The Necromancer broly from super budoten" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... 13th June 2019 283
Superman RedSon : Redson by xxxXx and edited by orochi_shin, its the old version of redson, but now with very strong A.I, upto seven combos, new flag intro and win sprites. 2 more hypers added, "Shockwave and Burst Rush" Special thanks to Hannibal/Kal-Elvis and Friends f ... 13th June 2019 305
Redson : -----------|||||||||||||||| Redson ||||||||||||||||----------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Redson by orochi_shin ; ===================== ; Sprite edit of superman by Kal-Elvis & Buyog2099 ; ============ ... 13th June 2019 185
Parasite : DC Comics' Parasite Version: 2.2 (1/2/2012) ; DETAILS ; ======= ; Parasite by "Buyog2099 and Jet the Phoenix" and edited by me (Orochi_Shin) ; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ; Now i ... 21st July 2019 596
Superman : ; Superman by Orochi_Shin ; ======================= ; Description ; =========== ; The latest and best version of superman. ; ----------------------------------------- ; Now this superman is with 4 Modes, and 4 def. files. ; ------------------ ... 1st August 2019 845
Haggar : ; HAGGAR BY OROCHI SHIN ; ====================== ; All attacks, specialsfrom haggar plus of mugenmage. ; ---------------------------------------------------- ; A.I, system and fighting style from SF2 characters by fido. ; ------------------------ ... 1st August 2019 130
Gunloc : ; GUNLOC BY OROCHI_Shin ; ====================== ; This character is based on style of 'Abuhachi' characters ; ---------------------------------------------------------- ; Complete attacks, specials, wins, intros from Gunloc of 'Falchion22' ; --- ... 1st August 2019 161
Astro : ; ASTRO BY OROCHI_Shin ; ====================== ; This character is based on style of 'Abuhachi' characters ; ---------------------------------------------------------- ; Complete attacks, specials, wins, intros from Astro of 'Mouser' ; --------- ... 1st August 2019 153
Bizarro : ; Bizarro by Hannibal/Kal-Elvis & Orochi_Shin ; -------------------------------------------- ; Actually it is the bizarro from superman of 'Hannibal/Kal-Elvis' ; ---------------------------------------------------------------- ; Now it is fully co ... 1st August 2019 251
Superman : The oldest and the very first version of superman by Hannibal is now with very strong A.I., edited by orochi_shin. Strong A.I of specials, hypers + 10 to 11 combos. Stronger enough to handle mugen 1.0 and new 52 version character. Even stronger enough ... 4th August 2019 439
Bizarro : ; Another Version of Bizarro by Hannibal & Orochi_Shin ; ------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Actually it is the very first bizarro from superman of 'Hannibal' ; ------------------------------------------------------- ... 5th August 2019 222
Kung Fu Man 1.0 : Same old KFM by Elecbyte & DivineWolf is now with Strong A.I and it can also work on mugen 1.0. Special thanks to Elecbyte & DivineWolf and Jmorphan for strong CVS A.I system. Enjoy 6th August 2019 78
Rick_MvC : Same old Rick_MvC by The Pizzaman now with very strong A.I., stronger enough to handle Mugen 1.0 and MVC2 version characters. Special Thanks to The Pizzaman For such awesome character. Enjoy 7th August 2019 188
Bizarro : Another cool bizarro with some new intros, wins, portraits, sounds and fixed Hyper effects. A.I increased. More combos added. Special thanks to 'Hannibal/Kal-Elvis' (For the bizarro mode from Hannibal/Kal-Elvis superman) Enjoy 12th August 2019 514
Superman : Old version of Superman by Hannibal, re-uploaded All Bugs Fixed, All hyper effects fixed Combos improved, (even you can do combos easily now) Intros and Wins system improved and fixed. Extra hyper added "Erradicator defender" (If you are having diffic ... 13th August 2019 1,593
Rolento : Rolento from final fight, Game play style of fido, strong A.I. Special thanks to fido (For the system of whole character) Special thanks to Yawackhary for sprites of rolento Enjoy 14th August 2019 150
Andore : New version of Andore now easily work able in all versions of mugen. Normal and special attacks based on andore by Tim Markworth. Character style changed into fido characters. Very strong A.I. 1 to 2 hypers added. Special thanks to Tim Markworth for ... 14th August 2019 127
Andore FF2 : New version of Andore FF2 now easily work able in all versions of mugen. Normal and special attacks based on andore FF2 by Tim Markworth. Character style changed into fido characters. Very strong A.I. 1 to 2 hypers added. Special thanks to Tim Markwo ... 14th August 2019 82
Abigail : Abigail by Tim Markworth & Ali now with the new sprites and palletes. Same old character by Tim Markworth now with some new intros, wins, and 2 to 3 extra hypers added. Strong A.I. Special thanks to Tim Markworth & Ali for whole character. Special tha ... 14th August 2019 169
Andore : Andore by Tim Markworth now with new sprite file, new intros, new wins and some new specials. New hypers added. Very strong A.I. New sprites added. Special thanks to Tim Markworth, Pooch master, ethan lives and spec-ops for helping me completing this ... 14th August 2019 123
Jake : Same old ersion of Jake by Tim Markworth New specials and hypers added. Very Strong A.I Specials thanks to Tim Markworth for the whole character. Enjoy!!!! 14th August 2019 129
Black FF3 : Black FF3 (the final boss of Final fight 3) by atomic buster now with very strong A.I, attacks improved, new intros added, Character based on fido system. Special thanks to atomic buster for the whole character. Special thanks to Fido for the style and ... 14th August 2019 148
T.Hawk (Fido) : Same old T.Hawk by fido with the alpha style sprites. Special Thanks to Fido for the whole character. Special thanks to BajanFlash for sprites to T.Hawk. Enjoy!!!!! 14th August 2019 318
Cyborg Superman 1.0 : Cyborg superman by vladnesas now also for mugen 1.0. Very strong A.I added. Up to 8, 9 combos. Special lose after match over (EXPLODE) Special win against superman. Victory Quotes added. Victory quotes against superman, lex luthor and batman. Solar ... 17th August 2019 542
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