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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Sweet Apple Acres : Applejack's stage from MLP: Fighting is Magic. Stage's original BGM included. 1st January 2017 70
P-1 Grand Prix Theme. : Theme of the Omake game 2 from the PSX version of Jikkou Oshaberi Parodius. Fitting for a stage with a racing theme or with fast scrolling backgrounds. 4th August 2016 4
Metal Black - Waste Days : Stage 4 theme from Taito's Metal Black, one of my favourite Shoot-em-up ever. Great game with an outstanding soundtrack, I recommend it to all shmups fans out there. 4th August 2016 8
Twilight Sparkle Spanish soundpack : A soundpack that gives Ralord's Twilight Sparkle her spanish (Latin American) voice. For all those used to watching the show in said language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w11k_qrfLE 5th August 2016 18
Turanga Leela : Here's an interesting edit of Warner's Leela by @ndroide. It has a 4-button KOF-styled gameplay, with some CvS sfx and a couple of new hypers. The only bad thing about it is that she seems to be lacking a throw. Still perfectly playable, though. In order ... 6th August 2016 230
Spooky Scary Skeletons : A stage based on Andrew Gold's song of the same name, comes with The Living Tombstone's remix of said song. 7th August 2016 70
Japanese Ponyville : An original MLP themed stage originally created to celebrate the series' premiere in Japan. Comes with the series' Japanese ending theme as it's stage BGM. 7th August 2016 49
Candy Kingdom : The Candy Kingdom from Adventure Time, it features the song "A Hero is Made" from "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King!, why'd you steal our garbage!!" as it's stage theme. 10th August 2016 95
Miiverse 1.0 : An edit of N1000sh's Miiverse stage by Garchompmatt that makes it compatible with MUGEN 1.0. 15th August 2016 181
Scrub Ken : A silly Ken edit that gives him a garbled palette, the ability to indefinitely spam Hadoukens, Shoryukens and Hurricane Kicks with no cool-down time, and goes crazy when using hypers or doing his throw. Also, overrides whatever song you have set for the s ... 15th August 2016 68
Vigilante's Junk Yard : Comes with defs for both MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1. 16th August 2016 15
Fourside : Fourside from Earthbound/Mother 2! The stage itself is based off it's appearence in the Super Smash Bros. series. BGM included. 1st October 2016 70
Crystal World : The thrid stage from Konami's excellent shoot-em-up: Gradius II. BGM Included. 1st October 2016 15
Easter Stone : The ever present Moai/Easter Island heads stage from Konami's Gradius. BGM Included 1st October 2016 7
Force Mine : Green's (Seven Force's user) stage from Gunstar Heroes. Comes with BGM. 4th January 2017 15
Cloudsdale : Rainbow Dash's stage from Fighting is Magic. BGM included. 5th January 2017 109
Metal Crusher : Stage 3, the classical Battleship stage ever present in the R-Type series. This time is the one from R-Type II. BGM from said stage is included as well. May the force pod be with you! 5th January 2017 10
Lilith's Garden : Lilith's stage from the MvC: Eternity of Heroes fullgame. BGM included. 12th January 2017 51
Aircraft Carrier at Midway : Stage based off Capcom's awesome 19XX/1942 shmup series. Has Super Jump and BGM is included. 13th January 2017 22
Fire Leo 3 [STYX] : The ship from Thunder Force III! Plays just like it does on it's original game. Since the Readme is in Japanese, here's what each button does: X=Add Weapons Y=Add "CLAWs" (Options) Z=Equip Shield A=Change ship speed B=Shoot C=Change Weapo ... 22nd January 2017 88