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    Please make a better effort to search before posting your files, you are uploading too many duplicates.
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Akuma DX : 25th November 2018 216
Geese B Howard (GBH) Edit + AI : Geese B Howard slight edit in size to be suitable to fight the average mugen character, and comes bundled with a kickass AI. Essentially it seems to be a tombstone with geese's soul. 25th November 2018 53
Soy Milk AI : Soy Milk bundled with a kickass AI. 25th November 2018 432
Bison DX : 25th November 2018 116
Chun-Li DX : 25th November 2018 162
Dan DX : 25th November 2018 63
Giji Rare Akuma - Soundpack : Put the SND in the folder containing Giji Rare Akuma. Then open up its DEF and find this line, sound =Sound.snd change that to sound =HuhSound.snd Includes a patch I made to decrease the buggyness of the killcodes it contains. Just put it ... 25th November 2018 29
Ken DX : 25th November 2018 213
Ryu DX : 25th November 2018 373
Sakura DX : 25th November 2018 85
Blaque AI : Blaque with a kickass AI patch. Seems to be missing a few sprites but overall a great character with good gameplay. 25th November 2018 250
KOF Element : Pretty cheap element with some spammy attacks, for your collection. 25th November 2018 191
Shin Element V : Author ="Beppu" slightly edited by vinny82694/vinny8569 and turkeyhill12345" Editor ="The One, The Only, The Amazing SamSouji";I can be arrogant, can't I? Powerful fighter with good playstyle, tough but beatable, great for a boss character ... 25th November 2018 136
Element CS : Edited by Subido x JeffHardy2014 Extremely tough character but is possible to beat, could be used as a boss but your in for a hell of a tough fight. For your collection. 25th November 2018 460
Boxer (Edit) : The Boxer Character originally made by Bane84 Edits by DNZRX Edit version 1.0 (2/1/2012) What has been changed: -Restructured the AI so it will use the new AiLevel variables to produce a more challenging AI. --Note: This version of Boxer a ... 13th February 2019 116
New Pikachu (Edit) : What is new: -Added Pikachu's Air Mail Attack --Similar move to Old Pikachu's move of the same name, except: ---more helpers are summoned, increasing the overall potential damage. And ---the time for the helpers to arrive and attack is increased. - ... 13th February 2019 452
Vega II (Edit + A.I. Patch) : This is an edit of POTS Vega inspired in SFEX2`s Vega II and SFZ3`s Shin Bison. The char will have some new moves like Warusaki3`s EX Vega Psycho shot, Kamekaze`s Shin Vega Psycho Cannon and FIDO`s Vega Nightmare Booster and Psycho Punisher!!! I´m addidn ... 13th February 2019 234
SF4 Enlish Voiced Evil Ryu : For your collection. 13th February 2019 114
Juggernaut (Edit) : This is essentially a massive overhaul of the X:SC Juggernaut by ZVitor & Acey. Here's a list of some of the stuff I've done so far: - Completely redone CLSN boxes - Adjusted timings and velocities - Fixed animations and sprite alignments - Adjuste ... 13th February 2019 386
Lord Vorai : For your collection. 14th February 2019 50
Dark Dragon : A neat dragon character, from what I can tell can't be damaged. 15th February 2019 175
Dark Gold Toad : A golden toad, has some cool attacks but seems incomplete. 15th February 2019 38
Phantom93 : For your collection. 15th February 2019 60
Inazumachi : An orochi edit for your collection. 15th February 2019 112
!unyuho : A neat character check them out! 15th February 2019 71
MZK Orochi : An awesome orochi/ touhou (I believe) crossover character, can be defeated. 15th February 2019 87
St. Patrick's Vortex : An awesome non cheap edit of donald. 15th February 2019 70
Final Boss Element : Really badass element. Pretty cheap, more for boss vs boss fights, enjoy! There is another boss element on here by opirus as well but the file size is different and one of the pictures is so I assume it's a different version, just a heads up though. 20th February 2019 243