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C-Alex S : Offline edit but i found on my eve mugen on my usb flash stick. I downloaded this char in the past. R.I.P WilliamtheHedgefox 21st November 2019 59
Yoshi Silly Soundpack : I Made a silly soundpack for Vore Yoshi V3 12th December 2018 45
Yoshi (latroy6-ish) : I found on a pizzasause website 13th December 2018 182
Yoshi Silly Soundpack V2 : Added more crazy new sounds,Hope you enjoyed my update :) 16th December 2018 29
Red Yoshi : Spriteswap of Butthead (again),I Remade this character because the original creator is offline. If you want to watch the first Red Yoshi appeared in mugen, Go here https://youtu.be/wo-RXc-2FR0 Uploaded By Mario11766 28th December 2018 71
Dark Donald Easy : Here Is Dark Donald From kishio, He is less cheap than normal Dark Donald From Donalddesu edit. To Play with less cheapness Press Start + HP 9th January 2019 234
MegaYoshi 2nd Ver : 17th January 2019 150
Donalddesu Soundpack For Donald : For original donald from kishio only 28th January 2019 35
Shadow Ronald Easy : A palleteswap of Evil Donald, Its a non-cheap version of Shadow Ronald. 30th January 2019 61
Atomix MP3 : This is Atomix mp3 that allows you to mix like a professional DJ on your computer MUGEN 1.0 Only!!! 16th February 2019 21
Windows 1.01 : This is Windows 1.01 first released by microsoft in 1985 MUGEN 1.0 Only!!! 16th February 2019 29
Windows 2.03 : This is Windows 2.03 released by microsoft in 1987 MUGEN 1.0 Only!!! 16th February 2019 19
Windows 3.0 : This is Windows 3.0 released by microsoft in 1990 MUGEN 1.0 Only!!! 16th February 2019 17
Windows 3.1 : This is Windows 3.1 released by microsoft in 1992 MUGEN 1.0 Only!!! 16th February 2019 29
Windows 95 : This is Windows 95 released by microsoft in 1995 MUGEN 1.0 Only!!! 17th February 2019 32
Windows 98 : This is Windows 98 released by microsoft in 1998 MUGEN 1.0 Only!!! 17th February 2019 36
Windows XP : This is Windows XP released by microsoft in 2001 MUGEN 1.0 Only!!! 17th February 2019 77
Freezeman Stage : Its a freezeman stage from megaman 7 from snes MUGEN 1.0 Only!!! 28th February 2019 30
Death Stare Yoshi : F1 Spriteswap, WARNING!! Cheapest yoshi char ever created by me. HEY! Don't look back, If you look back you will not resist that yoshi face because he have big white eyes When he wins, he disappears. Can kill Dark Donald, Rare Akuma, Shadow Ronal ... 1st March 2019 97
Yoshi Brando : Its a Dio Spriteswap, I Remade this character because Siguel made this character private, Now made in public!!! yay!! :D Wait, Dio Yoshi? ZA WARUDO!!!!, ROAD ROLLER DA!!!! (GIANT EGG), WRRRYYYYY!!!! ENJOY!!! Video Example: https://www.yout ... 5th March 2019 173
Evil Donald_rinne : This character does not exist on the mugen archive but i decided to upload him! 14th March 2019 44
Impure Evil Donald : This is evil donald by pineappleproducer but Flandre33322251 edited him to make always impure Very rare char but i finnaly found him and upload on the mugen archive. 14th March 2019 101
Evil Donald (2580$) : Its evil donald but in Ultra cheap mode and very very very rare to find. 15th March 2019 65
Retarded Evil Donald : Its Evil donald but he is retarded!, It uses super ken pallete XD ENJOY!! 24th March 2019 47
Better Evil Donald : Its evil donald but improved attacks, new moves and new voice. 30th March 2019 107
Retarded Donald : I Don't know why anyone delete this character from mugen archive but im uploading him again to not harm users. 14th April 2019 42
Dark BlueBerry Donald : A New char to upload on mugen archive i found on uploader.jp uploader.jp is a another website to find ultra rare character edits, going this website makes you to find every donald edits in your life. Enjoy but very cheap character:very_good: 20th April 2019 41
Custom Cheap Donald V1.2 : For cheaps collection, enjoy:very_good: 21st April 2019 33
Sensei Yoshi : This character is an edit of mike and draggony's vore edit yoshi, he is an very intelligent version of mike's yoshi. Enjoy! :very_good: 30th April 2019 113
Multi Donald Aegis : For cheaps collection enjoy! :very_good: 30th May 2019 61
Donald Solo Remastered : This is an 2019 version of Donald Solo, Enjoy! :very_good: 30th May 2019 81
Evil Donald DD1&UT : Another rare evil donald edit in now arrived on mugen archive, Enjoy!! :very_good: 14th June 2019 54
Evil Sweets Donald : Well... This is my first donald edit that i started in a few days but he is now arrived!!!! Changes Will be found at file "READ Before Use!!.txt" UPDATES Coming Soon!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNrg8Y0_w9A 13th June 2019 52
Custom Cheap Donald V1.6 : The lastest version of Custom Cheap Donald i found on 4shared. More cheap donald edits in your collection, Enjoy! :very_good: Alternative link: https://www.4shared.com/zip/vN5W3j7Ice/Custom_Cheap_Donald_V16.html 6th July 2019 48
Custom Cheap Diold : Another cheap donald edit i found on 4shared. More donald edits in your collection, Enjoy! :very_good: Alternative link: https://www.4shared.com/get/t2H-WUGRfi/CustomCheapDiold.html 6th July 2019 68
Evil Sweets Donald Updated : This is an Updated Version of Evil Sweets Donald, Enjoy! :very_good: Changes can be found at file "Update Readme.txt" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9xZ7IJSLI0 7th July 2019 49
DONASOLO ALPHASERIAL FOURPLUS (New) : The New Version of Donald solo aS i found on onedrive. Its almost Impossible to get this character, just be a professional mugen character finder!! Alternative Link: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=4FE334FA93A06B3C%215084&cid=4FE334FA93A06B3C ... 24th July 2019 86
Ultimate Evil Ronald : Ok, This is my 3rd Donald edit but he have some new moves added and transforming intro (Vs Donalddesu's Ronald Mcdonald) ENJOY!! :very_good: Video Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l0d5CJ-6-c 28th July 2019 187
Fire Colonel : A Good Colonel Sanders Edit that includes fire attacks, new hypers and he is very cheap at 12p 24th December 2019 27