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    Thanks , but MY FRIEND, my absence was due to the constant upload of files !! O.O. SORRY
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[18+] Agumon [Vore Edit] : A hungry digimon with the ability to eat its foes. 29th December 2016 1,158
[18+] Flareon [Vore Edit] : A hungry fire - type pokemon with the ability to eat its foes. 29th December 2016 621
[18+] Mewtwo (Vore) : A hungry physic Pokemon with the ability to teleport foes to its belly. This edit was made by Anonymous 28th December 2016 637
[18+] Blaziken [Vore Edit] : Credit to: "Tanio" and "BlazeBoy162" Edit by ZackTheRiolu 28th December 2016 1,538
[18+] Taz [Vore Edit] : New edit by Eggbomber101 and ZackTheRiolu. This character is ready to chomp his opponents 28th December 2016 418
[18+] Tyrantrum [Vore Edit] : This dragon type can now swallow its opponents whole Edit by Eggbomber101 and yoshilover1000. 29th December 2016 1,435
[18+] Krookodile (vore) : The ground pokemon can now swallow its opponents whole.Edit made by Eggbomber101,Yoshilover1000, and shadowsteps 29th December 2016 1,098
[18+] Umbreon [Vore Edit] : This dark type pokemon can swallow its prey whole. 29th December 2016 742
[18+] Rampardos (vore) : This Fossil pokemon can now swallow its opponents whole. 29th December 2016 663
[18+] New Charizard [Vore Edit] : A hungry fire type Pokemon with the ability to eat its foes. 29th December 2016 1,983
[18+] Old Charizard [Vore Edit] : This was the vey first vore charizard in MUGEN. If any of you like these please check out my friend's [Eggbomber101] youtube channel to see mugen battles. 29th December 2016 888
[18+] Jolteon [Vore Edit] : A hungry fox pokemon with an ability to eat its foes. 29th December 2016 638
[18+] Barbftr Yoshi [Vore Edit] : A hungry Yoshi ripped from the game Barbftr. By Eggbomber101 I believe. 29th December 2016 534
[18+] Gum [vore edit] : A female Yoshi edit with many added moves. 29th December 2016 1,142
[18+] Milotic [vore edit] : An edit made by Zack Wolf 29th December 2016 1,178
[18+] Mordecai [vore edit] : A bit out of nowhere, but I guess it works? If you got the guts to play this than kudos brah. 29th December 2016 492
[18+] Pinkie Pie [vore edit] : A pinkie pie 18+... I think the 4th wall just had a catastrophic failure.. 29th December 2016 1,389
[18+] Rarity [vore edit] : A hungry pony who can now nom her foes. 29th December 2016 1,840